And where is grandma sparrow? Why did you see him again when you broke through?

I remember the last time I saw grandma sparrow, when I joined the Lingtian Sword School, when I saw grandma sparrow sleeping on the other side of the star.
I didn’t expect to see her asleep again after thousands of years. Who can tell Sun Hao what’s going on?
What does it mean?
Before Sun Hao found the answer, the whole person had fallen from the star and returned to the statue body.
This is just the time to break through to the late stage of integration.
The true yuan energy in the Danhai Sea quickly flocked to the achievements.
Jianshu started his second growth.
Danhai began to expand outward, and the meridians kept expanding outward.
It can be seen that the real yuan in the vast Danhai is falling foot by foot, and now it is the time when Sun Haozhen yuan consumes the most.
The sound of the Tao’s secret rang from the heart. "Xiaohao asked the Godsworn of the Fate Ship to pour the true energy into the ship, which can transform the Godsworn into the true yuan. This is the most powerful way for the Fate Ship. If you want to have the Fate Ship, Danhai is equivalent to having many godsworn real yuan."
Sun Hao’s heart was filled with joy, and Dan Hai echoed, "Dear Taoist friends, please pour Zhenyuan into the immortal silver ship to help me."
Sun Haodan’s changes in the sea have attracted the attention of monks such as Xuanyuanhong and Siling. The immortal silver ship observes the changes in the distance outside and doesn’t know what to do.
Sun Hao’s voice just fell, and the immortal ship came together. "Yes, my Lord!"
All the monks, even those who usually do odd jobs and build foundations, returned to their positions in order, stretched out their hands and poured real yuan into the immortal silver ship.
The silver light of the immortal silver ship suddenly lit up, and a large number of true elements poured into Sun Haodan Sea continuously.
When Sun Hao began to advance, the snowfield suddenly exploded and a huge cyclone appeared, spreading the whole snowfield.
The three holy monks instantly sensed this great change.
The aura of heaven and earth is instantly attracted to the sky by strong attraction.
The cyclone that covers the sun is like a canopy hanging high in the sky.
I don’t know what this is. A large number of mortals are horrified, and a large number of junior monks are also ashen. Does this mean that Chinese and foreign people have killed them?
Will this powerful canopy be a powerful occult technique of another race?
But soon, three holy cities appeared through the procession, and the sound spread all over the holy city. "Don’t panic, everyone. This is a powerful defensive cover developed by our Terran. The unparalleled defensive power will protect our holy city from foreign invasion."
A large number of low-level monks and mortals in three ice and snow cities knelt down and bowed to the weather.
Actually, at this moment, Xia Qingyu and three female practitioners of Yaotaifeng don’t know what happened, and they are looking at Sun Hao floating in a faint silver light in amazement.
My Lord, is this a promotion? But haven’t adults just advanced to the early stage of fitness?
How is it possible to advance to the metaphase so quickly?
But you don’t need such a big way if you’re not promoted to the occult, do you?
Besides, there are many ways to avoid his monk’s perception when he is promoted to the practice of Chinese Fitness. Why is your honor in such a big cyclone?
Friar Xia Qingyu and Brother Yao Taifeng didn’t think it was Sun Hao who made a huge oolong.
Sun Hao felt that he was still in the early stage of promotion, so he was not in a hurry to learn some tips to cover up the promotion.
But who knows the situation changes too fast? Sun Hao didn’t expect that he accidentally snapped and rushed to the later stage of the fit. Didn’t you learn?
Even with the help of the godsworn of the immortal celestial ship, Sun Hao’s steady and solid cultivation is indispensable.
In the period of integration, every practice of monks will take tens of millions of years.
Sun Hao quietly sat cross-legged and sank into practice.
Sit for decades.
On this day, someone said from the bottom of my heart, "Lord, if you don’t leave Kunxu Palace, it may be broken …"
Chapter DiYiQiSan Terran robbery
Sun Hao sat cross-legged and there was no reply.
Xia Qingyu, the holy city of ice and snow, and several female practitioners from Yaotaifeng looked at Sun Hao sitting cross-legged like ice sculptures.
Looking at the huge cyclone that has been hanging overhead for decades, the heart is slowly getting cold.
Even if adults complete the practice, they are afraid of coming to rescue the Terran at this time.
Even if adults complete their cultivation, they can’t rush to rescue the crumbling Terran now.
Decades of battle reports kept coming from Kunxu Palace.
Every battle report made Xia Qingyu and Yaotaifeng female practitioners tremble with fear.
Every battle report made everyone speechless.
Due to the bitter cold and snow in the extreme north, the materials are poor, and the cold climate has become a place that foreigners are unwilling to visit. At this time, it has become a rare pure land in the terran paradise.
The terran vast territory of hundreds of millions went away decades ago, leaving only the East and West Kunlun Sanctuary.

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