She is a poor little sister.

What? When I was a child, Zhong Yi was busy at home because her father was busy starting a business and her mother was also a teacher. No one took care of her. She put Zhong Yi at Zhong Xin’s home and was raised by Zhong Yi’s uncle menstruation.
There, Zhong Yi met Qiao Dong Qiao Dong, who was still very discerning. Zhong Yi and Zhong Xin were both equal in height from the outer surface, but Qiao Dong recognized that Zhong Xin had been chasing her.
In fact, Zhong Yi is indeed more competitive than Zhong Xin.
Zhong Yi is one year older than Zhong Xin. Zhong Yi studied piano when he was a child, and Zhong Xin followed suit.
Zhong Yixue You Creary Zhong Xin followed suit You Creary.
Zhong Yiqin’s mastery of chess and painting is not to be outdone by Zhong Xin.
According to Zhong Yi, Zhong Xin’s parents always want Zhong Xin to remember the goal.
Zhong Xin, on the other hand, thinks that she is better than Zhong Yi and should do better than Zhong Yi everywhere.
The parents’ urging and the long-term theory of "other people’s children" have gradually developed an aversion to Zhong Yi.
In fact, these Zhong Yi all felt that there was no need to treat Zhong Xin as a good sister, trying to guide her correctly, but Zhong Xin would not lose her arrogance, and no one could be better than her.
Zhong Yi can also accept that no one can be critical of her because of her personal life, but Zhong Xin is an exception. Her dislike of Zhong Yi comes not from Zhong Yi’s body, but from the pressure her parents put on her. Her parents said that she should be a "good person like Zhong Yi" than Zhong Yi, but she just wanted to be "I am better than Zhong Yi"
Then every time I ask Zhong Xin what she wants to do professionally, there is no shortage of money in their family. A girl who loves to play games, Zhong Yi, forget it. Why did she come to Zhong Xin again?
According to Zhong Xin’s words, she has lost all other aspects. She can sing, dance, musical instruments and all kinds of talents except games.
Therefore, she also came to play a professional role. Nothing else is to prove that she is better than Zhong Yi.
In fact, this comparison is still very common among girls.
Many girls will give themselves an imaginary enemy, and Zhong Xin is the most obvious one.
Not losing her arrogance and stubbornness led her to play professionally.
And Zhong Yi also told me whether Zhong Xin’s theory is to YG or I’m now creating FD2. There is a Zhong Yi who fights and beats her, and then gets Zhong Yi’s method to win the competition.
That’s why I said to Zhong Xin yesterday, "You are not inferior to Zhong Yi in terms of appearance and figure. You can’t meet an infatuated person like me if Zhong Yi remembers anything." When Zhong Xin suddenly felt high, it was either because of something else or because this sentence contained the meaning "She is not as good as Zhong Yi."
Zhong Xin can’t bear this meaning.
She talked to Zhong Yi from time to time and wanted to know from me which one is better, her or Zhong Yi.
I looked at Zhong Xin with a little admiration and a little funny.
You can’t tell whether this stubbornness is childish or true.
During the training match, I deliberately praised Zhong Xin, "But Zhong Xin, you are better than Zhong Yi."
Zhong Xin’s face showed an obvious smile and said, "Hehe, really?"
I nodded and said, "Yeah, that’s amazing."
Zhong Xin’s mood becomes happy …
After training for the last two days, our team will finally step on the LPL schedule.
The thought of seeing Zhong Yi after playing LPL makes my heart restless. I really want to end this LPL and hit 20 shots in the opposite direction as soon as possible.
But this is obviously unlikely …
This time, our team will spend a lot of economic energy on crossing the sea, which is three days longer than the competition day.
Today, because I am facing my old club, everyone in the team knows that my fighting spirit with YG is higher than ever. The most precious thing is that our YG game is the first game of the whole LPL spring competition, and many people have guessing prizes.
Our team is also inevitably bought by local tyrants. Our team is full of momentum. Although it is a newcomer, the competitive cup has also been eliminated, but we have entered the LPL qualifying tournament and proved our strength. Many people have put their bets here.
Now, in the face of some big dragons and small dragons winning or losing, we are required to perform the first scene according to the requirements of local tyrants, so they, including us, can make a lot of money.
But I asked Li Yuxing to push it off.
No, don’t, just because I want to be angry with YG Wild and respect Hai Ge and Feng Shanze, I will try my best to let everyone who supports me enjoy the first decent LPL competition.
Competition site
Tang Honghao and Li Dong made it from the bench to the main force.
I don’t know whether Zhongdan is Feng Shanze or YG original Zhongdan ADC or Dong Hai auxiliary.
"Ha ha, Wang Tong has gone somewhere else. Please leave some affection with your hands later." Tang Honghao came to shake my hand and said.
I also shook hands with him and said, "Well, I won’t rush and abuse the spring. Remember to come and arrest me less when you fight wild, or I’ll get three kills."
I don’t have the slightest affection for Tang Honghao. I don’t even bother to compliment him in person and go straight to work.
Tang Honghao face again mercilessly stared at me back to his position.
Now our team is shaking hands with YG team members, which is also basic etiquette.
"Hai Ge!"
"Wang Tong!"
When it was time for Dong Hai and me, I gave him a warm hug.
"You’re finally back. Your team did a great job in the competitive cup. I’ve been betting on you. Now I finally have a chance to play against you," Dong Hai said.
"Haha, Haige is also a YG girder alone. Which ADC dares to line up with you now?" I said half jokingly
Dong Hai said, "Don’t hurt me. Play this game well. You didn’t receive any money, did you?"

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