Xuanyuan tactic really yuan instantly entered the body, scattered along the meridians of the whole body, constantly impacting the frozen blood, and the body, also trembling more severely.

But also be narrowly missed, soon, when Qin Shaojie felt that the blood of the whole body was melted away, he also felt the beating of his heart.
Take back the palm of your hand, the golden light dispersed, and Qin Shaojie discovered that the ice on the body had all melted, and the ice water flowed all over the floor.
"Blare" ghost lips moved, and then, eyes slowly opened.
It seems that I have closed my eyes for too long. When I saw the incandescent lamp on the ceiling, I subconsciously covered it with my hand. After I got used to the light completely, I put my hand down.
Ghost tore the bag containing the body and jumped out of bed. I can’t stop looking at myself. This new body is dancing happily.
"Ha ha ha, this seat has finally seen the light of day, ha ha ha, beauty, I opened it." I’m really excited, and everything I say is irrelevant.
Excited for a while alone, this just turned around and looked at Qin Shaojie and Bei Ming. The excitement was about to come up and give two people a hug, but they didn’t want to. They looked at his eyes very strangely. When they saw him running, they took a step back.
"Don’t come here." Qin Shaojie made a stop gesture and said.
"What’s the matter?" Ghost paused, wondering and asked. "Qin Xiaozi, I am a ghost, don’t you know me in a physical body? Come on, give me a hug and let me express my gratitude. "
"Don’t come here." Qin Shaojie said again, and looked at the ghost up and down before saying. "If you want to hug, can you find something to cover your little one first?"
"Little one?" Ghost leng leng, then looked at the naked body and the little guy who had shrunk a little because of being frozen for a long time, and realized that he was still naked.
"I depend, there are no clothes here." I found a circle, and there was nothing to cover my body except the sleeping bag. But there is a big trash can at the door, so you can’t cover it with a bucket.
"All right, wear mine." Qin Shaojie said, and took out his own set of clothes and shoes from Gankun bag and threw them to the ghost.
Ghost took Qin Shaojie’s clothes and shoes, looked around and around, and finally said. "The clothes now are really strange."
"Shit, don’t bring it. You don’t think this is too much. If you dare, you can run naked." Qin Shaojie said angrily.
This guy has been in his body for a long time, and it’s not that he has never seen modern people’s clothes, but he is still ugly.
"No, I can’t wear it." Ghost hurriedly said, and then quickly began to put on clothes.
Naked ~ running? Are you kidding? Although this body is not your own, it belongs to you now. If you go out naked, you will lose your own people.
"This, how do I fix for …" Ghost felt his fix for after getting dressed, but he was surprised to find that he had fixed for the Golden Fairy Period and actually went back to the Golden Body Period.
Although they all have a gold letter, the difference is too big.
It’s like being a billionaire and now being a beggar on the street.
"This is normal." The northern ghost war said. "If Nirvana Dan didn’t help you complete your knowledge, I’m afraid you wouldn’t even have a chance to have a physical body, let alone cultivate it."
"Then I don’t want to practice again?" Incredible asked. Boy, how long will it take to restore the previous cultivation?
He is not the pervert of Qin Shaojie, nor does he have the abnormal practice speed. If he practices again, I’m afraid it will take hundreds of years.
"In theory, it is." North ghost war nodded and said. "But if you have any adventure, it may be faster."
Looking at the gloomy expression, Qin Shaojie laughed. "Line line, have a small ye I protect you, what are you afraid of, ha ha. Come on, let’s go out. "
Just about to open the door, Qin Shaojie suddenly remembered something and looked back and said. "You wait, I’ll go out and say hello first."
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Chapter 628 Just want to go to a brothel.
Dean was in a hurry. He had a lot of things to do. Even if he made a baby with the little secretary, he took a little time out. Now he has been at the gate of the morgue for more than ten minutes. Naturally, he is worried-can’t the two men be dissected inside?
And there seems to be a light flashing out just now. What’s the situation?
Just thinking about it, I heard a light sound from the door of the morgue, and then the young leader came out.
"Dean, please." Qin Shaojie said politely.
The dean of the family personally closed the door, and Qin Shaojie had to be polite.
"No trouble, no trouble." Dean see Qin Shaojie, hurriedly stood up from his chair and said. "It is my pleasure to help the two leaders."
"hmm." Qin Shaojie nodded, took the dean and said. "Now, something more important is going to happen. If you don’t see anything, forget it. Otherwise, you know the consequences."
Qin Shaojie with a straight face, said in a cold voice. "If a fourth person knows, you should know that you will be executed for treason."
"I know, I know." Dean wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and trilled.
"It’s good to know." Qin Shaojie nodded, and shouted to it. "Come out."
Dean looked at the door of the morgue, the in the mind also a little wonder, what is he doing? Isn’t it just taking a body, and being so careful? It’s really impossible to arrange an ambulance to send it away.
Maybe it was two people when you went in and three people when you came out?
Just thinking about it, I saw two figures at the door.
Dean immediately stare big eyes, straight feel that little heart beating badly, even if the little secretary naked standing in front of your performance didn’t feel the heart beating so much.
Sure enough, it was three people-the dean thought, and his eyes went black, and then he lay on the ground with a bang.
Qin Shaojie looked at each other with the North Ghost War and Ghost, shook his head and turned to walk outside. Anyway, all the things that should be done were finished. As for the dean who fainted, he was tired of playing games with the little secretary just now, so let him have a rest.
Three people as if nothing had happened, swaggering out of the hospital.
Although it is winter, today’s weather is surprisingly good. Without the cold wind and abundant sunshine, it is a rare good weather in winter.
When I walked to the hospital gate, Ming suddenly stopped, then raised his head and looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle. Just when Qin Shaojie thought that he had made any sequela, he listened to him with open arms and shouted. "I’m alive again at last, haha, ladies, wait for my luck."
This voice really made the gods cry. Many people came in and out of the hospital gate, all of whom were startled by his abrupt voice, and even several people with bad hearts almost smoked it.
"Is this guy in the wrong place? He should go to Anding Hospital, where he can treat mental illness. He is very handsome, but unfortunately he is very ill." A woman holding her boyfriend, looked at the ghost and shook her head regretfully.
"Don’t talk nonsense." The man said. "People are excited to be reborn."

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