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Chapter two hundred and fifty The truth
[Please remember the domain name "w w w" or search in Baidu:] The family immediately cheered up and said, "Can the girl report her name as a villain?" "Tell you that the landlord has a Ding Nishang looking for him." The family ran off and almost fell down. After a while, it took more than ten thousand years to meet out and said, "Miss Ding, you are here."
Ding Nishang came in and said, "Where is Sister Yu Gonghua?" Yu Wannian said, "She’s sleeping in her room" and "Take me to see her". Ding Nishang pulled Yu Wannian’s hand.
Yu Wannian asked uneasily, "Miss Ding, are you all right in Peony Valley?" "Then let it go in advance." Ding Nishang hurriedly said, "See Sister Hua first."
Yu Wannian took Ding Nishang to the gate of Huaman Creek and said, "This is where Flower Girl lives." Ding Nishang knocked at the door. A woman was busy saluting Yu Wannian, saying, "Little Landlord." Yu Wannian nodded and said, "Take this Ding Girl to see Flower Girl." She also said to Ding Nishang, "I’ll wait outside."
Ding Nishang entered the room and almost dragged Hua Manxi out of bed and said, "Get up!" Huamanxi rubbed his eyes and said, "You’re here, sister." "Sister, get up and someone is looking for you outside." "Who is it?" Huamanxi got dressed and went out of the door. Ding Nishang pulled Huamanxi out of the Jinyulou for more than ten thousand years and followed Ding Nishang out. "Who’s Sister Hua?"
When Huamanxi saw it, he was stunned and said, "Why is he here?" "Sister-in-law" saluted before the flight. "Who is your sister-in-law?" Cihang wasn’t surprised. "Uncle Sister-in-law Hua really wants you to tell her not to seek revenge with Wu Chi and go back to Sunset Villa." "I’m not going back." Huamanxi said, "I’m not your sister-in-law." Huamanxi looked suspiciously at Ci Channel. "What are you doing here?" "I was asked by Uncle Hua to find you by the way. I left home this time and really took revenge on Brother Wu Chi." "I forbid you to take revenge!"
Huamanxi stamped his foot and said, "Don’t you kill Xu Shao!" "what? ""nothing is that you are not allowed to kill! " Cihang stepped back and asked blankly, "Did Sister-in-law really forget that my brother likes that Xu Shao?" "So what if it is!" Hua Manxi looked back at Ding Nishang and added, "I just won’t let you kill Xu Shao." "I will avenge my brother!" Huamanxi is not in a hurry, but has answers. "Your brother is not Xu Shao, but you?" Huamanxi doesn’t hide his contempt for Cihang. "I must avenge my brother’s death." Cihang flies to Ma Avenue. "Flower idiot, listen to me. Cihang vows to kill Xu Shao for revenge!" "You …" If you are full of flowers and streams, you can say that you are kind enough to sail to Ding Nishang and say "Miss Ding is thanking". After giving a gift to Ma Shen, you took a look at the horse for more than ten thousand years and left.
Hua Manxi returned to Jinyulou in anger for more than ten thousand years and asked, "Is he a compassionate brother?" Ding Nishang nodded and told Yu Wan years after meeting Cihang and talking to him. After listening quietly for a long time, he didn’t speak.
Ding Nishang in the living room of Jinyulou asked, "Sister Hua, you really haven’t seen Xu Shao!" "So what? I like him anyway." Ding Nishang looked at Yu Wannian and asked, "Sister Hua, are you going to continue looking for Xu Shao?" "I must find him and marry him"
Yu Wannian suddenly said, "Well, I’ll have someone prepare a horse for you to bring some food." Then he walked out of the living room and said, "Sister Hua, you and I met. I know you’re not a bad person, but why don’t you like people like Yu Gong?" Huamanxi looked at Ding Nishang and said, "Sister, I know you like him, but why do you want me to like him?" Ding Nishang’s eyes were dim and she said, "He doesn’t like me", but Hua Manxi shook her head and said, "Sister sees that men and sisters are more experienced than you, and his heart already has you."
