Although the control of this quantity is still the same as before, there is no increase in intensity or abandonment. As a result, the growth of these realms is like runaway wild horses, because the quantity is in its own world, and his body is blessed by world forces, and no one can destroy or hurt him.

With this amount of dependence, we can let them go to fight without fear, that is, we can get rid of most of our minds by going against the fate and harming them. We are grasping the complete 3,000-kilometer road, and a few of our minds are carefully observing the collision of two forces. At this moment, the collision of fate and destruction is different from the creation of the world.
The creation of heaven drives the destruction of nature. Although the scope is wide, the wave area is large, which also has disadvantages. The Tao rhyme contained in the creation of heaven is also restricted and amplified
Daoyun magnified a lot of details and was ignored and erased by consciousness, that is to say, although he watched the creation for many times, he also did it once by himself. Although he gained a lot of money every time, he missed the attention of that person every time.
Compared with the grand momentum of the world, the confrontation between the two laws of the body is implicit. Although it is still as fierce as ever, the destructive power of the body will be vividly displayed without showing the meticulous side.
I have always grasped a large amount of information. When I first came into contact with such details, I felt that I had gained a lot from the evolution of the main road. I never paid attention to the nuances. This time, I also watched it, and some things in my heart were not white and confused.
Mastering the two laws of 70% destruction has become heavy after this opportunity, and a lot of things have become handy for the two laws. There are many things to be continued.
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Chapter 50 Quantity Awakening
After years of experience and bold speculation, he divided kendo into three major realms to destroy the eternal, in which destruction and good understanding of nature also require the mind to make up or rack one’s brains to think about everything, so that he can understand the two ways of destruction of nature and then express those understandings through the sword in his hand, and this destruction of kendo and kendo of nature will be great.
Only eternity is different. Eternity is quantity deduction. The last layer of kendo is a layer. There is not everything in the 3,000-kilometer road. It is quantity to understand how to go and how to move forward.
I didn’t have a clue for such a long time until this coincidence made a substantial breakthrough in the eternal kendo. It was like being in a dark room for the eternal kendo, although I knew there was an exit not far ahead and a door to get out of here, but I just didn’t know how to get there.
With a firm heart, he stumbled all the way forward like a fly, but he couldn’t find the right way. After several collisions, everything pays off and he finally touched the door to escape from the darkroom when he was black and blue.
It goes without saying that touching the door is like rushing out, but this door can’t withstand a little bit. It’s this little bit that makes the hope light outside come in through the gap and set it straight in the face full of hope.
You can clearly feel a fresh breath mixed with a cool wind stroking his face through this tiny gap. The heart that is getting colder and colder is also carried by this faint light. The temperature is warm, and some confidence has disappeared. "Hope has arrived, is success far away?"
At this time, I have mastered the two laws of destruction and nature, 70% of which can be truly integrated into kendo, but less than 52%. It is much more difficult to understand Yi Ke and want to integrate elsewhere.
Fortunately, the bridge connected by the six styles of swordsmanship is well completed, and the most difficult step is easier. Then he needs to integrate those missing rules into his kendo to lay a solid foundation for kendo to step further into eternity
Seventeen years have passed in an instant, counting the previous three years, and Hongjun and others have been closed for 20 years. On this day, the chaos is not far from the world. Hongjun and Luo Wei are stiff for a long time, and their bodies suddenly shake irregularly because their minds are immersed in enlightenment, and their breath is naturally uncontrolled and rampant around them.
At the moment, with the two people awake, the coercion of the strong man who belongs to heaven suddenly closed his eyes and slowly opened a white divine light more than three feet long, which burst from their eyes and was overwhelmed by chaos before birth. The power of this white divine light collapsed and a hundred-meter black hole appeared in its place with a strong suction.
After waking up, they ignored the collapse and chaos, but instead looked at each other. The original Luo Wei was in the dark, and Luo Wei was hiding Hongjun. Without careful exploration, he naturally didn’t know Luo Wei’s presence, but just after Hongjun clearly sensed Luo Wei’s consciousness after waking up, he exuded momentum.
Although it is a flash, Hung-chun still sensed that Hung-chun didn’t know that someone had been hiding in his eyelids for a long time. It was unforgivable for Hung-chun. It was the first time since Hung-chun forced heaven to control the universe after sealing the gods that someone dared to tease him like this.
Hung-jun snorted and waved a robe and a sword light into Luo Wei’s hidden empty mouth. At the same time, he shouted coldly, "The rats are sneaking around in front of the old road, so don’t show up to be original." With Hung-jun’s voice, the sword light was excited and stabbed in Luo Wei’s hiding place.
