This little reality is too crazy!

"How dare you hit me! ?”
"pa!" Before his rage Jiang Feng backhand is a slap in the past.
There is another pain in the cheek, and tears are coming out.
"I killed you!"
Young people are completely red-eyed, and they will start work if they hold the waist sword in their arms.
Jiang Feng, quick of hand and quick of eye, punched the hilt and just pulled out a sword and had to check it back.
Kick it mercilessly.
Young people directly sat in a fart heap with their hands holding their bellies and screaming.
Jiang Fenggen didn’t give him a chance to respond.
"swish! Hey! Hey! "
Kick out a few feet in succession and directly beat the young people against their heads.
Mouth constantly issued a miserable roar.
"I said to one thousand one hundred percent did you hear! ?”
"I heard it! I heard you, stop fighting! "
A moment ago, the commanding man looked embarrassed at this moment.
Struggling to climb from the ground and staring at Jiang Fengchong Hu Guanjia angrily, "Call a person to kill him! Call someone quickly! "
Manager Hu is a tingle.
This just to react at the same time nervous hysterically growled "come on! Come on! "
Chapter 74 Encounter an old friend
In front of a huge family.
Slowly out of the two figures.
Walking to the front is a middle-aged man with a big waist and a round face and a full face. Although he is well dressed, he can’t hide his war spirit.
Accompanied by a tsing yi woman.
With a blue sword in her hand, her brow is slightly cold, her appearance is pleasant, her facial features are exquisite, and her every move gives people an atmosphere of rejecting people thousands of miles away.
"What happened! ?” Middle-aged man sink a ask a way
Manager Hu got a fright.
His face was very ugly and he faltered for a long time and said, "He … They hit the young master!"
Middle-aged people didn’t notice this.
The boy who was beaten into a pig’s head turned out to be his son.
The face is more severe and the murderous look emerges.
"You hurt my son! ?” Middle-aged people looked Jiang Feng.
Lv Yunxiong several people nervous than one by one.
I can’t even breathe in the atmosphere.
Lv Yunxiong swallowed a mouthful of saliva and was about to speak Jiang Feng stepped forward.
"It’s me!"
"We’ve gone through a lot of trouble to escort the fairy dart, and you’ve given you a lot of face by deducting the fairy stone and not killing him!"
Middle-aged people frown deeper.
"What the hell is going on! ?” He looked at Hu Guanjia.
Manager Hu is still sweating.
Shrink neck toward Jiang Feng small mouth said "master he … master said recently fairy fine stone let me give some deductions …"
Hu housekeeper didn’t continue to say.
Things are clear at a glance.
The middle-aged man’s face really changed and looked at Jiang Feng again. "Even if your heart is uneven, it’s really simple to hit people in my mansion!" ?”
Middle-aged people speak
Body fairy energy slowly running arm sends out a faint light.
"Sister Ming!"
When the atmosphere is very tense
The girl suddenly ran out of the back of the crowd and saw a face of joy in Tsing Yi.
"Static son! ?”
Tsing Yi women also feel very surprised to see Bai Jinger.
Picked a good-looking eyebrows rare smile "static son how did you come here! ?”
Bai Jing son came striding.
"It’s a long story, but these people are so hateful that they want to rob me. Sister, you must help Jinger get angry!"
This sentence surprised everyone.
They are also one leng.
This group of people actually have something to do with Qing Ming Yu! ?
You know, Qingying Rain is one of the most beloved brothers in the cave.
Just come to their family this time to take his son to the cave for assessment.
"Ming angel you know them! ?”
Cheng Jitian looked at Tsing Yi girl and asked
Tsing Yi girl nodded her head.
"This is my school sister Bai Jing, but we have nothing to do with this group of people. We will never ask."
Qing Ming Yu didn’t ask more questions.
Bai Jing’s son was very anxious. "My sister Jiang Feng helped me before and saved Xin Lao. Please help them!"
Xin Lao is a little angry.

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