Ding Nishang said with a smile, "Really?" Hua Manxi grabbed Ding Nishang’s hand and said, "I know you won’t accompany me to find Wu Chi Xu Shao again, but it’s still nice to meet my sister and Yu Gong. You are all good people in the Jianghu." Hua Manxi’s tears have dropped and then he said, "Uncle Lao, Aunt Cai and Mo Mo are all my saviors. I won’t forget them."
Ding Nishang accompanied her in tears for more than ten thousand years and came in looking depressed. "Flower girl and horse are ready for you to go out." Flowers filled the stream and said, "I wonder if you can satisfy me?" "You said"
"We’ve been together for so long, can you send me out of town?"
Yu Wannian and Ding Nishang nodded.
Huamanxi, the eastern suburb of Luoyang, took a white horse and took the sword handed over by Yu Wannian. Look at the road ahead. "Yu Gong, I know you have me in your heart, but I have Xu Shao in my heart. I can’t accept you." Yu Wannian changed his shyness and composure. "Very good!" Huamanxi laughed. "I know that you actually like Miss Ding, but there are still some things that make you afraid."
Ding Nishang bowed her head shyly and said, "What does he dare not like me?" Yu Wan Nianhong blushed and didn’t say a word. "Yu Gong, are you afraid that Miss Ding will keep those snakes?" Yu Wannian kept his mouth shut, but he had to admire it. No wonder it was called anthomaniac. Sure enough, two dresses suddenly said, "It turns out that he is stupid to be afraid of snakes!"
Hua Manxi said, "In fact, a big man shouldn’t be afraid of snakes. Girl Ding keeps snakes very obedient and specializes in dealing with bad people and won’t bite you." She looked at Yu Wannian and Ding Nishang said, "You two deserve to marry in Yu Gong’s house without hesitation."
Ding Nishang suddenly bent down and took out the box containing a hundred flowers snake, and was stopped by Yu Wannian. "What are you doing?" "Let them go" "If you don’t keep them, there will be" "Aren’t you afraid?" "I hope there are not only jewels but also many flowers in the Houjinyu Building", "I will not forget that I am a hundred flowers fairy", "Well, I should go" Hua Manxi smiled and prepared the horse "and so on! "Ding Nishang took out two boxes." Sister Hua, one box is poison, which makes people feel full of strength but won’t die. The other box is an antidote. It’s good to take it with you when you eat it to deal with those bad guys who are up to no good. "
Huamanxi happily received a silver ticket for more than ten thousand years, saying, "These flowers are with the road." Huamanxi also answered, "Thank you for leaving." The horse ran out of a dozen paces and stopped to smile and galloped away in the distance. Ding Nishang sighed, "I wonder what will happen if she finds Xu Shao?" Yu Wannian said "I don’t know", "I hope she can get rid of her past problems", "It’s hard", "Let’s go home" and "Good"
Yu Wannian and Ding Nishang walked hand in hand into the Luoyang River, colliding with the river water that dared to stop the reef. The roaring river water hit the axe-cut cliff and roared desperately to the east. The cliff was soaring and sparse, and the boring branches of the old pine seemed to fall on the top of the head at any time. There was a cliff on the left and a cliff on the right. The cliff was swirling and the water was sailing on the cliff. The colorful horse was scared by the momentum of the river and never dared to move forward again. It is no wonder that the gentle boat had to run from the horse’s head to the horse’s path and move forward with five horsepower. " Sure enough at first sight today. "
Cihangxin is also a little scared. After all, Shu Dao is too difficult to walk in it for the first time. Who dares to say that he is as stable as Mount Tai? A horse appeared at the corner of the cliff in front, followed by two horses and three horses. It turned out to be a cavalry team. Each horse hung bells on its neck, but it was covered up by the roaring river. It was stunned and stopped. "What, what should I do?"
