At the same time, Long Jiuyou knew that all this was given by Qing Ye.
Think about that year, when Qing Ye said that he would take them to the Light Gods to rescue his white demon Su Xiuxiu, he thought it was just a joke, but now. He’s convinced.
After Long Jiuyou retreated from Chaos Palace, Qing Ye smiled at Nu Wa: "I don’t know how Ye Tian is practicing now."
The prostitute said with a smile, "We’re only going out for a few days. It should be all right, this child, fortunately, his temper is not so noisy now, otherwise, he would never have stayed in Gankunding for so many years. "
Qing Ye proudly said, "That’s not his father. I taught him well."
The prostitute gave Qing Ye a white look: "Just blow it, you are not serious. Fortunately, Tianer didn’t learn your brand."
Qing Ye giggled and said, "He didn’t have this gift today. He can’t learn if he wants to learn. Well, let’s go in and see this little guy. " Say that finish, then with nuwa flicker into the dry kunding.
Into the dry Kun Ding, Qing Ye and prostitutes looked at Ye Tian above the sky. "Now Ye Tian is constantly setting up with the force of stars, and floating in groups." Hundreds of miles of space above the sky are filled with the force of stars.
At this moment, the force of the stars suddenly stirred up, as if it had encountered some attraction. When the force of the stars kept rotating around Ye Tian, a huge vortex was generated above the sky.
When this huge vortex expands, it actually becomes a horrible black hole.
In the black hole, the force of the stars is smashed, and a little bit of chaos is generated from it. Ye Tian sits in the middle and seems to be torn by the chaotic force of the black hole, and there is a painful expression on his face.
Qing Ye and the prostitute who were high in the sky could not help but exclaim, "Not good!" When they finished speaking, they appeared in the sky. Qing Ye gave off a golden light with his hands and hit the black hole. He shouted, "Time and space are reversed". I saw that the space around the black hole reversed, and the force of the stars smashed and stopped.
At this point, the female milk hands are clear, and the vanity is caught, and Ye Tian is brought out.
At this time, Qing Ye eyes move, the black hole disappeared.
After ye Tian was rescued, Qing Ye and the prostitute couldn’t help but send out a clear light, and covered this little guy with Ye Tian. In an instant, Ye Tian’s damaged tendons and flesh recovered.
"It’s all right at last. Nu Wa breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately scolded," Son, you can’t be hasty in practicing. Look at you. If I hadn’t been with your father just now, you would have almost done it. " At this point, Nu Wa was frightened and stopped.
"You bastard, you must not do this in the future." Qing Ye also nodded and said.
In fact, Ye Tian is eighteen years old now, standing together, as high as Qing Ye, but his handsome face hasn’t taken off his tender spirit.
After hearing the reproach from his father and mother, Ye Tian did not dare to refute it. He just smiled and said, "Father. Mother, I know, I am not careful. Be careful next time, be careful. " Say that finish, also came running, according to the female milk and childish.
"Good good, you ah you, people carry ghosts.
Female milk was a little angry, but when she heard Ye Tian’s flattering words, she poked Ye Tian’s forehead and gave up.
Seeing that her mother was no longer angry, Ye Yu smiled and said, "Mother, when are we going back to Pangu Star Domain?". I want to go back and see the world between my father and mother. "
Regarding Pangu, Qing Ye and the prostitute mentioned it to Ye Tian.
Qing Ye and Nannai looked at each other, and Qing Ye laughed: "When you reach the pick of Jinxian, I will take you back. Your brothers and sisters are all trained in the middle and late stages of Luo Jinxian, so you can’t lose to your brothers and sisters then. "
Ye Yao patted his chest, which had grown quite strong, and vowed, "Don’t worry, father. I will not lose face for you then. "
Looking at Ye Tian’s sworn expression, Qing Ye and the prostitute looked at each other, all very pleased.
This little guy has grown up.
"Well, this is a hundred herbs Dan. You have absorbed it and refined it. By then, it should be able to reach the land of Taiyi Zhenxian." Qing Ye hands a flash, a hundred herbs Dan appeared in the hands of Qing Ye, suddenly the surrounding space extraordinary fragrance bursts.
Baicao Dan, refined by Shennong Emperor, one of san huang, ranks third among the top ten gods in Pangu world.
In the Pangu world, although Qing Ye was a saint, it must be said that this herb Dan could not be refined by Qing Ye.
Looking at the elixir from Qing Ye, Ye Tian couldn’t help but be happy: "Father, this hundred herbs elixir is really so magical, so you might as well give me more, and then go straight to pick Jinxian."
Qing Ye couldn’t help but knock on Ye Tian’s forehead. Scold: "Do you think this Baicaotan is rice? You can eat as much as you want. Besides, no matter how good Baicaotan is, it is also an external force. Your realm is unstable. At that time, it will be difficult for you to break through the quasi-sanctity. Moreover, any drug has the best effect the first time, and the second effect will be reduced by more than half. It is useless for you to eat more. "
Ye Tian ducked behind the woman’s milk and said with a smile, "I’m not kidding.
