The target of this blocking operation was beheaded, and the lives of nearly 100 players attached to the golden breeze and drizzle building were successfully completed. Except for the gloomy color on the surface of fresh water Tsing Yi, the rest of them were in high spirits. Nearly 100 players exploded and exploded, but many of them also made a small fortune.

After receiving the reward from everyone in Danshui Tsing Yi, the snow-capped mountain valley in Xiling, I received a flying sword. When I saw Danshui Tsing Yi, my face turned to hate. "The fucking golden breeze and drizzle building really acted. No wonder I didn’t see Lin Yuehua today."
Everyone asked me why Tamsui Tsing Yi didn’t hide what had happened to them. It turned out that the golden breeze and the drizzle building had treated him humanely, and they also carried out a resistance killing operation. They dispatched seven experts, including the flying fairy Lin Yuehua, to target the top of the Qingyi building.
Just as the thunder team intercepted the wind letter in Lugu Lake, the golden breeze and drizzle tower blocked and killed the commander on the third floor of the Qingyi Building. He was the leader of the third floor of the Qingyi Building in Lin Yuehua, with a level of up to 4, several experts in the Qingyi Building and a powerful candidate for the impact of level 5.
They all asked, "Tsing Yi, what are you going to do if we stop the killing operation?" Freshwater Tsing Yi grimaced with a handsome face. "Of course, if they are prepared to do so, I will go and see who can make it to the end."
After Lugu Lake’s blocking action, Goldwind Rain Tower counterattacked the same high-level target of Qingyilou, but Qingyilou continued to block the killing. Both sides were prepared to support it all the time to see who could win the final victory.
It depends on the strength of the two sides. The Qingyilou Thunder Team is stronger than others. Everyone can block one side. The strength of the group is stronger than that of Fang, and the strength of Goldwind Rain Tower is to have a super killer-Lin Yuehua, a flying fairy of Yuehua.
In the next three days, the two sides’ blocking and killing teams frequently dispatched, and all sides set the conditions for blocking and killing. Thousands of people were mobilized to create the conditions for the blocking and killing team. In three days, Qingyilou blocked and killed the other side 12 times, nine times, and the golden breeze and drizzle tower blocked and killed nine times.
The reason why the success rate of the Blue House is not high is that there is no super killer like Yue Hua Fei Xian, but the super strong ice glass adult is not obeying the order. She sets out with the team and sometimes stands by and sometimes does nothing, which makes the Thunder team and Danshui Tsing Yi feel depressed.
And the golden wind and fine rain tower’s resistance killing action finally killed Lin Yuehua, the flying fairy of Yuehua. She swept all the resistance killing. It can be said that now the players in the brothel are afraid of the moonlight sword. That killing god found his head and was targeted. That is life and death
The frequent dispatch of the three-day team also led to the death of two people, namely, seven steps into a corpse and Wu Chi. There would be no time for Lin Hai to go to the roots, and sometimes Fangshan God made Zhou Yi’s sweet potato Wu Chi not attend. Tang chop scolded them both.
Because sweet potato and Wu Chi didn’t participate in the Fangshan God Mission’s trial attack, the method of understaffing was carried out. This week, Fangshan God Mission didn’t take action. When Wu Chi didn’t have time to go to Fangshan, he naturally went to Lingkun Island to find Sangmugong for a sword, so the attack power of Qingling Sword Net didn’t recover. There was a corner defense file in the west.
Tang chop Wu Chi ordered him to repair the sword net immediately, but Fang Da, the chief executive, readily promised, but it didn’t make it. Three days later, Qingling Sword Net was still like a semi-disabled Tang chop, so he had to go to Lingkun Island to beg for a sword himself, but Sangmugong asked them to find their daughter or not to give Shenmu Sword.
Tang chop flew into a rage, and there was no way to blame Sangmugong for his anger. He threatened to kill him in the South China Sea, and the head of the dog was a little flustered. Tang chop said that it was absolutely impossible to kill him in the South China Sea.
But if you want to meet him thousands of miles on the way, it is a certain place. In three days, seven steps into a corpse have some fears, and even in the action of killing, you are not afraid that a bad Tang will come out of nowhere.
However, the seven-step corpse was in Qingqiu Village except for the attack. Tang Dali, a senior official, never thought that this person was hiding in his Shennong District and strolling under his eyelids. Qingqiu Village is also a perineum middleman in Wudang-controlled village. It is impossible for him to come to the seven-step corpse, but his whereabouts have not been exposed.
Qingqiu Village is directly under the control of Fangda Chief. Villages and towns are stationed by Sanmin United. Wu Chi personally told people not to tell anyone about the seven-step corpse. Naturally, his department will not talk casually.