Obviously, two teams across the street can meet here and ride the road. No one can think about the past. The cavalry also stopped riding at the head. The horse was tall and thin, and Cihang was also looking at the tall and thin. The two sides looked at each other for a long time. The tall and thin man shouted, "Brother, don’t you understand the rules of Shu Road?"
Although the sound was covered up, Cihang still heard Gao ask, "What are the rules of brother?" "It turned out to be the first time." The tall, thin man mumbled and shouted, "Brothers who have less things should all be pushed into the river to let more goods pass." "What about that man?" "Turn your head and walk back."
Cihang looked at the streaky horse and touched the horse’s head with a sigh. "Thank you for carrying me for so many days. I’m sorry!" With one arm, the streaky horse hissed and fell into the river and was swept away by the surging river in a blink of an eye. "Brother, you go home." The tall and thin man also called the cavalry to come over and wait for them to approach a fuels. "Brother, where do you live?"
The tall man shook his head and said, "I didn’t know there was such a person." Cihang smiled and said, "Excuse me!" With that, he stood up with one leg on the top of his head and jumped out of the tall and thin head. "Ah," Yicihang had fallen to the road and punched him. "Thanks!" Stride forward, lean and tall, touch the top of your head and say to yourself, "darling is amazing!" " Cihang soon finished this steep road and faced the wide road ahead. He was excited and said, "When I enter Sichuan, I will see the revenge of my brother!"
An old man selling tea in a tea shed on the roadside waved to him and said, "Come and have a bowl of tea." Cihang entered the tea shed. The old man brought him a wooden pier and handed him a bowl of herbal tea. "Excuse me, old man, do you know where Chi lives? ""Idiot? " The old man said "I don’t know" with his mouth open with two teeth.
Cihang took a sip of tea and saw four fingers on the old man’s right hand and asked, "What happened to your hand, old man?" The old man stretched out his hand to him and said, "I was chopped when I was a child." "Who is so cruel?" "Oh, it’s all the local people." "What?" "No, just because I took one of their sweet potatoes" "A sweet potato was chopped off with a finger? ""who let us poor! "
The old man sighed, "This world is too unfair!" Cihang knocked out a piece of broken silver after drinking tea. The old man stretched out a finger and said, "A copper coin", "The old man will give you more wine to eat", "I’ll take it for the kind man" and "That’s right". Cihang just straightened up and suddenly felt dizzy and didn’t get up. What’s wrong with you? "The old man hold CiHang.
Cihang felt strange and said, "I suddenly felt dizzy just now, but I’m fine now." The old man said, "I must be hungry." Then he pulled out a steamed bread from the basket and said, "Take it to the good man." "How can I eat the old man’s steamed bread now!" Cihang shoved the old man to Cihang Channel. "Good-hearted man can fill his hunger with a steamed bun." Cihang said, "So he is receiving it." The old man pointed to the front with four fingers. "There are many mountains and Woods not far from the good-hearted man. There is a robber named Saitiandao who specializes in robbing single passers-by. You must be careful."
Cihang laughed, "I’m not afraid", "I’d better be careful" and "Leave". Cihang strode forward and didn’t walk far. There were mountains and messy trees on both sides. A strong wind came at Cihang and looked at a black-faced guy in front and asked, "Saitiandao?"
"It’s old!" Saitiandao shook his hand and said, "Take out your silver and let you live. Otherwise, today is your anniversary!" "There are some silvery bodies, but I can’t give them to you." Cihang took out the old man and gave the steamed bread. "If you are hungry, this steamed bread will give you food." Saitiandao suddenly laughed and said, "I really want you to dress."
Cihang said in a daze, "What?" "Who gave you the steamed bread?" "An old man selling tea" "He has two teeth in his mouth and a finger in his hand" "Not bad" "Do you have any silver left?" Cihang was shocked and said, "Why is my silver gone?" Saitiandao laughed. "That old thing is the’ thief’ Mei Tiande steamed bread in Sichuan area to exchange your money."