The prostitute smiled and said, "Well, well, don’t run away, you two fathers and sons. Son, your father gave you a hundred herbs Dan, and then your mother gave you eight mother sands. This mother sand is one of the spiritual objects produced by the abundance of the Milky Way star sand in Pangu world, and it weighs hundreds of millions of kilograms. At that time, you will refine it into a spiritual treasure, which will help with your cultivation skills. "
This mother sand is an extraordinary thing. Only one mother sand is produced out of every hundred million stars, and it usually takes 100 million years to produce one. The yogi has to sacrifice one with his own magic to refine the innate spiritual treasure. It can suppress fate, but this mother sand is very rare because it is hidden deep in the Tianhe River. In those days, Qing Ye collected some when Qing Ye and Nv Ying passed through the Yinhe River in Yaojie. I made eighteen hairpins and gave them to female prostitutes. I didn’t want Nu Wa to give them to Ye Tian for loving her son now.
Ye Yao’s eyes lit up after listening to Nu Wa’s words, and she said with a smile, "Well, ha ha, a 18-star weighing hundreds of millions is 1.8 billion. Then I will forge a big ball, and whoever annoys me will be smashed."
1.8 billion. Only pick Jin Xian would dare to take it.
After that, Qing Ye and Nunai talked with Ye Tianchang for a long time, and then jointly opened the 28th floor of Gankunding, and entered its space to retreat and practice in order to break through the pick of Jin Xian as soon as possible, and then reach the ultimate goal.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine Lao Tzu and Yuan Shi conspired
Old Pong left Xuandu Yaodian to lead the palace! Riding a green cow to Kunlun
At that time, after Kunlun Mountain was divided into East Kunlun and West Kunlun, the East Kunlun was owned by Yuxu Palace, which was taught in Yuan Dynasty, while the West Kunlun was the palace of the Queen Mother of the West, where the Peach Garden was located.
When I came to East Kunlun, I got off the green cow and went into the Jade Palace.
Since the World War I, Yuan Shi has been staying in the Jade Palace, which is to say that he is closed to the outside world and understands heaven. To put it bluntly is to lose face. Hiding in the jade palace, ashamed to see people.
I came to the Jade Palace, only to find that it was not as busy as it was then.
In the World War I, people, elucidation and interception of the three religions were all defeated by the Tien religion, but the Tien religion was fine. During the World War I, Lao Tzu was a mysterious capital of exorcist, so he didn’t take part in the war and saved his life, while Zhajiao Twelve Jinxian was an apostate and apostate, and he was on the list of demons.
Looking at the dead leaves flying in front of the Jade Palace, there was silence, and I sighed in my heart.
Just as he was sighing, a lad came out of the Jade Palace and asked Lao Tzu. The first way: "Master Zhang teaches. The master knew you were coming and asked me to meet you. "
This boy is the boy in front of Yuan Shi’s seat, the crane boy.
Leaving Qingniu outside Yuxiu Palace, I immediately went down to Yuxiu Palace under the guidance of the crane boy.
Came to the jade palace, the empty jade palace, Yuan Shi was sitting alone on the futon. Alone, but in the corner of the main hall, the jade pan that was knocked whenever the disciples of the Yuan Dynasty came has been idle for more than 10 thousand years, covered with a little dust.
Seeing Lao Zi come in, Yuan Shi opened his eyes. Slowly: "Big Brother, you are here." There is endless loneliness in the voice.
"Second younger brother, I haven’t seen you for ten thousand years, okay?" Lao Tzu came to the front of Yuanshi, and then sat down on the futon arranged by the crane boy, looking across from Yuanshi.
"good? Ha ha ha. " At the beginning of Yuan Dynasty, he laughed at himself, with a hatred in his tone.
I think so, too, as a general respect for teaching. However, now the apostasy of apostasy, death and death, the one who has been sealed up by the demon platform, and the interpretation of the three major religions, man, interpretation and interception, are really speaking. Now only he, the leader, is guarding the title of teaching.
How not to be angry? How not to hate?
"Heaven teaches me, and I will never give up until I die." At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the coercion emanated and rose to the sky. The clouds over Kunlun Mountain changed color.
Hundreds of millions of people in Kunlun Mountain are not shocked.
The power of a saint is stronger than this.
Looking at the coercion and hatred of Yuan Shi, Lao Tzu looked calm and couldn’t see what he was thinking for a long time. When Yuan Shi’s coercion was taken back, Fang Shi said, "Qing Ye not only humiliated us in Sanqing, but also made our three religions miserable. The second brother and senior brother came here this time because of Qing Ye and Tianjiao."
"Oh, Qing Ye and Tianjiao." Yuan Shi’s eyes flashed cold and he said, "Big Brother, what does this mean?"
"I have a long eyebrow under my seat and came to tell me the day before yesterday that Qing Ye is not in our Pangu world and has gone to the HarmonyOS world." Lao Tzu said.
"Qing Ye is not in the Pangu world, went to the HarmonyOS world? Master elder brother, what’s the matter with the HarmonyOS world? " Yuan Shi wondered.
For the HarmonyOS world, Yuan Shi did not know.
After hearing Yuan Shi’s words, Lao Zi thought to himself, "It seems that the teacher didn’t tell Yuan Shi about the HarmonyOS world."

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