"On how to say that you can force Luo Yutian to this point, this thyme Mu Yun is definitely the first person of the younger generation in Qinghai City, but it is … alas … a pity."

Now people talk about Mu Yun more is regret and regret "how can such a good young Junjie provoke Laurence family? It’s really jealous of talents. "They can’t help but think of it.
Mu Yun naturally doesn’t know what people are talking about and thinking. In fact, it is also a kind of gambling to display the’ shadow avatar’ at this time. This’ necromancer’ will soar after self-repair every time.
Although the effect of Hui Qi Dan has come, Mu Yun is still not sure of a fatal blow. If it succeeds, it will be fine, but once it fails, the powerful repair ability of the Necromancer will inevitably make its strength soar. At that time, Mu Yun has lost its best chance to compete again.
Therefore, Mu Yun will plan to use nine busy people to successfully grasp at least a little. Since Mu Yun broke through to the third floor of pure Yang work, he has been able to easily display’ Pure Yang crack day Chop’.
But now I want nine busy people to display Mu Yun’s self-confidence, but at this time, my heart is still a little uneasy. After all, it’s gambling on my own life. But then again, what time is Mu Yun not gambling?
One of the reasons for choosing "crack day Chop" is that its power is much greater than that of "Biting Finger", and the second and most important point is that the attack range of "Biting Finger" is a straight line. Even if nine doppelgangers hit it, it will only poke nine holes in the "Necromancer" body.
Moreover, according to Mu Yun’s previous experiment, even if he can seriously injure the necromancer, he still can’t completely kill it, and the success rate of crack day chop is obviously much higher in this respect.
This is also the reason why Mu Yun decided to give it a go.
Looking at the nine shadows coming out of Mu Yun Luo Yutian’s eyes, a clot and an uneasy feeling welled up in my heart. Luo Yutian is not stupid. Mu Yun’s strength suddenly soared and then he cast his shadow in two places. If Mu Yun is not ready to cast Luo Yutian at random, he won’t believe it.
Luo Yutian, who has already met before, is small in front of his eyes. He will definitely be pound-foolish, which Luo Yutian himself is deeply touched by.
"What’s the cause of this small decision?" I want to say Luo Yutian is ready to take the lead. Do you have any tricks to abort your members first?
Accompanied by Luo Yutian binge drinking the’ necromancer’ is also a black gas in the blink, and it is also a roar with a thick corrosive gas’ necromancer’ to raise my hand and shoot to one of Mu Yun’s two places at once …
Mu Yun eyes a clot "damn or look down upon Luo Yutian" Mu Yun angrily.
Luo Yutian’s blow is arguably Mu Yun can escape, but Mu Yun doesn’t want to do so. Therefore, the pure yang qi is already running. Besides, once such a good opportunity is missed, it is extremely difficult to put on such an appearance again.
Think about it. Mu Yun’s face flashed across the corner of his mouth with a bloodthirsty smile. "But if you are desperate, I haven’t been afraid of anyone. Luo Yutian will come!"
The true qi of pure yang burst out unexpectedly, and the dazzling light that was instantly illuminated by the black fog made people dare not look directly at them, and they felt a refreshing body, but when the light faded, they opened their eyes and looked at it again, but they all showed horror.
Seeing the nine figures moving uniformly, they all held their hands high above their heads, like holding something, and the true qi was constantly condensing and forming there.
Gradually, the shape is recognizable, but it turns out to be a huge blade condensed by the true qi, and the true qi is still condensing toward the blade. The energy fluctuation of a single knife is extremely horrible, and it turns out that there are nine identical ones. How can it not be shocking?
The true qi condensation is still going on, but the black hand of the "necromancer" is already in sight.
"Damn it, it was almost" Mu Yun gritted his teeth and said that bean sweat was dripping.
Just as the eyes kept a close eye on the nine giant blades, it seemed as if they were declaring death.
