Styx was frightened: "Isn’t Mr. Wang trying to kill witches for blood?" This is absolutely impossible. Now that the witch family is in the underworld, if Mr. Wang goes, I am afraid that the gods on the ghost list will be angry. Even if Mr. Wang becomes a saint, he will fall into the underworld. "

He Ming Dow: "Taoist friends need not worry. Being original still knows about this place, but I just want to go there and meet the wizard. "
Zhao Gongming had left Nanzhan Department and then slowly left for the east. Who knows that he soon found some changes in the world, and magic gas can be found everywhere in the world, which made Zhao Gongming feel strange. Even if the magic list appeared, the whole world did not appear so much magic gas when the demons came to the world.
Zhao Gongming searched carefully in the town, but saw many beautiful women in this brothel. Look at all these beautiful women, and Zhao Gongming found subtle coquettish charm from these beautiful women. It seems that these people are Shura women. But Zhao Gongming looked closely and found that these women were people.
Night came. Brothels are brightly lit, and the business of brothels in the city is booming. Countless men lingered, and Zhao Gongming turned into a scholar and walked into the brothel. Immediately, a pimp came forward and said, "Son, it’s your first time here. Why don’t I introduce a girl to you?"
Zhao Gongming nodded and said, "Thank you very much."
The procuress immediately called a girl and introduced her to Zhao Gongming. Zhao Gongming originally came to find out the changes in this world. In a few words, she sent the procuress and asked the girl to take her to check in.
Zhao Gongming walked into the wing, and there was a strange fragrance floating in the whole wing, which seemed to be an aphrodisiac. At this time, I saw the girl’s face was pink, and her body was full of charm from the inside of her bones, so anyone who saw it would be horny.
Zhao Gongming eyebrows a wrinkly grabbed the woman’s wrist, a point in her eyebrows, but see a shura woman was Zhao Gongming from the brothel woman’s body. And the girl immediately fainted to the ground, and Zhao Gongming reached out and grabbed the Shura woman, saying, "Shura is evil, how dare you make trouble on earth."
"Don’t you dare arrest me, smelly Taoist," said the Shura woman, "lest the bodhi old zu settle accounts with you, and then the bodhi old zu will avenge me."
Zhao Gongming accepted the shura girl, and hurriedly went to other rooms to soothe the shura girl, until Zhao Gongming caught the shura girl in the whole town. I feel strange, you know, generally Shura women are all people who like * *, but these Shura women are not possessed by human bodies, just for pleasure, which makes Zhao Gongming suspicious.
Zhao Gongming grabbed these shura women and went directly to the sea of blood in hell. Zhao Gongming reached out and threw all the shura women into the sea of blood, saying, "Styx. You’d better discipline the Shura people. If you let the Shura people go out to harm others again, you’ll blame me. "
There was a stir in the sea of blood, and a Sula Wong emerged from the sea of blood. When he saw Zhao Gongming, he said, "Zhao Gongming, if you dare to invade my sea of blood, you are really not afraid of death."
Zhao Gongming coldly looking at the Sula Wong. "How does Styx discipline you?" he said. "You are a junior who deserves to be presumptuous with me." Zhao Gongming said and waved at Sula Wong.
Sula Wong hurriedly toward Zhao Gongming a block, it’s a pity that Zhao Gongming is he can deal with, a recruit was plunged into a sea of blood. A sea of blood churned, and Zhao Gongming suddenly dodged a few steps, but he saw Styx rushing out of the sea of blood. Looking at Zhao Gongming coldly with seven swords in his hand, he said, "Zhao Gongming, what are you doing in my blood? Do you want to take care of my blood?"
Zhao Gongming said, "Styx, you don’t care about the Shura people yourself, and you dare to call me meddling. If you don’t disturb the world, I won’t meddle."
Ghost River: "Zhao Gongming, you don’t have to worry about what we Shura people do."
Zhao Gongming airway: "Styx, you obviously deliberately let the Shura people disturb the world."
Ghost river: "Zhao Gongming you don’t mind too much. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude. "
Zhao Gongming wanted to think or endure, after all, he didn’t want to cause and effect at random. Zhao Gongming was just about to leave when the Styx suddenly slashed at Zhao Gongming with a sword. Zhao Gongming knew that the Styx would have this move. HarmonyOS defended himself early, and the seven-killing sword in Styx’s hand was chopped on HarmonyOS’s ruler. Zhao Gongming was chopped back a dozen paces, holding HarmonyOS’s ruler and carefully looking at Styx, saying, "I didn’t expect to see you for a few days, you are so powerful today."
