Set a goal for Hu Yingxue Jane Mo raised his hands in favor of the smell speech and laughed. "Don’t worry that Qian Fat will not rob people with you at this time."

Hu Yingxue pulled the corner of her mouth. "You can’t say for sure after that, right?"
Jane said that the guests were coming to Hu Yingxue and ran away with cold intensity. Looking at Hu Yingxue from the back, Jane shook her head. "When fighting, everyone was rushing to find someone to take charge, so they hid far away from Qingyun. Is it really a feng shui problem that there is thunder and thunder, and so is our side?"
The frolic figure slowly solidified behind Jane. "Every family can’t escape if it’s difficult to chant Buddhist scripture. If it’s difficult for you to chant Buddhist scripture, just steal the fun."
The chill in the temple disappeared with the cold and fierce separation. "That guy has already decided that the horse has run away. Why did he suddenly pay attention to Xiao Jiu?"
Frolic in the waves licked his lips. "This Xiao Jiu is not generally strong in the eyes of the demon family. It is a living Dan. She has a mark left by tian hu. Generally, the demon family dare not easily move toward her. That guy and a group of demon families are coming to confront tian hu. Maybe we should consider not having scruples as soon as we have that mark."
Jane Mo raised her hand and touched the bar. "This Xiao Jiu is really not simple. Let the demon family tian hu be the eldest brother. Let those funny guys know that maybe they will be detained with a witch hat."
Make waves and raise eyebrows. "Are you worried that this will cause trouble?"
Jane left the sleeve and put her hand behind her. "That must not happen."
Seeing Mo Li walking into the temple with a few people, he walked over with frolic in the waves and went to the other side. Hu Yingxue went straight back to Nanfeng’s residence with cold intensity. Wei Zhe was still in his courtyard to make an alchemy. Because Hu Yingxue gave him Dan tactic for the first time, the control was not very good.
See follow Hu Yingxue into the hospital LengLie just finished receiving Dan tactic Wei Zhe was surprised from the futon "cold brother, what are you …"
Shaking off his body and condensing into a frost shell, he smiled bitterly. "It’s a long story. Why is Brother Wei here with Hu Jiamei?"
Wei Zhe took a look at Hu Yingxue. "You Hu Jiamei is my master, and I am naturally accepting her teaching here."
"What?" Lenglie’s face was incredible. "How did you become a disciple of Hu Jiamei?"
Wei Zhexiao replied, "Fate, I met her when I took the road, but I didn’t study it carefully, so I seem to have to change my mind and call you a cold teacher."
"This can really be explained by fate." Leng Lie smiled. "What do you mean, cold scholars pay each Wei Xiong or Wei Xiong Hu Jiamei or Hu Jiamei?"
"I don’t mind." Hu Yingxue sat in the secret house with a futon, searching for a spiritual plant. "Brother Leng, do you know how Dan medicine was refined?"
Lenglie took out a red jade carved futon and sat opposite Hu Yingxue. "To know something is to take out the essence of those precious materials of heaven and earth and then guide them to merge with each other in your Dan division." Your eyes flashed. "How to solve my body problem? Just say it."
Hu Yingxue heard this and said, "My method is not difficult to understand, but to say so is to treat your body as a danding and fuse something to wake you up. In this process, your body must be completely controlled by me."
Putting your body in the hands of others is tantamount to putting your life in the hands of others. Without hesitation, Hu Yingxue laughed. "When I come to ask you for help, I will give my life to you. When shall we?"
"How long do you think you can last?" Hu Yingxue looked at Wei Zhe. "You ask Su Yi to call Mu Tianxuan."
Not long after Wei Zhe left Hu Yingxue Academy, Mu Tianxuan came in and saw a frost sitting opposite Hu Yingxue coldly. "Do you want me to help suppress his body?"
Hu Yingxue nodded. "I haven’t got rid of the sequelae of broken meteorite Dan. I can rely on you."
Mu Tianxuan moved Wei Zhe’s futon to Hu Yingxue’s side and smiled at Lenglie sitting opposite him. "Don’t worry that I’m here to make trouble?"
"Hu Jiamei believes you and I don’t need to worry," Lenglie replied, tearing at the stiff corners of her mouth.
Cold fierce situation is very serious, delay a moment is more dangerous. Everything has Hu Yingxue’s ban around the courtyard, so he pulled Mu Tianxuan to get busy. After listening to Hu Yingxue’s explanation, Mu Tianxuan began to cooperate with cold fierce, and soon he forced his whole body ice Zhen Yuan and his Dan Fu out of him. After that invasion, he refused to melt the cold marrow and isolated Bing Xin.