Cihang was even more surprised. "Is the old man a thief?" "If you meet him, it’s bad luck. If you meet me, it’s bad luck." "I’ll go to the old man." Cihang turned around and left Saitiandao regardless of Saitiandao, but shouted at the back, "Wait for me, that old thing dares to block the old fortune."
Cihang soon saw that the old man in the teahouse was still "returning the stolen silver!" "Finger thief" Mei Tiande laughed. "What did you say, kind man?" "Don’t you mean the thief Mei Tiande?" "That’s true," said Mei Tiande, pointing to the back and running to Saitiandao. "Is this what told you?" "Yes," Saitiandao shouted, "Mei Tiande, you are blocking the old fortune."
Mei Tiande laughed and said, "You can’t handle the prick of Saitiandao." He took out the silver road and said, "Let’s split it in half." "Keep your word?" "Count" and "Good!" Saitiandao dance knife pounced on Mei Tiande, laughing and throwing out a copper coin, Cihang thundered, "Collusion!" Draw out the sword and flash across the copper coin, and pull out the sword with a backhand. "Little bad" The sword of Saitiandao is wrapped around the sword of Saitiandao. "You tie up the old hidden weapons of Saitiandao." Mei Tiande speaks and hits three pieces of copper coins. The Saitiandao is fighting fiercely and hears three strong winds behind it. The Saitiandao stubbornly clings to Cihangcihang to avoid the copper coin sword. The heart is still thinking about Mei Tiande.
"Finger thief" Mei Tiande saw that hidden weapons didn’t hit Cihang andao twice. "There are two small differences. Don’t steal chickens and costly. Don’t do the rice loss business." I thought of this pair of Saitiandao and cried, "Saitiandao, you can beat me slowly and go ahead." Say that your body is out of sight.
"Mei Tiande, you are not a thing!" It didn’t take long for Saitiandao to focus on Saitiandao without worrying about it. It didn’t take long for Saitiandao to be annoyed. He said, "I deserve to be unlucky when I meet such a hard point today" and looked at both sides with his eyes "I want to run!" The sword of Cihang became more and more urgent, which made Saitiandao in a hurry. "No, I’ll still run." Saitiandao’s hand knife was desperate to slash and attack and prepare to escape. Unexpectedly, it was so flawed that Cihang stabbed a hole in his chest and two thighs and suddenly fell to the ground and died. He kicked Saitiandao’s body to the side of the road to chase after the thief Mei Tiande, but now Mei Tiande ran back with a happy heart and stopped the sword. "Mei Tiande gave me back the stolen silver!"
Mei Tiande opened his mouth and smiled. "It’s good for you to play the game so quickly." "Cut the crap and pay back the money quickly!" "Mei Tiande you live!" In the distance, two young men with swords came running. "Mei Tiande quickly returned the silver to us." Mei Tiande pointed to the benevolent channel. "You ask him for it."
The two young people looked at the mercy channel in a daze. "Dressed up with wealth, but you are in cahoots!" Cihang said with a fuels, "The two misunderstandings are also stolen and bitter."
Mei Tiande showed a surprised expression and said, "You sold my old man at the critical moment!" "Bullshit! Mei Tiande, stop playing tricks and hand over all the stolen silver! " Mei Tiande said with a bitter face, "If you don’t do this, my old man won’t give you twelve taels less and kick my old man to others!"
The two young people looked at each other angrily and said, "It’s not a good thing for you to stop acting!"
It means that the thief Mei Tiande winked at Cihang, so angry that Cihang raised his sword and stabbed Mei Tiande, saying, "Don’t really sample it!" "Bullshit!" Cihang more think more gas shake hands stab two swords "good swordsmanship! "The two young people couldn’t help applauding and immediately regretted," How can we applaud the thief? "
Mei Tiande, the thief, was extremely flexible and light in shape, and let the three swords take out two copper coins from his pocket and hit two young people backhand. One finger of copper coins fell to the ground, and Mei Tiande escaped from the two swords and shouted, "Let’s be prepared!" "Brother, let’s beat these two thieves!" "Don’t wave" when two young people sword at a left a right clamp CiHang and MeiTianDe.