On the third day, the frequent blocking and killing operations made the members of the Thunder team feel a little depressed. This blocking and killing operation required everyone’s attention, which was very tense and consumed a lot of brain cells. It is obvious that Tamsui Tsing Yi gave them a day off.
On the second day of the group killing operation, Wu Chi’s domestic maid-that is, Miss Lan Mae came once. He was so tired that Wu Chi didn’t tamper with this domestic work. After three days and more than a dozen times, he stopped killing, which made this person unable to do anything but go to sleep immediately.
Because of this, Miss Lan Mae was lucky to escape a set-up education, which delayed someone’s goal. On that day, the domestic worker didn’t throw greasy chicken bones, and it didn’t make her blush. Miss Lan Mae easily finished her work and left safely.
Someone could do nothing about it. He was really tired. After the door was closed that day, even the domestic robot said’ work’ to Blueberry without entering a restriction instruction, and he staggered back to the bedroom. Finally, Lan Mae didn’t know when to leave.
Tamsui Tsing Yi let go. The members of the Thunder team are all too exultant. They must release a Wu Chi and a seven-step corpse to turn around. After Shennong District entered Wudang control area and returned to Qingqiu Village, Wu Chi found that the official brothers in the village were not in Liu Qingqing, and the prostitute was in the public office.
When asked where to answer my brothers, Wu Chi suddenly realized that today is the day when the dragon sacrifices thunder. Those smiles send us light to Wudang Xuandu to watch the thunder. Wu Chi and the seven-step corpse set up a sword to fly to death. On the way, Wu Chi looked at Wudang Mountain and thought that those guys didn’t know what would happen if they resisted lightning.
Wudang Mountain Xuandu Temple
All the official brothers of Wudang Mountain arrived here, including those who were shocked in Shaanxi. Except for the chief of Fangda, everyone was not in place.
It’s rare for an old nun in Meilin to go out of Zhenwu Hall and give lectures to his brothers. "This is the day when my Wudang is born and dies. We should obey our teacher’s orders, strictly observe the position and defend our Wudang to the death."
Brothers crashing to obey the nocturne, green face, scar looked at each other a few times, and their faces were warm and smiling. Wudang’s four huge heads were wearing the lowest garments, the lowest magic weapons and the most rubbish flying swords. They were ready to die.
If you know that you have to come to die, then come on, but there is also a difference between suicide and suicide. If you commit suicide, there is a sense of doom, such as an old nun, and you can’t resist the nonsense. Then the players have nothing to say, and you have to hang on to most of the experience.
When Wudang loses its sect, it has to find its own way. On whether to rebuild Lushe or develop its own strength from other places in Wudang, the first element is flying sword and magic weapon, and the experience is even more important. If you don’t brush it back, it will be difficult to restore your strength.
Therefore, all the official brothers in Wudang wear the magic weapon of the most rubbish equipment, which seems to be the root of the old nun’s feeling. She continued, "If you want to keep the position and sit in the pan and run the gate method, you can wait for the apocalypse to be consistent, but you can close your eyes and make sure that the platform is clean."
View to a clear voice "half brother Youlong came to help one arm" This NPC has no door and can’t enter. The players feel that there has been a clear face in front of the glow. It is Kunlun School Youlong.
The origin of Kunlun Wudang is very deep, and the old nun in half is in trouble. People from Kunlun naturally excellent idea came with Youlong. Seven NPC players in Kunlun saw that there were numbers on their heads. ? ? Soon after Kunlun arrived, Qingcheng Mountain also came. The famous dwarf Zhu Mei came.
Seeing the arrival of Zhu Mei, the second-oldest in Songshan, becoming an old nun, it’s rare to see a smile. There are many treasures and treasures in Zhu Mei’s hands. It can be said that he has passed the short-lived Zhu Meiyin’s half-nun. "Half of the Taoist friends are doomed today, but your door is blue dragon …
Two NPC secretly talked for a moment, and then they heard Yi Long’s Xiao Zhen in the Dragon Hall. In the nine days, Merlin’s falling petal was screaming with Xiao’s murder. The two old wives stopped talking until they knew that the Qinglong Venerable was miraculous and didn’t know the magic. They had already issued a warning when they talked.
At this time, another sound came: "Zhuge Qin of Emei came to visit Wudang Palm Sect", and three generations of elder brothers Zhuge Qin were sent from Emei.
The seventh time, the thunder eliminated the robbery and destroyed the six-edge shelter
Seeing Wu Chi standing still, he asked thoughtfully, "What happened to the obscene song?" At this time, Wu Chi’s platform is not thunder but firm but gentle, and the snake is changed. The flying potential of Xuanjian Thunder and firm but gentle is too ostentatious, and it is easy to show its whereabouts. It is a storm to be seen by Tang chop and chased to see the seven steps into a corpse.