Whether it’s then shifting or Dan Fu becoming wobbly, it won’t be a relief, just like cramping and peeling bones. It will make you feel cold and sweaty, and in a short time, a frost will become an ice shell because you are soaked in sweat. Hu Ying, Xue, Huo Zhen Yuan will melt the ice shell of his body, and then guide the spiritual essence of Coriolus versicolor medicine extracted by Dan Ding into his body.
Cold marrow Bing Xin needs to look at the spiritual force to maintain its shape. Without the cold body ice, it becomes a little hungry. Hu Yingxue leads the essence of the medicinal spiritual force into Lengliedan House, and it greedily absorbs the essence of the medicinal spiritual force.
Then Hu Yingxue took out a branch of Coriolus versicolor, which was mutated from the field of Coriolus versicolor, and extracted the spiritual essence of its medicine in the same way. After this absorption was completed, she took out another branch of Coriolus versicolor, so it alternated until the Coriolus versicolor refused to absorb the spiritual essence of Coriolus versicolor, and then replaced it with a spiritual plant with fire and ice in Grade One.
There is only one cognition left in his mind-his body is about to explode. Although his head is full of this cognition, he is very sober. Remember not to give birth and resist consciously. He insisted that Hu Yingxue’s solution went smoothly to the end.
Knowing that Lenglie has always been awake, Hu Yingxue said to him at this time, "Brother Leng, now the cold marrow Bingxin has been melted into an ice panacea. Although it has been mild, it will take some time and there are certain risks. Do you want to refine it directly or take it out and wait for the right opportunity to refine it?"
Lenglie opened his eyes. "Refining now. I have no other choice now."
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
Hu Yingxue nodded at Mu Tianxuan, and Mu Tianxuan kept Lenglie under his control and sent it back to Lenglie Danfu. At the same time, he put back the imprisonment of Lenglie Zhenyuan and sent it back to Lenglie Zhenyuan. He raised his hand and wiped his face. He saw that his hands were full of sweat and pulled the corners of his mouth at Hu Yingxue. "It’s really hard for you to find a job for me."
Hu Yingxue stuffed a bottle of Zengyuan Dan into Mu Tianxuan’s hand, "Make up your consumption of real yuan quickly, and there should be a big excitement." Say it and it will be banned from hospitalization.
Mu Tianxuan lost a Zeng Yuan Dan in his mouth without asking what was the big buzz. Hu Yingxue gave him all Zeng Yuan Dan, of course. He didn’t consume Zhen Yuan for a while ago and returned to a full state. Just when he opened his eyes and stared at Hu Yingxue opposite Lenglie, he felt that Lenglie breath was changing rapidly.
Cold and fierce body is covered with frost again. This time, it doesn’t have the feeling that the blood is frozen and stiff, but it makes him have a roar of blood. He will be framed by someone. Cold-marrow Bingxin is to prepare for breaking Dan’s baby. He has suffered from cold-marrow Bingxin in recent years, and he has regressed a lot. When Hu Yingxue helped him melt cold-marrow Bingxin, he sent a lot of spiritual forces into his body. With the help of those spiritual forces, he successfully took the transforming ice elixir, cold-marrow Bingxin and then found out that he was going to break Dan’s baby
Breaking Dan into a baby is subject to the test of Armageddon, and the power of Armageddon is not small. I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds Hu Ying Xueyuan and ruin it. I looked up and screamed. I stepped on the flying sword and rose up and closed before consolidating the realm. Meng Ji came out just at this time to thank Hu Yingxue for seeing him rise and quickly guided him to break through Du Jie’s peak in Zongli.
Before Jane was still entertaining, the group of guests found that Zong Qi changed and the horse walked out of the hall. When they saw the dark clouds moving rapidly with a figure, Xiang Wentian Peak turned to the guests who followed and smiled, "It should be our friend."
Zhao Hang, who was asked by Jane to accompany the guests, smiled. "Xiao Jiu friends don’t seem to make a simple noise."
The bearer who came out with Zhao Hang was Zhao Dezhu, the elder who presided over the fight in Fenglin City. He came to Cangshuozong with Danmeng people to visit him. In addition to telling Cangshuozong about his decision, he had another purpose. He said that Hu Yingxue was talented in Dan Dao, and a big boss hoped Cangshuozong could give up what he wanted.
In another sect, Hu Yingxue might be happily packed and taken away by Zhao Dezhu and others, but Cang Shuozong won’t be because there are people in front of them, but also because they won’t exchange some promises for their brothers. Of course, if Hu Yingxue is willing to follow Zhao Dezhu and them, they won’t stop her from running for a better future, and they won’t turn against each other.
There is some dissatisfaction with Jane Mo’s absence of Ma Ying from other Danmeng people. Zhao Dezhu doesn’t have him. He is the only one in his line who knows the background of Cangshuo Sect. Although he really wants to help the big brother achieve his wish, he must also be lucky that he and Zhao Hang are distant brothers, Zhao Hang, who still owe him a little favor. With Zhao Hang as a buffer, he won’t have to linger on this matter and wait for Hu Yingxue to lift the ban.