"Swish swish swish swish swish …"
There was no loud noise, no screams, and no blood. On a quiet day, there were nine crisp rings, which were clean and neat, and everyone felt that a knife light flashed in front of them. The general "necromancer" still kept attacking, and Mu Yun’s nine shadows still stood proudly. The only difference was that the nine sharp swords disappeared …
"What’s the matter?"
"Who won?"
Just when everyone looked at the sky dumbfounded and puzzled, they saw that the’ necromancer’ body wrapped in black fog turned out to be weird. A white gap became longer and longer, followed by the second and third roads … the ninth road.
When the nine gaps became longer and wider, people were horrified to find that the root was not a gap, but nine striking knife edges. In the eyes of everyone, the horror was abnormal, and the’ Necromancer’ was cut into pieces by Mu Yun’s’ Pure Yang crack day’ …
Looking at the figure of Tianjiu Road, people instantly have an illusion. At this moment, the thin teenager seems to be more terrible than the’ necromancer’ …
Chapter one hundred and fifty Phantom Yin needle
A piercing scream came out of the mouth of the’ necromancer’, and everyone’s hair started at first, and then they saw that the thick black fog around the’ necromancer’ gradually dissipated, and the light gradually recovered, while the’ necromancer’ was constantly struggling and growling …
And when the whole fog completely dissipated, the day after tomorrow, there was a scene that made everyone more disgusting than fear. Without the black fog, the true face of the’ necromancer’ was completely exposed in the sight of everyone …
Seeing that the head of the "necromancer" is a huge skull, I can’t tell it is a monster beast. The bones are not only attached to some flesh, but also have some non-stick liquid, so I can’t bear to look straight.
And look at the’ necromancer’ body. Even those who are better than those who fix the truth are depressed.
The body was actually a human stump and a broken arm, and the skull was spliced together, and it had already rotted away, accompanied by a bad smell. What is even more incredible is that the head that has not yet rotted is still alive. I don’t know what to say, but from that expression, it is obviously experiencing hell …
Everyone in the stands was stunned. The word "necromancer" lies in their impression that no one has ever seen the real "necromancer" with their own eyes. How can it be simply "horrible" today?
At this time, Mu Yun has already closed his face, shortness of breath, and his body is tumbling. It is not difficult to see from his clenched fist and the veins stood out on his forehead that Mu Yun is trying to suppress it.
But when Mu Yun saw the true face of the "necromancer" on the opposite side, he couldn’t help but "wow" and spit it out in one mouthful. The black blood spewed out had a smell of carrion. Mu Yun quickly transported the pure yang qi to disperse it …
The "necromancer" palm Mu Yun is firmly. Although it is one of the two places at once, the corrosive gas still rushes into the Muyun body. Fortunately, the pure yang qi is still restrained against the corrosive gas, otherwise Mu Yun’s insides would have been corroded by now.
Although relying on the pure yang qi Mu Yun picked up a life again, this palm is also quite uncomfortable for Mu Yun. It takes some effort to completely disperse the corrosive gas …
And when the necromancer was completely exposed to the sun, the rotting corpse also accelerated to decay. At that time, the "Ziz" resounded with rich white smoke, and the heads of those who were attached to the "necromancer" body were constantly screaming, but it didn’t seem sad, but it seemed to be finally relieved …
At the moment, Luo Yutian’s face suddenly changed from pale to black, and there was a little bit of black gas oozing out. Then they saw Luo Yutian’s chest suddenly rotting …
The horror scene immediately caused screams in the stands. Although everyone is a practitioner, it is not a torment to watch a person slowly corrode …
Luo Yutian bitterly stared at Mu Yun as if to say, "Even if he turns into a ghost, he will come back for you." But when he opened his mouth to say when he came out of his mouth, it was not a sound, but a bit scary, rotten, black and stinking …
As the "necromancer" was completely melted, Luo Yutian’s whole body was quickly corroded by the rotten gas and turned into a pool of black and smelly pus.
"Jade day little beast to die for me!" A heart-rending roar came from the other side, and it was the gold that didn’t change against Luo Tian.
