"How can I know anything if you don’t tell me?"

"I cited several incidents at the scene."
"That thing?"
Chen cold turned supercilious look wry smile way "kang predecessors have ordered all of you are fools? Just because China and Xi don’t see their male brothers doesn’t mean that those old people can’t see you tell me to keep a secret unless you can shut everyone up. "
As soon as the thin old man appeared, he said,’ Xiao Ni, put away your little thoughts’, which means he knows the meaning of flocculant.
He’s not stupid. Are other family elders stupid?
Of course not!
Since so many people have seen it, what’s the fart of keeping Chen Han a secret alone?
After hearing what he said, Xu smiled and shook his head. "You don’t understand that you are not a person in this circle. You won’t understand before today."
"What do you mean?"
"Those old people do know, but they won’t say."
"You mean …"
"Are you fighting for the younger generation just factionalism?"
"Isn’t it?"
Flocculant gave a negative answer and said lightly, "The clan is a country after all. China, after all, has no strength outside those countries. Is it really relying on the dragon to shelter students? Especially if the Kampa Empire is occupied by a clan, even if the dragon face can’t rob us, is it really willing? "
Although the dragon is powerful, the magic feather Teng dragon is not an orthodox dragon after all. The most important thing is that this ethnic group draws the king in the territory of Kanpa Empire.
One is a small magic feather Teng dragon, and many dragons are not recognized, while the other side is a powerful empire.
It’s like a bird occupying an eagle’s nest. Can an eagle really stand it?
Even if the Kanpa Empire is not able to deal with the Magic Feather Tenglong because of the dragon’s way, it will never develop with them. Even if it does not threaten the interests of the Kanpa Empire, where can it be good to hear that your home site is occupied?
"Campa empire has been secretly dealing with us, otherwise we recruit? Under normal circumstances, how can the military have so much non-wartime consumption? Every day, people die in battle, which is not known to civilians. We have to fight when we are born, so that the Terrans who support the foundation of the Kompas cluster will leave us because of fear and block the news of war. "
"What are you telling me?" Chen cold more listen to more lose.
"The clan has a strong talent, but it also continues the defect of the dragon, that is, the lack of breeding ability. While recruiting the Terran army, we must also strengthen the clan itself. The three factions, Wen, Wu and the royal family, strive for infighting and constant interests. It is only one aspect, and it is more important to hone. If you are unable to survive in this kind of struggle, is it like facing a powerful enemy?"
"hone? Do you mean that the struggle of the younger generation in Wangcheng is more tempered? "
"That’s right, or you beat the city like that. What did the Kosai family elders not make moves? Do you think they can hide anything from them in the city? Will they come when there is a big fight in front of the marshal’s house? "
"They deliberately ignored? What if you kill someone? "
"I can’t die because these younger generations are not stupid, even if they don’t know the situation, what will happen if they kill people in vain? That old undead thing is different!"
Chapter 741 Conspiracy conditions
? It is normal for the younger generation to fight for the roots of their elders. Please make the Pinyin domain name visit us and have a look (bubble &).
Who knew that the old guy was ashamed to run out, not only openly helped him beat people on Chen Han’s side, but also gave him something so important as the blood soul order.
Holding the fist hard, Kang’s wrinkled old face emerged in my mind, and I was almost half dead with anger. "Those who are old and deathless know but won’t say that they just want to hone their younger generation through fighting and let them become real talents, so that they can understand it for themselves. But you belong to the younger generation camp, and if you tell these things, it will have very bad consequences."
"Will you tell me these?" Chen Han is dumb.
"So you know more now. If you dare to talk nonsense, you will die!"
"You … you’re telling me this to limit me?"
"Didn’t you listen very tastefully just now?"
"I … I want to erase these memories!"
"It’s late!"
"What do you want?"
"First of all, keep things secret for me today, and secondly, from today on, you belong to the Odkelon family and secretly obey me to help me disrupt the civil and military factions."
"Nice try!"
Chen Han refused without hesitation, although he came here with a purpose and was not really loyal to the Odkelon family.
However, he is well aware of the principle of loyalty and obedience, even if it is to pretend loyalty, you can’t vote for others without tearing your face.
I didn’t expect him to dare to refuse. I just told him these things to let him know more secrets. It is precisely because knowing these secrets is equivalent to tying a time bomb to him. If he doesn’t obey himself, these secrets will make him die a hundred times. Isn’t he afraid of death?
Seeing the surprise on her face, she smiled and said, "Please forgive Mayer for sending it not far away if it’s nothing."
"You are not afraid of me to report you? You should know that I have a much greater advantage than hee. There are too many ways to kill you. This is just one of them. "Flocculated noodles with frost sneer.
"Then you should know that I can kill you right now."
"With you? How dare you? "
"I really dare with me!"
Chen’s cold eyes are flashing with cold light, and the dangers suddenly appear. "I can also tell you that I have an advantage over others, that is, I don’t belong to the magic feather dragon. My family is not here. I don’t have any worries. Killing you is a big deal, and even worse, I may not die."
On the way to the military camp, he learned from China that the blood and soul were ordered, which was the greatest reliance for him to say this sentence.
Two people fade away, full of breath, boiling floc and cold eyes collide in the virtual, which arouses a deep and remote blue arc like aurora.
The atmosphere at the scene is in a state of extreme stalemate. At this time, if one side retreats, it will be caught by the other side.
"Then try it."
No one knows what can release light in black. What is more strange is that the black light seems to devour other light and grow itself like an abyss. The cold energy is just as powerful as quarrelling with light attributes, and the power of quarrelling with darkness is amazing.
There are more fist-sized black gas stripped from her body to form a fist-sized black vortex that keeps gathering around the dark magic.
Magic and martial arts!
Spirit situation demon king late peak!
The magic realm, the demon king, the beginning of the realm!
The realm of quarrelling fights the mid-term realm of the king!
That is to say, her spirit is nearly two times higher than the realm, which is almost the same as the teacher’s qualification. What is even more outrageous is that her magic talent has increased, although there are two odds, but it has reached a big realm, so her qualification is not much worse than Chen Han.

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