If such people are allowed to live, there will be no way for others! Or, others can only live in the way they believe!

Xiao Wen rushed down, closer, closer! The friar in blue has clearly discovered his existence, but turned a blind eye. But launched the craziest attack on Purple Yan, just wanting to kill Purple Yan before he arrived …
And purple Yan there is really dangerous, and may be seriously injured or even killed at any time!
Xiao asked the finger of his right hand to swing down sharply. A silvery white sword light flew out of his hand, faster than lightning, passed in the air, reappeared, and was already above the blue monk!
This is the fastest sword under Xiao Wen’s anger!
The monk is still waiting to attack ZiYan. My heart suddenly shows jǐng trillion, and there is also a flash of silver in my eyes!
But his speed is too slow, far behind the silver light, almost because of the idea of dodging, and the silver light has passed through him with a bang!
This sword passed through his left side obliquely from top to bottom, cutting off his whole left shoulder and left arm, and missing a big piece from his upper body!
He immediately understood what had happened. Angry Yu is crazy, and Se’s face is extremely ferocious. This is about to launch a final blow to Zi Yan!
On the right hand, three red Se symbols light up, which is extremely bright. It’s about to explode
At the same time, the day is y and n!
A huge giant foot that can almost fill the valley stepped down from the sky!
The huge foot collapsed like a sky, not stepped on, but slammed, and its huge volume and super-high speed had already sent out a loud sonic boom when it rubbed against the air!
Super y and n shadow completely covered the valley, also covered the bright operator light, speed to the ground!
"boom! ! ! ! !”
Inside the whole valley, except for the waterfall at the end and the purple Yan under the waterfall, everything else was trampled by the giant foot.
"boom! ! ! !”
Then there was a roar coming from outside the valley, but Xiao Wen’s other foot just fell to the ground.
Xiao Wen is a giant with indomitable spirit. After standing firm, Yu Nu did not disappear, supported by his left foot outside the valley, and then quickly raised his right foot.
So you can clearly see that the shape of the whole valley has become a footprint, and it has fallen into a deep depression for several miles! The water in the pool at the end of the valley immediately poured into the heel of the footprint, forming another waterfall …
And the blue monk Xiao Wen is looking for has become a mass of paste that can’t tell what is what.
People are killed, but Xiao Wen still feels that there is a fire in his heart. He really wants to yell at the sky and shout out the name of Xuanyuan Emperor!
Although Emperor Xuanyuan is dead, all the flames he left in the barren ancient gods have not been extinguished. If you are not careful, those small flames will bring unimaginable disasters …
I shouldn’t have let Emperor Xuanyuan die so easily …
In addition to the crisis, purple Yan also relieved, looked up and looked up, but could not see Xiao Wen’s face at all. At this time, Xiao Wen was too high, and she even saw a light cloud drifting from the height of Xiao Wen’s chest.
"What are you still doing?" Purple Yan complained through the soul mark.
Xiao Wen finally accepted the avatar, and when he fell to the purple Yan side, what he thought was that maybe what he really hated was not Xuanyuan Huang, but the kind of madness in Xuanyuan Huang. So, as long as there are people in this world who are similar to Emperor Xuanyuan, and there are things similar to what Emperor Xuanyuan did, he will always hate and be angry …
This is really the reality of a cāo egg!
"Are you all right?" Xiao asked in front of the purple Yan, immediately asked.
"You can’t see? !” Purple Yan didn’t good the spirit tunnel, and then found that Xiao Wenming was in a bad mood. "It’s obvious that my mother was attacked. Why do you seem more angry than yourself?"
Xiao asked with a frown, "I wonder when these things will be completely over."
"As long as people have it, this kind of thing will never end." Purple Yan cold tunnel, see xiao asked still can’t let go, suo xìng said two more words, "haven’t you been to the underworld? In our underworld, it is more direct, the law of the jungle, and it is only natural that this is the law of nature. However, the celestial world and the demon world, especially your celestial world, have created many non-existent morals and rules to restrain people and restrain people’s days. "
"Those people can’t do mischief aboveboard, of course, they can only do mischief in a sneaky way. Like Emperor Xuanyuan, if he was born in the underworld, he wouldn’t be condemned so much. He doesn’t even have to do those bad things secretly, just do them openly. To put it bluntly, the concept of xìng in the underworld and the celestial world is different. Which side is true? Is the most in line with the way of heaven and earth? Anyway, in my opinion, what you follow in the celestial world is more like the imagination of some people who dream white all day. What you are pursuing is the life and system that does not exist in the reality of illusion. "
"How many people can really live like that? If such a system prevails in the world, how many people have to suppress their own? Is it really good to live under such a social system? You are obviously one of those people and believe that such a social system can be achieved. However, have you ever thought that living under such a social system is doomed to suppress everyone, especially those who like to toss? "
"Take you for example, do you also have? It’s just that you can restrain yourself, so you haven’t done anything out of line. But it feels good to be restrained like that, doesn’t it? You are so strong now that you can do whatever you want. If you can let go and do it, it will be really cool. However, people’s day xìng sympathizes with the weak, which is a layer of innate shackles, while the concept you accept in the celestial world is another layer of acquired shackles. The existence of these two layers of shackles makes you unable to let go and restrain yourself when you are clearly capable. To some extent, you are actually not a natural growth person, but a person whose thinking and cognition are regulated by your society, as if you were domesticated. "
"Ma also pays attention to cultivating the mind. In my opinion, if you want to soar from the barren ancient celestial world, the shackles of these two layers of hearts must be broken. No, the poop is not a fairy, but a person. If you don’t understand and break through people, how can you become immortal? So, are you really ready? You want to practice, but what if you have to break through xìng on your way to practice? "
In the face of a series of questions from Violet Yan, Xiao Wen was speechless. He thought about this before, but he didn’t understand it so thoroughly.
To tell the truth, he disliked Ziyan’s phrase "it seems to be domesticated", but seriously, it is really a fact!
In order to practice, he has left behind some common people’s cognition, but it is not enough. He has to leave behind more!
At that time, he can really break through "people".
Violet Yan is not necessarily more philosophical than Xiao Wen, but because she is from the underworld, she grew up in that kind of social system and was naturally more open-minded about this kind of problem, so she learned from Xiao Wen.
After giving Xiao Wen enough time to think about it, she added, "So, don’t always get angry because of such a thing. This is a human day. Your celestial system, morality, etc. are for those who are shameless enough to break through, otherwise their significance is not only to oppress those who dare not break through them? "