At this time, when the sword light is about to bombard the imaginary, a cold and angry hum rings. "Hongjun, others are afraid of you, bodhi old zu. I’m not afraid of you. I won’t argue with you today if I have something to do." Said Luo Wei, who flickered away from the original place and then forced several flickers to humanize a black shadow and disappeared in the distance.
As soon as Luo Wei walked, he saw the sword light "bang" and drew a dozen miles of cracks. The sword light dissipated with the cracks, but the sword light contained power and also affected the giant cracks. Seeing that there were several geomantic fires in the cracks, a small world prototype was slowly forming.
Hung-jun ignored the small world that was about to form. His eyes were cold and he looked at it and disappeared. There was anger in Luo’s eyes and a burst of murder in his eyes. It was the first time since the dragon and phoenix disaster that someone teased him like this and escaped from him. Hung-jun’s anger could almost burn around him.
Hung-jun’s heart was angry but lovely, and there was nothing he could do. He took a deep look at the place where Luo Wei disappeared, but he was deeply puzzled. After he got angry, Hung-jun couldn’t help but flash across his mind. At the end of all this, he thought more and more cold. He said, "When did such a person come out? Why didn’t I have any news?"
However, no matter whether Hung-chun thinks or doesn’t have a clue, because he has just woken up, although the realm has been upgraded to a step, long-term understanding still makes Hung-chun tired physically and mentally, and careful thinking has not yielded any results. Hung-chun put that doubt in his heart and swept his eyes across the small world, where the divine light flashed just after it was formed, and the small world returned to chaos again.
After finishing this trivial matter, Hung-jun turned his attention to the world of quantity not far away. At this moment, the fluctuating rhyme has disappeared, and the world of quantity is no longer clear and gradually blurred and dissipated. But even so, Hung-jun still saw something unusual from that blurred image.
At the moment, there are already some creatures in the original world. Seeing this Hongjun white, the first batch of creatures in this world have come to the world. Seeing this Hongjun, I can’t help but sigh with envy. "Chaos fiend! Ok! How nice! " With that, Hung-chun’s figure gradually blurred and finally disappeared, leaving a virtual laugh around him.
In the distance of more than one billion miles, the six saints in Sanqing are also awake at this moment. Because the six people are far away, they accept the fluctuation of Daoyun. They are not as strong as Hongjun. After the Daoyun disappears in the quantitative world, they wake up at any time. This time, several people have gained a lot and feel their own gains silently. The corners of their mouths can’t help but slightly pull up their eyes and be excited.
It’s exciting to be old in Sanqing or to be tall, and then I will gather my mood and force my heart to press the center. He glanced at several people indifferently and finally focused on the two younger brothers who are still excited. He gently coughed, "The two younger brothers have gained a lot, and we should go back and sort out this opportunity."
The old saying will still be excited. When they heard the news, they woke up. They quickly gathered their minds and gave the old man a slight salute. "Thank you, brother." The old face showed a hint of Confucian expression. He smiled lightly. "Let’s go home!" Say that finish turned and flew towards the universe to see the old yuan two people leave quickly with.
Sanqing’s dialogue will still be in the excitement, and Nu Wa will wake up. When the three people’s mood has just returned to calm, Sanqing has already flown towards the universe. The three people took one look at each other and flew towards the universe in two ways.
Soon after the crowd disappeared, a Taoist priest wearing a dark black robe and a black shawl with moire steps appeared in the original place where Hung-jun and his wife realized the truth. The Taoist priest appeared there with fine features and looks like he was in his twenties with a three-foot sword hilt engraved with the words "quantity" of two avenues.
This man has been away from the universe for thousands of years. At this moment, he has also ended his enlightenment, gone out of the physical world and came to the chaotic world in the eyebrow Dojo. The healthy development of the chaotic world and the arrival of three thousand demons are all in his expectation.
The development of the physical world is one step closer to his goal. This time, he has gained a lot, and there is nothing left to continue to close. What is left now is to continuously digest the gains of these years. It is no longer necessary to close things before and after, and simply prepare for it.
I don’t know that there is always a faint sense of urgency and a little anxiety in my heart after this closing. It is this anxiety that makes my heart alert. This place is no longer suitable. It is time to go back and have a look after such a long time.
After all, the wild is where his roots lie. There are his relatives and brothers in this life, he is concerned about him, and he has a long-planned plan in this world. In case of loss, he must personally sit in the town to prevent variables.
Dumped his head, turned around and looked at this eyebrow Dojo that accompanied him for thousands of years. A flicker came to the outside hand, a device was printed, and a silvery white light shrouded in the eyebrow Dojo. When it touched the large array, the silvery white light instantly merged into it.