Styx sneered, "So much for you, Zhao Gongming. Hand over the HarmonyOS ruler quickly. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless. "
Zhao Gongming said, "I didn’t expect you to do it for the treasure in my hand."
Styx sword chop down straight to Zhao Gongming, Zhao Gongming hand HarmonyOS feet constantly block Styx sword. The seven-kill sword is really powerful. Even if Zhao Gongming has HarmonyOS’s ruler in hand, he can’t stop the sword of Styx, especially the murderous look on the seven-kill sword is too heavy. Every sword can be cut out to bring out endless murder, and this murder can also attack the Yuan God. Every time Zhao Gongming blocks the sword of Styx, he has to exercise to stop the murderous look on the sword.
Zhao Gongming was pushed back by Styx, and suddenly a golden light rushed out from behind Zhao Gongming. Styx blocked the golden light with a sword, but he saw the horse and head appeared beside Zhao Gongming.
"Styx, this place is under the jurisdiction of the underworld, so don’t make trouble here," said Niu Tau.
Styx snorted and said, "Zhao Gongming, today is your lucky day. If you mind your own business again, don’t blame me." Then he turned and jumped into the sea of blood and disappeared.
Zhao Gongming quickly thanked the cow’s head and horse’s face: "Thank you for your help."
"Zhao Gongming is where the underworld is," said the bull’s head. "You are a fairy. Don’t stay here. Leave the underworld as soon as possible." Two people say disappear.
Zhao Gongming wanted to think in the heart feel strange, this hell Yin god is clearly a little fairy, Styx with what fear them? And look at the two face is very big, Styx also have to give them face, which makes Zhao Gongming feel strange. Previously, I only heard that you can’t trespass in the underworld. At that time, it was mainly because Fengdu Emperor was in the underworld. Now that Fengdu Emperor is away, this underworld can still make Styx afraid and worried.
Zhao Gongming walked slowly into the hell, but the gods of the underworld were busy, and Zhao Gongming was even more surprised that the hell was quiet, and no ghosts were complaining. Moreover, spectre was rarely seen in the hell, and the whole hell was very peaceful.
Zhao Gongming walked slowly into the hell. After the 18th floor of hell, Zhao Gongming was shocked. In the 18th floor of hell, there were only ghosts who kept busy, but there were no ghosts who worked hard. Most ghosts in the 18th floor of hell just patrolled and left, and rarely stayed here for too long. And those who work hard are all people who have too much karma and too much resentment.
Chapter 29 Witch clan in the underworld
Zhao Gongming took a look at the 18th floor of hell, and suddenly realized that there was a space next to the 18th floor of hell. Zhao Gongming was puzzled to break the space and came to the 19th floor of hell. Looking at everything here, Zhao Gongming was shocked. Wu clan, all the people of Wu clan lived here, and the environment here was simply designed for Wu clan.
When Zhao Gongming was in a daze, Xingtian came up with a hatchet and saw Zhao Gongming roar: "Zhao Gongming, this place is a place of witches. How dare you trespass on the forbidden area of witches? Damn it." Said a hatchet toward Zhao Gongming split in the past.
Zhao Gongming hurriedly used HarmonyOS’s ruler to block the axe. Xingtian’s strength may not be as good as Zhao Gongming’s, but the human resources of the Wu clan are endless, and only those who practice Xuangong can compete with it. How can Zhao Gongming be the opponent of Xingtian? With an axe, Zhao Gongming can be chopped upside down directly.
Xingtian took three or two steps to catch up with another axe, and Zhao Gongming quickly used HarmonyOS’s ruler to frame the hatchet. Xingtian’s hatchet directly drove Zhao Gongming into the ground, and half of his body was buried in the soil.
Zhao Gongming hurriedly exercise far away from Xingtian dare not hand-to-hand combat with him, and Xingtian refused to let Zhao Gongming carry an axe. Zhao Gongming suddenly threw the Dinghai Beads at Xingtian, and Xingtian’s axe stood in front of him, so the Dinghai Beads could not hurt him at all. As for the strength on the Dinghai Beads, Xingtian could not be turned back, and 24 Dinghai Beads could only make Xingtian waved in situ.

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