Chapter six hundred and twenty-eight Ten Peeping People
Purple Yan’s last sentence was almost absurd, but Xiao Wen didn’t refute it, because he knew very well that apart from the last sentence, the previous words of Purple Yan were very reasonable. He has long thought about what kind of social system is correct, but there is no answer at all. Even if he yearns for a certain world in his heart, he can’t say that such a world is completely defect-free. At least he knows very well that people like Zi Yan and Xiahou Wuren will live a very wronged life in that world.
This is not only related to the concept, but also to the state of mind on the way to practice. If you keep practicing, you will have a result sooner or later. Just like Bai Qionghai and Nan Yunqing, they all have their own opinions, but they are not necessarily suitable for Xiao Wen.
Xiao Wen shook his head, looked at Ziyan and said, "This kind of thing is still slowly realized. I’m not from the underworld, and I really can’t accept you completely."
"Much ado about nothing." Purple Yan disdain tunnel.
Xiao asked, unconcerned, and added, "Let’s go together next. It’s too dangerous for you alone."
Want to change before, purple Yan must be very disdain, where she need xiao asked about. But at this moment, she felt as if her heart had been enriched, and that kind of obscure resentment was diluted by Xiao Wen’s concern.
Purple Yan waved, and then said, "Forget it. Now that I know that there are such goods in this world, I will be careful next. "
Xiao Wen frowned and asked, "It really doesn’t matter?"
Purple Yan was greatly relieved, with a smirk on her lips, and asked vaguely, "Where’s Nan Yunqing?"
This turning point is too fast, Xiao asked was paused first, and then realized that Zi Yan was probably moving some kind of unbearable thoughts, or maybe he was deliberately teasing him …
But the sky is pitiful. Although Nan Yunqing is not here, it is not far away. Maybe he will be flown by 90,000 people soon. Xiao Wen didn’t have the idea of making a clean break with Zi Yan because he was with Nan Yunqing, but this is the case now. He would never dare to do anything out of line.

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