After receiving the silver-white light array, the whole body flashed a ripple and gradually disappeared, hidden in chaos. After completing these quantities, it took a step forward, and in an instant, the whole figure appeared hundreds of millions of miles away, and several spanning figures disappeared and disappeared to be continued.
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Chapter 59 Regression
After 20 years of noise, chaos recovered once, leaving silence, chaos and hidden in chaos. Chaotic undercurrents kept rushing, and from time to time, chaotic turbulence collided and burst out with a great ability to attack the collision place. A small world was slowly forming, but before the small world stabilized, another chaotic turbulence destroyed it, and the world was destroyed and created in chaos.
In the distant world of Pangu, there is a "spiritual world" in the outer world, and a figure outside the world is gradually solidified from emptiness to reality. At first glance, it is found that this is a young Taoist with fine eyes, wearing a dark black robe and a pair of moire steps, and carrying the word "quantity" on his back with a three-foot sword hilt.
This man is away from the Emei Dojo. It took him more than half a year to repair the volume, but this time it took him three and a half months to come back. Looking at the word "spiritual world" which was created by him and appeared in heaven and earth, I was deeply touched.
After a pause outside the spiritual world, the whole person disappeared into the original place. At this moment, at the central mountain peak of the spiritual world, three quasi-holy late peak monks are meditating and practicing three people. It is the teacher younger brother, Terran, three ancestors, who are always here to guard the spiritual world.
Three people are practicing. Suddenly, they feel something in their hearts. They open their eyes and look puzzled. They look not far away. At the moment, there is a young man who has no breath at all. The young man is smiling at the three people with a sword on his back.
Three people saw this young man’s eyes suddenly stare big and full of disbelief. Three people rubbed their eyes with a soft consciousness. Suirenshi pinched his thigh without leaving a hand. A terrible pain came from his thigh in amazement. Suirenshi quickly got up and looked respectful with a hint of surprise. "Suirenshi has seen the amount of senior brother."
With the words of Suirenshi, there is a nest, and the two of them are also followed by the amount of courtesy. "The younger brother has seen the elder brother" and the amount has been received by three people. Looking at the three people’s indifferent faces, I can’t help but smile. He chuckled and said, "Get up! Need to be polite! "
Three people smell speech once again gave a ceremony to get up and say, "Brother, when will you come back? Why didn’t we know! I haven’t seen a teacher younger brother who wants to die for such a long time. "Said Suirenshi, who didn’t just have that kind of constraint, but put it very quickly. So did Yishi and Youchao, who walked two steps around the tailor and kept asking questions.
"Ha ha!" Seeing the three younger brothers from the bottom of their hearts, the anxiety caused them to feel depressed and relieved a lot. He strode to the three men’s side, stretched out his hand and patted Suiren’s shoulder, and laughed. "It’s good that I haven’t seen you for ten thousand years. Although there is no breakthrough, I am very happy that I have improved a lot."
When I heard the praise of three people, I couldn’t help smiling, grinning and looking at the amount of "hehe". I kept smirking and saw that three people couldn’t help laughing and teasing "what! Brother is not welcome! Let brother accompany you to blow cold air outside? " Said the eyes narrowed his face Gherardini looked at three people.
The amount of ridicule will still be immersed in the praise. The three people woke up with a start. The first one reflected that his face was a little hot and he quickly said, "Brother, please go inside quickly." He said that the Suiren is now walking in front and leading the amount to the abode of fairies and immortals where three people live daily. At this time, Youchao’s two people also reacted and walked towards the abode of fairies and immortals with a smile.
Looking at the three people’s so attentive and long-lost smile hanging on their faces again, he smiled and shook his head. He followed the Suiren family and was surrounded by two people with a nest. He went to the nearby abode of fairies and immortals. Four people talked and laughed all the way, but all the way, they mainly asked the main three people to keep answering questions.
Soon four people went to the front of the abode of fairies and immortals, measured their steps slightly, and then naturally walked forward to the front of this abode of fairies and immortals, and felt a sense of familiarity. The style of this abode of fairies and immortals was the same as that of the abode of fairies and immortals where he lived in shouyangshan, and swept the three of them lightly, and felt a little curious.
The amount of strange follow aside three people didn’t find his mouth or like a barrage to introduce him to the amount of things that happened in the universe and the spiritual world over the years, but the amount was smiling and nodding slightly from time to time or listening to the introduction of three people without interrupting their interest.
Stepping into the abode of fairies and immortals and turning a few corners, I came to the depths of the abode of fairies and immortals. I secretly noticed that this abode of fairies and immortals, both in shape and in department, was exactly the same with him in shouyangshan. Seeing this, I felt a little touched. Just then, four people stepped into the main hall of the abode of fairies and immortals, and a stone tablet stood aside at the door of the main hall.

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