It’s all childish promises, but it’s a whole stroke. Ji Shu’s heart is heavy

She folded the letter and put it in her arms.
What about after waiting?
Ji Shu gritted his teeth and thought about taking his family to Shanghai this year!
The sun in July 1991 was already very vicious.
Ji Shu’s face was burned, his white face gave off a flush, and his forehead was covered with sweat.
She is in a construction site. I really don’t know why she would choose to bid on the construction site.
"Ha ha, are you sure that a small company like you can bid successfully?"
A middle-aged man with big arms and a round waist leaned in and was close to Jishu. A putrid smell in his mouth smoked Jishu’s eyes.
Ji Shu tells the truth, "The boss, don’t get so close to my eyes when you talk …"
The other party obviously didn’t expect a little girl who looked delicate to speak so quickly.
Middle-aged man with big eyes and a fork in the waist is on the verge of hair.
Xu Gang is behind Jishu, this is his first time to come to Shanghai, so he is not as confident as when he was in Wushi.
But he still came to the front. "This boss may become a big company today, or a big company may collapse, don’t you think?"
The boss wore a gold watch with a Jiangsu and Zhejiang accent and said, "It’s true that all the hillbillies want to eat the big cake in Shanghai-"
Xu Gang couldn’t wait to rush to give him two punches, but Ji Shu stretched out his hand and stopped him.
"Don’t be impulsive, don’t fight."
She winked at Xu Gang, who just sighed, "Alas!"
The boss walked away with his hands in his pockets.
"Xiaoji boss these people are really dog see people low! We have done three projects in Wushi, which one was not named and praised by the project party? "
Jishu nodded and shook his head.
"We did do three projects in Wushi, but they were all small projects to build five-star hotels. This is the first time we bid for such projects."
Ji Shu pointed to several men in the distance. "You see, these companies have been established for several years. We are indeed the most junior among the bidding companies."
Xu Gang said, "We have spent a lot of money to hire several old masters, and our coolies are also preparing for the qualification examination. Although we are not deep in qualifications, our strength may not be worse than theirs!"
In half a year, Xu Gang handed over the business of the second landlord to a young man to take care of it, and set up an engineering company according to Ji Shu’s plan.
In the era of catching up with infrastructure, the company was just established and received the project in Wushi.
The pole can bear hardships and be diligent. This engineering company has now completed three projects, and the number of workers has reached five.
The Honghua Hotel, a five-star hotel project jointly invested by Jinxi and Furun, is ready to start.
Ji Shu was talking with Xu Gang when a familiar guy suddenly came into view.
Isn’t this Wu Mi who has been transferred?
He is as thin as a few months ago, and his eyes are running around like a monkey.
The secret also clearly recognized Jishu. He came over and shook hands with Jishu.
"Ms. Ji! I didn’t expect to meet you when bidding for our hotel parking lot construction project today. "
Jishu nodded too lazy to answer.
"By the way, just call me Xiaohua," said the secret and smiling, glancing at Xu Gang.
Ji Shu feels strange that Wu has been transferred. Why is this guy still here?
Manager Wang of the investment department has never mentioned this person.
"Hello, Xiaohua. Hello."
Xu Gang is big enough to say hello.
"Ms. Ji bid today, mainly because I am responsible for hahahahahaha."
Xiaohua stared at Jishu with a greasy smile.
Jishu felt sick.
You have something to say.
Mua! Thanks for your support!
Chapter 194 Chapter 194
Not long after, at o’clock, several bosses waiting for bidding qualification examination all entered the project management office.
Now this management office is a prefabricated house built on the construction site.
Although the appearance of the board house is simple, it is clean and tidy, and it is also equipped with several large fans and wooden conference tables.
China secret and several workers called everyone into the management office.
Ji Shu saw that there were more than a dozen companies that came to bid today.
It is estimated that everyone is also asking for directions. Although the parking lot project is small, it is the first shot of the project bidding, which is of great significance.
"Today, we feel very honored for you to participate in our project bidding!"
Hua Mi cleared his throat in the room and began to speak.
Ji Shu didn’t respond, and the rest of the bosses actually started clapping wildly.
"China always! Well said! "
"Mr. Hua has worked hard!"
There is a little power in this hand that has jumped from Xiaohua and Huami to Huazong!
Just now, the fat boss wearing a gold watch followed suit, bowing and bowing, and he was totally different when he just taunted Ji Shu.
Ji Shu "…"
Xu Gang looked at also follow applause.
He quietly said to Ji Shu, "These contracting projects are the business of the God of Wealth, so we have to be polite to them!"
Jishu corners of the mouth a hook followed applause, face didn’t show too much expression.
She came to bid for the project today, not to do anything.
She doesn’t have much trouble with this Hua Mi.
However, it is not comfortable for this group of people to please him here.
However, coming out to mix, especially doing business, is not flattering, but there is no need to be different from people everywhere, so Ji Shu’s face is nothing to show.

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