In a sense, this is the Buddha’s bowl to grab food.

When he even asked Tianshi, he beat him to it and said, "Don’t worry and hear me out."
"This is because the old gentleman and the Buddha agreed that someone else would do it, but I just heard that you came to this border and recommended you."
Wu Ming’s heart is loose, so it’s good to have two bosses discuss it. You don’t need to go out and thunder yourself.
Then he was puzzled: "Tianshi Daozu suddenly wanted this West Cow Hezhou Road?"
There are Buddhist believers everywhere here, and most people don’t even know what a Taoist is, but they don’t know the Buddha.
"I don’t know anything about the ancestor, but it’s a test and a chance for you. His old man’s house is not a stingy person, and he will certainly reward you after you succeed."
This Wu name does not doubt that the theory of too old gentleman is almost generous and atmospheric in any fairy tale.
But should it be like a mountain doorway?
Although he practiced since he was a child and was awarded the Five Thunder Dharma by Tianshi, he knew nothing about this mountain doorway, and many door classics were not proficient.
"I need to worry about this. I won’t let you know that you can come to me in the Heavenly Palace until the Queen Mother holds a flat peach festival. You can also mix a glass of royal wine when you are taught."
How can Wu Ming not know the meaning of Tianshi when he hears this? This is to treat him as a brother.
"Brother, thank you, Tianshi!"
Wu immediately thank humbly way
Tianshi Gherardini way
Wu Mingli immediately changed his mouth: "My brother has seen the teacher."
Zhang Tianshi just laughed heartily: "When you come to my door, I teach Chinese teachers, but I want you to take a road number."
"I heard that you have a bandit named the Hundred Eyes Devil?"
Wu Ming suddenly felt a little embarrassed. This is like telling your elders that everyone calls me a West Street Shouba, which makes people feel a little ashamed.
"This is because my porch doesn’t match, so it’s called multi-eye!"
"Teacher Xie"
Wu Ming, or Taoist Duomu, thanked him for his brother’s gift.
Zhang Tianshi nodded and told him to come to Heaven as soon as possible to meet the old friend.
Wake up immediately
Sitting on the couch, Wu Ming suddenly laughed, and his mouth was almost cracked to the back of his ear.
But in my heart, although I was really happy before, I was known as Tianshi Law, but I didn’t formally learn from him after all. It’s a bit of a misnomer, but now he can stand tall and tell the other party that he is Tianshi!
This has greatly changed the original, and I will never show it to anyone again this time!
I was happy for a while before I meditated and practiced seriously.
Sometimes the fist is the most solid …
next day
The vigil Daniel and others went home, although they looked tired, but they also relaxed a little. The demon didn’t eat people during the day.
"Tao … Taoist, at your age now, why don’t you just settle down in yuanjiacun?"
After breakfast Daniel is pulling Wu Ming said
Just now, Wu Ming saw that Daniel’s wife had some diseases, so he took out a spider magic pill to feed her.
After eating, I was radiant and refreshed, as if I were ten years younger. Both husband and wife were amazing.
Daniel, on the other hand, thought that if he left this Taoist priest, it would be better to treat him if he had a pain in the future. There is only half of them in the village and the doctor is next door to Lin Village, and there is no Wujia Village over there.
It is said that he used to be a buddy in the city’s drugstore.
"I really want to find a secluded place to live in when traveling in Wan Li. I don’t know the name of this mountain?"
In the original work, I didn’t remember the name of the place where Huanghuaguan was located, so Wu Ming asked smoothly.
Daniel’s face lit up and said, "This mountain has been called the misty mountain since ancient times, because clouds and colorful clouds often erupt in the mountain."
"Are you the old Taoist priest who is full of tigers, leopards and wolves in that mountain? It’s just that all the families in our village can build you a house or live."
Wu Ming smiled and asked the old gentleman to open a doorway for himself. This misty mountain seems to be a lucky place for himself. So, do you really want to take a yellow flower view?
I haven’t got a clue after thinking for a long time, so I’d better stay for a few days and ask the master and the old gentleman in Heaven.
Since we want to build a mountain gate here, we can’t stand the Uber eating everyone away. Otherwise, why don’t we let ourselves do civil work alone?
So Daniel’s family stayed to talk about catching demons for them.
Although the two were dubious, they were also glad that the village invited the monk to finally arrive at noon.
Villagers from his two villages also came to watch.
The old monk thought his eyebrows were hanging to the ground, and his face was bent and he couldn’t straighten up.
One of the remaining front teeth leaked: "Your benefactors will go back and lock the doors and windows, old monk. I’ll see what the evil is."
Wu Ming, from a distance, can see that monk. It’s really magical. It’s Jin Danxiu.
I’m too old. I’m exhausted. What’s left
I’m afraid it can also make the avatar unable to wield weapons against the enemy.
The old monk ate some vegetarian dishes sent by the villagers, and then he kept the entrance of Zhangjiacun alone, telling the villagers to keep their doors and windows closed and not to walk outside.
"How can this monk be older than any old Taoist in our family?"
Daniel wife slightly doubt way
"It should be ok. I heard that these fairy activities are getting worse as they get older."
Both of them are uneasy.
At night, I saw a demon wind.
Chapter 79 Beat off Peng Demon Lord Zhanshan Dojo

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