Yuan Jia’s masters are almost scared out of schizophrenia.

They haven’t closed their eyes during this time, and no one knows when the zombie will talk to him.
These people’s dark circles have reached a certain degree of darkness.
And they still dare not move, and they will be beaten up. Of course, the half-step guru among all of them is still the focus of attention.
He recovered quickly, which means that he was beaten three times more than others.
Now it seems that his base is a basket case.
And he is wondering who he is in life at ordinary times. Now I’m kidnapped here for no reason. This is to prepare for the rhythm of death.
"You, you, you said … we will die here?"
"I don’t know. Now I want to die decently."
"I beg to die happily."
"How can you be so decent and happy?"
Telling the truth, this person is dying. Ordinary people can imagine what kind of animals they are facing now. They will give you a set of beating and disability packages from time to time every day.
They witnessed the brutal scenes with their own eyes, and looked at them. Usually, they blew cannons very hard. The buddies were killed by the zombie, which made their spirits split.
"It’s very simple to die decently … you rush to the ferocious claws and scold me a few times. You-I have something to do, so you can die decently and with dignity."
What others heard was a burst of words.
"What about a quick death?"
"You idiot, why don’t you just run over?"
These people don’t expect freedom anymore. Their hearts have been abused and their minds are abnormal.
Just then, there was a chilly wind blowing outside.
Then in front of these masters, a beautiful and classical beauty came in step by step with a charming smile on her face.
"Are we going to die?"
"I feel sorry to see this beautiful woman before I die."
The half-step master’s face turned black all day, and this help made him feel the murderous look even more clearly. This murderous look is obviously from this mysterious beauty.
And these grandchildren actually regard death as a beautiful scenery before death?
"Ah, no, no, no, he’s heading in the direction of Big Brother …" An insane buddy squeezed a smile on his face as brilliant as chrysanthemum.
"I go to your paralysis." The half-step master finally couldn’t help cursing.
When he found that death was coming step by step, his heart was desperate.
"giggle or your consciousness is relatively strong. Tell me how you want to die?"
The dancer licked the blood of the scarlet lips … which was more attractive to her.
"Wait … who are you? Why do you want to tie us up? … We have never tried to kill each other?"
The half-step master asked nervously, Mom!
In the past, he was once praised by an old master, saying that there is hope to set foot in the master’s territory in the future.
But now it’s either white or timid to hang up and always say no
"Kill you need a reason? Need a reason? Please tell me please. "
The dancer showed her ferocious face. Just now, compared with the present beauty, she was simply a monster and a ghost.
"That … that you have to let me die for nothing!"
The dancer smiled.
She leaned out an index finger, and then the sharp nail actually soared and flew out.’ Poof’ directly hit the left shoulder of the half-step master.
"Die a white? You can choose not to be white. "
The dancer gave a miserable smile and then raised her finger slightly, and the man was picked up like a scarecrow.
The golden cotton swab said that it was missing one to make up earlier ~ ~ ask for a wave of flowers! !
Chapter 256 Set up a high-quality loading force team
A half-step master may be a dragon among the people, but he is really weak in front of the ghost king, Kejiji.
Even if the other party is at its peak, it is still no match for the dancer.
The ghost king is the human master.
"Die … not white?"
Scarface almost fainted at that time. I never thought that I would die before my old age, but I suffered such a cowardly death.
"Big Brother!"
"Eldest brother, you walk all the way."
"My brothers will accompany you in a minute."
Seven-to-one, those masters are alas, and their faces are hung up this time.
Scarface smell speech almost didn’t directly grieve them.
What kind of hands did this Nima bring?
"Giggle, you’re quite firm. Honestly, if you are in this state and are as shaken as they are, hehe … I’m afraid it will directly affect your mind to set foot on the master, but you are very firm and it’s really possible to set foot on that state in the future."
The dancer said a few more words when she was in a good mood today
Scarface man was even more devastated when he heard it.
He really wanted to cry. Why did such a bad thing happen to him?
"Do you have any questions? Nothing to ask you to die? "
The dancer is already enjoying a big meal.
"Yes … can you not kill me? I’d rather you work as a slave? "
If he doesn’t die, he will definitely have the opportunity to set foot on the Master Road in the future.
On the contrary, those pig teammates next to them were shocked and said they were strong and heroic. Did this Nima compromise and defeat the other side’s arrogance?
"oh? This … "
The dancer paused for a moment, but it seems that she doesn’t need any slaves, does she?
"True slave? Do you swear as a master? "

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