In other words, Luo Tian Ba has just applied the secret method before the power gap, and his power has soared instantaneously, but as he hoped, he has stabilized the gold after the magic.
But just as Luo Tian bully was preparing to solve the problem of gold exchange before the secret law failed, he suddenly found that his son had somehow turned into a pool of pus. One day, Father Luo Yu was killed by Muyun. Luo Yulong died this life and I didn’t know that Luo Tian bully was angry. At this time, he was desperate to change gold without drinking, and he raised his hand and hit Mu Yun.
Luo Tian’s hegemonic strength is already in the late stage of the foundation, and at this time, he has exerted the secret method, which has reached the peak strength in the later stage, while Mu Yun has just finished exerting the’ Pure Yang crack day Chop’ and demonstrated the abdomen. Besides, Mu Yun is still fighting against Luo Tian’s hegemony, and Mu Yun really doesn’t even have the strength to hide.
Watching the palm of your hand getting closer and closer to yourself, Mu Yun smiled at himself. "Still not working? Are you going to die?" At this time, Mu Yun was able to see the ferocious face of Luo Tian, and the palm wind was clearly ringing in his ears. Mu Yun slowly closed his eyes and prepared for death …
Luo Tian bully attacked Mu Yun’s gold exchange, so we can’t just sit back and ignore it. Besides, now Mu Yun has no self-protection ability, and the speed of gold exchange is not too slow. But at this time, Luo Tian bully has exerted the secret method, even if gold is not exchanged, it is barely flat. It is impossible to chase it.
See Luo Tian bully palm is less than 10 meters away from Mu Yun. A clot of wide gold sleeve robe is thrown forward to see an egg-sized gold object flying rapidly towards Luo Tian bully in the middle of the back …
When "Tuoshe Jinlei" station exclaimed, it was obvious that there were many people who knew the goods.
Behind the evil wind, the Luo Tian bully can naturally feel it, but now it is the best opportunity to slay Mu Yun. Luo Tian bully naturally doesn’t want to give up what Luo Tian bully has shown, but it turns out that he doesn’t care that’ Tuoshe Jinlei’ vows Mu Yun to perish together.
Luo Tian bully this move greatly surprised the gold does not change, but the gold does not change, but it is decisive. The other sleeve is also a slap, and another’ Tuoshe Golden Thunder’ flies out at the sight.
When people were shocked, they heard "Bang"-the second one actually hit the first one directly. With the explosion of "Bang", the first one instantly gained great momentum, but it flew like the speed of light towards the middle of Luo Tian’s back …
Before Luo Tian bully could react and listen to "poof", the "Tuo She Jin Lei" entered the meat sound, and then "bang" exploded, and Luo Tian bully screamed, and his whole body suddenly burst …
But when all the people, more than gold for themselves, Mu Yun finally settled down, the sudden change saw that there was only half of Luo Tian’s body, and the last strength of his body was "pa". A silver needle was suddenly shot straight from Luo Tian’s mouth towards Mu Yun, and now Luo Tian’s bully finally closed his eyes and left a smile on his mouth.
"Magic Yin Needle" Taiwan Tan Fei was horrified and lost his way
"Small quick hide" gold in anxious blunt Mu Yun shouted.
But Mu Yun seems to be out of control and can’t even move …
PS: Recently, some readers have reported that this fight is a little too long, which leads to the slow progress of the plot. Here’s a fleeting time to tell you that this is a small * * and it will directly affect the amount of pen and ink described later, ensuring that the three chapters of the fight will end and the subsequent plot will be more exciting. Please continue to note!
In addition, I am very grateful to readers damon6, I should give some suggestions to fleeting time, and fleeting time will seriously reflect and carefully consider it, and hope that you can continue to support it. Thank you!
Chapter one hundred and six Buddhist real intention
"Mu Yun"
Thyme master couldn’t stand it any longer. A flicker rose towards Muyunfei, but even if the master was faster, the distance from Mu Yun was less than ten meters, and nothing could be done at this time. Everyone could look at the ocean and sigh.
The thyme army followed closely, but it was the same.

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