"Two don’t listen to him." Cihang shouted again, which also didn’t help. A young man’s figure was Youlong-like. "You should be careful. I can handle it." Mei Tiande didn’t forget to shout a word of Cihang’s heart to fight with the young man while paying another young man. But the young man’s sword stabbed him mercilessly. "Dude, don’t start work. Don’t let him get away with it." Cihang blocked the two swords left and right. The young man didn’t speak. It was like a move.
Cihang said angrily, "This man really doesn’t know good or bad!" Yelled and warned, "You’re welcome if you push me hard again!" It’s even more poisonous for young people to sneer at the sword on their faces. Be patient and forbearing "when" the young people’s sword shakes and pierces three swords and goes straight to the young people’s throat and shoulders "! "The young man’s sword picked and stepped back, and his body moved and stuck to Cihang, referring to the thief Mei Tiande. While paying another young man, he stole a look and saw that Cihang’s young man was really eager to escape." He shouted to Cihang at the thought of this, "Be careful of that guy."
Cihang heart dark scold a way "MeiTianDe old guy! Catch you and chop off the rest of your fingers! " Mei Tiande repeatedly attacked three moves to force his opponent to retreat and hit three coppers, which made the opponent dare not immediately stand up and rush forward, but did not forget to turn back to fight with Xin Liang. The young swordsman hit Mei Tiande and knocked off two coppers. He flashed a coppers and lost his fingers, but now a coppers slammed his brother’s back and shouted, "Brother, be careful behind!" The elder brother hurriedly leaned forward to avoid being hit by the copper coin. On the right side, Cihang was stabbed with a sword. When he saw that his opponent had not blocked it, he abruptly withdrew the sword body and repeatedly stepped back and sat on the ground. "How are you, brother?" When the younger brother saw the copper coins hitting nearly half of the meat, he said, "This old thing is really cruel!" Regardless of the pain, the elder brother said, "Are you really not Mei Tiande’s accomplice?"
Cihang got up and felt a faint pain in his ass. "How can he be his accomplice when he stole all the silver?"
The senior said to the younger brother, "We’ve betrayed Mei Tiande". The younger brother was embarrassed to say, "I’m sorry that our silver was also accused of being stolen by the gods". Cihang fuels and said, "You two are …" The senior held back the pain and said, "We are the heavenly sword brothers who are about to go out to Sichuan to handle affairs". "I’m embarrassed!" Now Cihang is about to go into Sichuan to find someone. "The younger brother said to his brother," Mei Tiande has stolen all his money. How can I do things? " Mercy Channel "Do you know where Mei Tiande will be?" I don’t know.
Mercy Channel "He stole all the silver, so it’s better to find Mei Tiande and get back the silver with the two of you" and "heal the elder brother’s injury first"
The younger brother helped the elder brother to sit on a skirt by the roadside, hold the copper coin and throw it away. He took out a small bottle from his bosom and poured some gold-creating medicine to help the elder brother wrap it up. "Can we go?"
Brother nodded, "A minor injury can walk" and got up and added, "Mei Tiande must have gone to a crowded place and probably went to a casino." Brother nodded, "Every time he steals silver, he gambles and then steals it. He must be in a casino." "Then let’s go find him and lose everything. There is no place to ask for it."
Three men chased Mei Tiande in the direction of escape. "How much were you stolen? ""Two hundred and twenty. What about you? " "A total of one hundred and twenty is a silver ticket"
Mei Tiande, the thief, quickly went to the top of a mountain and looked at the lively town at the bottom of the ravine. He was in a very happy mood and said, "He always gambles here and loses once. This time he has to turn it over!" Mei Tiande’s light achievement exhibition turned out to be familiar with the town in a blink of an eye and went in front of a teahouse. Dr. Tea said in a daze, "Uncle Mei, you’re here." "Give my old man a bowl of good tea quickly." "Uncle Mei, aren’t you your own tea shed?" "Cut the crap. Come on, the old man is full of tea. He’s going to find Sihaihu to gamble."