When they watched Lenglie Du Jie, they went to Nanfeng to find Hu Yingxue. Mo Li returned to Zhongfeng. Hu Yingxue didn’t come with him. Zhao Dezhu could ask him, "Hu Xiaoyou didn’t come with you?"
Mo Li replied, "She can’t go there. I told her what Elder Zhao said. She asked me to bring you back a word. She is more devoted to Kendo than Dandao. She can thank you for your kindness."
Smell speech Dan au all cold hum a "flattering"
"Do I have room for you here?" The stunned Zhao Dezhu turned to Jane Mo Li and Zhao Hang smiled and handed a post to Jane Mo Li. "In this case, I won’t bother you. After three years, I hope Hu Xiaoyou can bring my brother to visit us."
People who were reprimanded by Zhao Dezhu before leaving Kunwu mountain boundary could not help but ask Zhao Dezhu, "Is Elder Zhao so kind to them?"
Zhao Dezhu looked back at the direction of Kunwu Mountain. "Don’t say that Dan Union directly expelled the water accord from Dan Union. The decision that Hu Yingxue will have that alchemist collar is enough. Let’s think about it. Our Dan Union is big but there are still many people not to be taunted."
Chapter 99 Three years
Although the cold and fierce destruction of Dan Chengying caused a lot of envy, it didn’t cause much attention. The sword burial was temporarily settled in Cangshuo Sect. It was only in March that nineteen people rushed to ask for the peak of heaven. On the third day of this month and a half, five people entered the sword burial to test the dreamland. The number of times when Dan Chengying asked for the peak of heaven was so frequent. Now many Cangshuo Sect disciples have developed a habit of hearing thunder and running to watch the fun. Er, no, it should be said that they took the opportunity to realize the mystery of breaking Dan Chengying.
No one except Cangshuo clan noticed that Lenglie didn’t rush out from the blade, and noticed that the candlestick peak was moving again. Lenglie has entered the candlestick peak under the guidance of Meng Ji. In the arrangement of Du Jie people, although Leng pulp Bing Xin has repeatedly made Lenglie suffer the pain of life than death over the years, it is not without any benefits. His physical strength has been refined as Yuan Ying’s peak, and Lenglie has not called out a magic weapon to directly resist robbery.
Such a tough Du Jie way has made some sects send eyeliner and eyes to look at others. Du Jie has a lot of benefits for practitioners. This has already made their sects envy Cangshuo Sect, and even made them envy, envy and hate. Seven sects of the first 19 people actually went to Cangshuo Sect after they succeeded in Du Jie. The Yuan world is better than some small worlds, but real people are very rare, but there are still very few Yuanying bodhi old zu. How can this not stop them from being jealous and going crazy?
Lenglie wrapped himself up in the hall when he came to Cangshuo Sect. No one found out about Lenglie’s origin, so he recognized him as a person who had been keeping a low profile before. This speculation made those eyeliner’s eyes hot and prayed in their hearts. Don’t join Cangshuo Sect when their heads are hot again. We must let them recruit them to their own homes. We are wondering what can impress Lenglie’s heart. The new baby bodhi old zu has left.
Lenglie didn’t have any suspense to spend Yuan Ying’s Armageddon and look at him on the other side. Du Jie Hu Yingxue and other Cangshuo disciples greeted him and left as they came. Although someone left him after he walked out of the gate, he soon dumped him, making some people finally have a little balance. Seeing Cangshuo Zongren chanting "Look, there are still people who don’t like you Cangshuo Zongtang" in their hearts.
No matter others envy, envy, hate or speculate something with some malice, after the Danmeng people came, there was no one to visit Cangshuo Zongcangshuo Zongzong, and they lived a quiet life in a semi-enclosed mountain. Occasionally, they organized a group to go to 100,000 mountains to try or enter the sword burial trial dreamland through the back door, strolled around every once in a while to see their own family or luckily made a breakthrough in the sword burial trial dreamland. Three years passed when Du Jie listened to his own family’s practice of symbols, refining devices and alchemy.
In another month, Hu Yingxue, a league member of Baichuan State, hit the court and banned it. As soon as it disappeared, four people appeared at the gate of her court. After them, thirty people dressed in door decorations appeared at the gate of the court, looking at Hu Yingxue’s face, which brought some excitement.
Seeing Hu Yingxue pushing the door and coming out, Wei Zhe bowed his head and said, "Don’t disgrace the teacher’s life. Wei Zhe was promoted to Qidan Division before January."
Then Suyi took a step forward and bent down to salute his younger brother. "My younger brother was promoted to Qidan Division half a month ago."
Min Shao bowed his head and saluted "promoted to Qidan Division three days ago"

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