It will take at least ten or twenty years to complete the ten main lines, but I didn’t expect it to be so fast. It was a little unbearable

And I thought that the main line came soon, and the ninth main line followed.
"The ninth main line is open!"
"Please ask the host to solve the overseas chaos and prevent it from affecting the battle between good and evil in the Eastern Wulin."
"The time limit is half a month"
"Reward two million experience value; 200-point loading index; Two hundred points Wulin index "
"Failure obliterates"
Suddenly let xu zheng slightly.
Xu’s first reaction was nerve-racking
Many people are born knowing that they will die, but no one is ever afraid of it, because death is too far away, but you will realize what fear is when you step by step towards death and come near it.
When Xu finished the first main line, although he thought that after ten main lines, some strange things would happen, even death, but at that time, he felt that it was too far away to think about it, and there was no benefit, but now the ninth main line suddenly appeared
Article 9 is here. Can Article 10 be far behind?
And the ninth main line points to the fourth brother of the worse gate to take him to perform.
That is to say, the ninth main line will be implemented soon, and will the tenth main line be ushered in then?
Xu’s heart is beating faster and faster
But then Xu’s head flashed and he thought of another problem.
Now it’s the ninth mainline, but the ninth mainline reward doesn’t involve the third hidden prop in the Wulin prop mall.
Is the third hidden prop not going to appear until the tenth main line?
Xu fist has been clenched.
More and more things are approaching, which will almost overwhelm Xu.
"Mom muddles along. Who knows what’s behind the tenth main line? I’m trying to scare myself?"
Xu bit his teeth and ignored this matter. He washed himself, got dressed and left the hotel, then called the fourth brother of the worse gate.
The telephone number is Jiang Shao Liu sent to Xu
The telephone dial rang for about four seconds, and a majestic sound rang from the other end of the phone.
Xu Qing cleared his throat. "You are the fourth brother, right? I am Xu. "
There was a silence across the street and then said, "I think you will arrive last night."
Will arrive last night?
Xu was suspicious first, then raised his eyebrows and sighed for negligence.
Since the network is so developed, those fighters can have a wide record of Hengshan Sword Sect, and the fourth brother must have come to Beijing to find him himself last night.
Xu hurriedly wryly said, "Yesterday I was too tired to come to Beijing after World War I, so I found a hotel and took a rest first."
Four elder brothers are still majestic and cold. "The top floor of the North Bridge Road Hotel will wait for you for three minutes."
"Roger that!"
Somehow, the fourth brother always makes people feel rebellious, as if you are willing to follow whatever he says.
This is probably the person’s own aura, even if it is far away, you can still feel it.
Xu checked the location of a hotel on Beiqiao Road by mobile phone, and then arrived at the hotel in one minute on the nine-cloud moon landing method, and climbed 39 hotel stairs in another minute.
I was allowed to climb the hotel stairs in ten seconds, but it was difficult to get dizzy and make a fool of myself by turning so many times in ten seconds.
Despite this, Xu is still a little dizzy, but after all, there is no gaffe
When Xu came to the top floor, the wind roared and a large falcon helicopter was flapping its explosive propeller to stop at the top of the building.
Chapter one hundred and three Specific
There are six people in front of the Falcon helicopter.
Four men and two women
A man with gray hair and a pair of sky-blue jewels is also like a pupil. Every detail shows the image of a gentleman 2.
The second man is a giant with a height of two meters and five meters. He is tall and strong, with a pair of big hands bigger than a cattail leaf fan, and the blue veins on his forehead bulge like a cage. Just staring at him is enough to scare a person to death. Although he has no hair, his face shows the characteristics of westerners. The white-haired gentleman next to him is obviously a group.
The third man has the characteristics of oriental appearance, wearing a blue Tang suit and stepping on a pair of round cloth shoes of 49 cities. He looks gentle and gentle, about forty years old.
The fourth man is wearing a black fur robe and stepping on black leather boots. His hands are negative, his back is square, and his short hair is firm and full of explosive. Just there is an aura that people dare not face up to.
Before dealing with these people, Xu had guessed that the fourth man must be the worse old four-the law enforcer Thyme Thunder.
The other two women, one with a western face and one with an oriental face.
A woman with a western face has an angel face and a devil figure, but she definitely has a lot of energy in sexy camouflage, because her eyes are full of explosive light, and she doesn’t have a trace of excess flesh.
And she is qualified to come to this occasion with two other western men, and her strength is bound to be good.
The woman with an oriental face looks very young in black, but her graceful expression and mature coquetry are obvious. She is at least over 100 years old, and the fighters are well maintained, so she is qualified to participate in this operation.
When Xu came to the roof, Baililei looked at his watch and said, "All of us have been waiting for you here for seven hours."
Xu Zheng and then a little ashamed.
Chatting from what I just said may be a hundred miles away. Thunder and others must have waited here last night.
Thyme Thunder has always been a self-disciplined person, and sometimes he will put his rest aside, and his own people value it as much as themselves, but he didn’t expect Xu to find a place to sleep after coming to Beijing.
Thyme Thunder character Xu certainly won’t condescend to call Xu until he has done something wrong. Just wait here.
He will never be unbearable to wait for suffering for just seven hours.
Yes, but Xu was extremely ashamed of this sentence of Thyme Thunder.
Thyme Thunder said this sentence and didn’t blame Xu for saying "airplane" directly.
As soon as everyone got off the plane, Xu also rushed to it quickly, but was pushed by the tall giant.
The tall giant stared coldly at Xu and boarded the plane first.
Xu Weiyang eyebrows don’t know where he provoked this guy, but instead of getting angry, he held down the plane.
Don’t talk until the plane takes off.
This helicopter is obviously specially made, which is not only very large and stable, but also makes much less noise.
Thyme thundered, "Do you know what it is this time?"
This sentence is obviously asking Xu.
Xu busy way "I don’t know"

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