Wu Chi smiled a few times. "Today, Wudang was robbed by heaven, and my younger brothers are worried. I wonder if they will be lucky after the thunder robbery?" The garbage Qinglong said that it was serious, and the chief of Fangda was a little worried. His worry was mainly that Xuandu was concerned about the safety of his younger brothers and sisters, which was just rhetoric.
No matter how stupid a player is, he won’t know that he has been hung up, but he still goes all out to fight thunder. The younger brothers and sisters can’t be hung up. Most of the experience has little loss for their own strength, but if Xuanduguan is destroyed, the extinction of Wudang orthodoxy will be a great blow to Wu Chi.
"Armageddon?" Seven steps into a corpse looked at Wudang Mountain gradually, and his face gave me a hint of doubt. Then he asked what Wu Chi didn’t hide, and he told the old nun that Yu Qinglong naturally didn’t reveal any information
"You are a mistake in obscene songs." After listening to it, you can’t help but sigh.
"Mistake?" Wu Chi is very confused.
"The decent door and the evil door are different. If you know that they are different, you will be lucky to manage the orthodoxy. Those who will never let their disciples die. Generally speaking, they are strictly forbidden to retreat from their own sects and keep a trace of incense. Listening to you, half of the old nuns will be prepared for this."
Seven steps into a corpse gave Wu Chi an explanation of the theory of Armageddon, which was all based on his experience during the measurement. "So my younger brothers and sisters are worried, so I am relieved." Wu Chi was very happy when he heard it. He was naturally happy when Wudang continued for a day.
If you don’t make a mistake, you can say that the garbage has cleared the dragon. The old nun ordered herself not to participate. Does she still go to fight against robbery? Even if you do what seven steps into a corpse say, you may get some benefits, but it’s better than staying out of it. The situation of Qinglong fighting against natural disasters together is still lingering today.
Two people sword light again no longer stay direct death Lin Hai.
However, in ten minutes, they reached the edge of death, and they dared not directly enter the depths of Lin Hai, ready to gradually advance from the periphery.
Today, I’m not here to kill insects, but to brush some experience points. By the way, I’ll explore a terrain and become a corpse in seven steps, which will show my strength and let Wu Chi support his plan.
South China Sea Yi Jia Jing congenital strategy arithmetic five elements change array Yi Jia yuan gui temple famous head Yi Zhou is also a famous role in Shushan. When it comes to the strength of the sects, there are very few people in yuan gui Temple, but it is not worse than some big sects. The old nun in Wudang can be regarded as a third-rate and Yi Zhou can rank among the quasi-first-class figures.
Seven steps into a corpse, three generations of younger brothers worship in the yuan gui Hall of Yishengmen. Although they are a little shallow now, they have also learned some five-element array. The level of Kunlun Pride is only 60, but it is indeed a big player in the game. The killer’s defensive characteristics will enable them to poison high-ranking monsters.
The black air sword is scattered and fired, but Wu Chi’s snake has been chopped off in seven steps. This magic weapon can be photographed. The aura of heaven and earth can be shaped into a sword. The root of the sword must be supported by its own force. Except for the low attack power, the end is a magic weapon. Wu Chi envied the mouth water after listening to this attribute.
These magic weapons belong to the player’s favorite, which means that they can save a lot of money without consuming Dan medicine. For example, this kind of magic weapon must be supported by its own magic power, and it will last forever without freezing.
That Ziyun Leifu was Wu Chi’s first magic weapon to accompany him for a long time. Unfortunately, by now, the level has been unbearable. Now, if you make Ziyun Leifu boom for a long time, you won’t be able to get rid of a few drops of blood from the monster. So Wu Chi has already put that thing in the stop cloud pavilion for a long time.
Seven-step corpse-gathering spirit gourd and Ziyun Leifu are generally not frozen and have no demand conditions for launching, but their attack power is too poor. Gathering spirit gourd is not only up to the fourth order, but also the attack power of each shock wave is four or five times higher than that of Ziyun Leifu, and it can promote up to 1,700 shock waves.
"Where did you get this gourd?" Wu Chi’s eyes glowed, which made the seven-step corpse feel a little cold. He couldn’t help being a little far away from Wu Chi. He replied, "Old man Yi Zhou gave me seven magic weapons as soon as he joined Yishengmen."
I’m depressed. I’ve never seen any treasures given by an old nun for a long time. Now I’ve got a mantra of abstinence, and it’s not an attack on Taoism. This difference is too big. It’s not a problem to choose a road. This is obviously wrong. It’s a problem to be born.
Seven steps into a corpse added, "But the old man Yi Zhou is really fooling around. At that time, I was only ten secondary roots, so I couldn’t use those magic weapons to make me take a broken sword and cut it for a long time." Wu Chi listened to the language, and people can’t be more angry than people.

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