I saw Bai Yinting pick him up personally when I finished my summer bamboo shift. He was really worried.

Even if the bodyguard protects Bai Yinting, it still feels very dangerous.
After all, Yan Ningxuan, the most dangerous person, hasn’t been caught yet. According to Li Youchen, she has some enemies with them before to deal with them.
But in the end, it seems that everyone backed out. After all, everyone has their own lives now, and no one wants to get involved in the end dispute again.
It’s not worth the so-called revenge to destroy the present life.
However, Yan Ningxuan’s obsession is more serious. When she left, she also said that she would go back to France to attend an activity, which is the same as what Rui Danni said at the beginning.
Suo Baiyinting decided to go to France in person, and it would be great if she could see her and bring her back.
This matter soon reached the ears of Yan Ningxuan’s parents, who also personally called Bai Yinting, hoping that he could see that Yan Ningxuan saved his life and let Yan Ningxuan go, because she is in a serious mental state, which is not normal.
But if she is really mentally ill, why can she be logically clear and do many evil things?
Bai yinting was grateful to Yan ningxuan for saving his life, but some things could not be forgiven.
After he left for France, he handed Xia Zhuan over to Lin Hao, who felt responsible and sent more people to protect Xia Zhu.
In a blink of an eye, on the weekend, Xia Zhu has forgotten about protective talisman, but Liu Yao woke up from time to time. "Xia Zhutian, let’s pray together and invite protective talisman back?"
"Ah?" Xia Zhu remembered this matter.
"You won’t have other plans, will you?" Liu Yao looked at her with some disappointment.
"No" Xia Zhu can’t say no when she sees her eyes blink. After all, Liu Yao is also out of her heart.
"That’s settled." Liu Yao smiled happily.
"Good" Xia Zhunai laughed and gave his life to accompany you, and praying and inviting a protective talisman was not a bad thing.
Liu Yao walked into the ladder with her and then she was embarrassed to say, "How is Xiazhu Li Youchen now?"
"He’s still in there, but it’s said that it’s not a big problem and he should be out soon." Xia Zhu replied.
Liu Yao nodded. "It is said that recidivism will reduce the crime, right?"
"I’m not very clear about this." Xia Zhu is not white. What is Liu Yao trying to express? It’s estimated that he is interested in Li Youchen.
"Liu Yao, should you still have feelings for him?" Xia Zhu thinks that Liu Yao falls in love too fast and comes out too slowly every time.
"No just feel a little think impassability" Liu Yao wry smile.
"Liu Yao, he doesn’t love you. Don’t think about a man who is not suitable for you. You deserve a better man." Xia Zhu comforted her.
The two men walked out of the ladder together again and waved goodbye to Liu Yao. "I’ll pick you up someday."
"Good" Liu Yao looked at Xia Zhuche far away and his heart was complicated.
Is it naive to do that? Liu Yaoshi is a little confused, but if he doesn’t do what they say, his secrets will be made public.
Liu Yao sighed. She really buried too many failures in her life. She is a garbage, and this garbage has such a good friend as Xia Zhu. She is so simple to herself, but she has repeatedly brought her disasters. Is this appropriate?
How can she have such a dirty idea in the Buddhist holy land of Qishan?
No matter how painful the heart is, when Xia Zhu came to pick her up the next day, Liu Yao still went downstairs, and when he saw that Xia Zhu brought Xiao edamame to her heart, he struggled even more.
Because she really doesn’t know what those people really want. Little edamame is a child’s uneasiness after all.
"Xia Zhu, isn’t it appropriate for us to take small edamame?" Liu Yao wants to stop this from happening.
"Aunt liu yao I what not to go? I want to be with my mother and I won’t be naughty. "Little edamame took Xia Zhu’s hand and said.
"She has been pestering me for a long time and I can’t go without her." So is Xia Zhu.
"I mean to take the mountain road in case she can’t walk." Liu Yao continued to make excuses.
"How did that happen? I’m a sports expert, "continued the little edamame.
"Let’s go. If she can’t walk, let Yani take her to the hillside kiosk and wait for us," said Xia Zhu.
Liu Yao glanced at the foreign guy in the car and agreed.
Maybe those people really want to see Xia Zhu without hurting Xiao edamame? Liu Yao began to comfort himself.
When I arrived in Xiazhu, I couldn’t help thinking of my mother. After all, my mother had lived here for a long time.
A lot of past events can finally be recalled by Xia Zhu, and the car edamame also took Yani’s hand and jumped happily.

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