Dr. Tea looked at his right hand and said, "Uncle Mei must have made a fortune today!" Mei Tiande looked up and slapped an ingot of fifty taels of silver on the table and said, "Look at the real silver ingot!" Dr. Tea secretly scolded, "I don’t know who this old thief has harmed!" Face dare not offend busy to make good tea, two plates of tea MeiTianDe meimei sipped tea, eyes narrowing, wondering what tea to drink, MeiTianDe put away the silver ingot, grabbed ten coppers from his pocket and threw them on the table, saying, "Give the reward after the old man wins Si Haihu."
Dr Tea looked at MeiTianDe figure mercilessly spit scold a way "bah! Old and deathless, early and good! " Mei Tiande, the thief, used his skill all the way to steal a radish and three cucumbers. When he came to Jusifang gambling house, the janitor immediately bowed and said, "Uncle Mei, are you old and rich again?"
Mei Tiande opened his teeth and said, "Tell you that Uncle Si Haihu turned it over!" "Please come in first," said Mei Tiande, who did not move. "Let Si Haihu come to meet you, Uncle Mei." The doorman in the Han Dynasty whispered something back and said, "Uncle Mei, our Si Haihu will come out."
Mei Tiande proudly quivered her thighs and smiled with her mouth open. "Who’s this big fight?" The big fellow said, "We’re here."
There came out a stout young man with a yellow face, a pair of bulging goldfish eyes and a flat nose, and a big black forging face fan in his hand. "I’m Uncle Mei again."
Master Si Haihu grinned. "You sent me silver again!" Mei Tiande said angrily, "Uncle Si Hai Hu Mei turned it over today!" Si Haihu shook his fan and said, "That depends on your luck today." "Don’t go in and talk." Si Haihu flashed Mei Tiande’s high spirits and walked in. The janitor laughed. "This uncle Mei swaggered every time he went in and came out without being depressed."
Si Haihu glared at him and said, "Look at your gate and mind your own business!" Turned into the gambling house, bypassed the poker table and the mahjong table, lifted the curtain and entered a dark room. hidden weapons broke his fan and closed it. He collected the copper coins from Mei Tiande in the fan. "You still haven’t improved." Say that the fan suddenly opened the door and the lights suddenly turned on. "Refers to the thief Mei Tiande or looked at the thick candle in the room." What is Si Haihu doing so bright? "
Si Haihu went to the main table and sat down. "Is it a card or a roll?" Or dice "MeiTianDe also sit SiHaiHu leaned back" to check your weight "
Mei Tiande took out five silver ingots from his pocket one ingot at a time. "Are these enough?" "This is not enough." Mei Tiande smiled. "Si Haihu, you are too dark!" Si Haihu got up and said, "Please go outside with your own brother." "Wait!" Mei Tiande took out four silver tickets and said, "This is a hundred taels, isn’t it?"
Si Haihu sat down and said, "According to the rules, each bet can’t be less than 520. You can’t help but understand." Mei Tiande pushed the silver and silver tickets forward and said, "It’s so fun to win or lose one bet." Si Haihu took out a silver ticket from the bosom and gave it to Mei Tiande. "This is 1,520. I lose and you take it away. If you lose, you will also hand it over in 420 pieces." Mei Tiande laughed. "Good! It is worthy of being a’ golden iron bone’! "
Si Haihu fanned and said, "I’ll leave you a bowl of tea with those coins." "Si Haihu, are you so sure to beat me?" Si Haihu waved a hatchet man to take a bamboo tube and poured out two dice. Mei Tiande stretched out his hand and said, "Take a look!"
Si Haihu slapped the beater with his hand and said, "Why don’t blind people check the dice for the guests first according to the rules!" The thug covered his fat face and sent the dice to Mei Tiande, saying, "Uncle Mei, please check the dice." Tiande picked up the dice, looked left and right, and weighed it. "It seems that there is no problem." "How can our Haihu Gambling House deceive people!"

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