"I really want to hear the whole snow mountain sing." Galen drew his sword. "It’s my honor to fight side by side with you." He laughed.

"It’s my pleasure, too." Ash also laughed.
In the last ten yards, the Noxas assassination team in the front row raised their knives.
"Zheng-"The wind roared past the blade and blew the distant mountain.
The wind in the distant mountains oscillates rapidly, and the strong wind keeps echoing and roaring throughout the mountain, just like thousands of sounds from ancient times whispering together.
Ancient whispers bless the mountains.
"It’s a pity to die," Galen muttered to himself, stepping sideways and elbowing.
Afraid of the big sword crashing out
Thousands of whispers followed the wind and attached to the great sword. Galen was as imposing as a god at that moment.
A moment like a magic sword hit five sharp long knives.
"clang-"when the gold-iron strike sounded, the air suddenly rang again with arrows and rain all over the sky, and it rang sharply.
Afraid of the big sword, the five long knives were chopped off, and the majestic power bombarded with the myriad whispers. The ant’s long knives were cut off like vegetables and directly cut into the skin to cut five heads.
Blood rises to the sky.
The arrows rained in succession and several people fell off guard.
Everyone looked in surprise in the direction of the arrow and rain, where Chen Senran rode independently, and thousands of long bows bent like a full moon behind him.
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Page one hundred and sixty-six Black roses
"Avarosa" Galen saw clearly the dry faces behind the thousands of longbows that had been eroded by the snow-capped mountains for decades, and their faces were more or less frightened.
"No, I didn’t mean it." Ash, of course, recognized Galen’s words and questioned her. She glanced at those people who were gathering more and more, and it seemed that more and more people were still coming. The Avarosa people almost shook their heads and said that they didn’t send anyone back to report.
Then the answer is coming out. After all, Chen Senran’s previous performance is too abnormal, and now his attitude is too calm. More importantly, he can actually direct those Avarosa people. Then there is an explanation of what agreement he had with these Avarosa people.
I must have said something to calcas. This time, reinforcements should never come from all over the mountains. The skeleton sea has become an arrow rain of Avarosa people
What on earth is he planning …
Galen looked at those who were not shocked by the sudden arrows and rain, but rushed forward like mad dogs, and once again held their big swords high.
Let’s wait until we get back alive.
"You retreat," Galen said to Ash behind him while leaning sideways. After all, Ash’s fighting capacity has plummeted by 70% without an arrow at the moment. She might as well help her brother retreat here.
And he saw Chen Senran at the moment when he turned his head just now. He has sent someone to help him, so his team should retreat faster.
The most important thing now is to drag.
Galen took a deep breath again, and the effect of the toxin was still strong. He forced himself to suppress the toxin, making the effect of the toxin itself surge like a tide, and his muscles were constantly convulsing.
Looking at the members of the assassination team who rushed to Knox Sass again, he couldn’t help but feel the great sword that had accompanied him for many years.
Old chap, this time we will also …
"Go forward" Galen roared, and suddenly the sword was sharp to the extreme, and several snowflakes fell in succession.
The sword was slashed at those long knives that came from the same tearing wind, and the impact was severely crushed. Galen’s mighty horse Juli once again cut off the five long knives in suspense, and five silent heads rose like stagnant water.
The five bodies with missing heads were frozen into ice in a moment without spitting blood.
Galen closed his sword again in silence, and moved sideways, concise and cold at one go, like a tireless killing machine.
The Noxas choked for a moment, and their pace of charge slowed down. They looked at the man who was alone with his sword in front of a thousand troops and finally had a trace of dignity in his eyes.
They finally realized once again that even if the man in front of them was poisoned, even if a thousand troops had broken him and he was alone, he was still the man named Galen, and he was still a man who could stop Demaciali.
At last, the members of the Noxas assassination team who charged at the front were no longer rushing around like before. They consciously cooperated with the players who came after them. Ten of them clung together in groups to form one half-moon after another and scattered in front of Galen like one black flower after another.
Noxas Assassination Team Ultimate kill array Black Rose
It’s a beautiful name, but it has absolute terrorist lethality. The attacker will be ground into a paste in a knife array like a sea of flowers. The creator of this bloody and cruel kill array was given such a fragrant and low name by the king of Noxas. It is said that he gave birth to his princess on the day he created this kill array, and the black roses in the back garden of Noxas Palace were very bright.
This kill array has only passed less than 30 times in the more than 200 years since it was founded, but each time it is to deal with the peerless powerful. This array is not only a representative of killing, but also a kind of highest respect for opponents.
In Galen’s memory, one of his ancestors died in this lore.
No matter in force or wisdom, my ancestor is definitely not in himself, but in force, he should be far more than himself. Because Galen remembers that he is the only man in his family who has won the title of dragon slayer.
Even dragons can kill men, but they die in such a kill array.

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