The old lady’s condition is good and bad, but it is gratifying that most of the time the old lady is awake and has not fainted again.

When I turned my eyes, I flashed by to the small rice cake class.
Chu Feiyuan sent a small rice cake to the kindergarten. Song Anqiao made some soup to the old lady according to the doctor’s advice and sent it to the hospital.
Song anqiao parked the car and walked slowly towards the inpatient department with a thermos. When she walked with her head down, she suddenly felt a familiar figure pass by.
Song anqiao Zheng stopped and turned to look at a girl wearing a mask and sunglasses wrapped tightly as a whole.
It’s the Song Dynasty.
"Song night?" Song anqiao walked over in two steps, looked at his body slightly stiff, and the sound in the evening was very light.
Song night froze in that moment and then stretched out his hand to pick his eyes and sunglasses and looked at Song Anqiao with some consternation. "An Qiao? Why are you here? "
Song Anqiao raised the thermos pot in his hand and said softly, "Grandma is ill, so I’ll deliver the soup."
Song Dynasty was dazed again. "Is Grandma Chu sick?" Look embarrassed. "I’m sorry, I didn’t know."
"No" Song Anqiao smiled "er, don’t say that. What are you doing in the hospital? Aren’t you at Shi Qian’s? When will you return to China? "
Song night’s eyes darkened. "I’ve been back for almost a month. I recently came to the hospital with a little cold."
"Is it serious?" Song anqiao’s eyes are worried
Song night shook his head. "It’s not serious. It’s just that I’ve been coughing and I don’t like some medicine. It should be better."
Song Anqiao thoughtful nodded slightly frowned "modest? Didn’t he come back with you? " Song Anqiao zheng suddenly remembered Shi Qian’s trip to Italy.
"By the way, has Shi Qian come back from Italy?" Song anqiao’s question
"Italy?" Ning Mei’s face changed in the late Song Dynasty. "When will he go to Italy?"
Song anqiao was dazed. "Don’t you know that he went to Italy?"
Song night shook his head.
"Now I think it’s almost a month since he went," Song Anqiao recalled. "He went to Italy on the day we came back to Nanshi."
"What’s the date?" Song late nervously asked
Song anqiao poked his forefinger to his forehead consciousness. "It should be July 30th." She paused for a second. "Yes, it is July 30th."
Listen to the song night face a piece of white heart thumping, she raised my hand to her chest is the day she came back.
"Anqiao, it suddenly occurred to me that I have something to talk to you about first." She left the hospital in a hurry before Anqiao could answer.
Song anqiao looked strangely and left in a hurry. Song Wan muttered, "Why does she look so sad?"
Next time at Shiqian Manor, she felt that the confident and arrogant girl in Song Dynasty was not like the whole person, and she looked very sad.
This time, she once again saw that her eyes were really full of sadness in Song Dynasty.
"Are she and Shi Qian unhappy?" Song anqiao sighed a face of concern.
A nurse in a hurry accidentally bumped into Song Anqiao, who shook his head and walked away slowly.
"Grandma, I made soup for you." Song Anqiao sounded sweet.
The old lady looks a lot better. Seeing Song Anqiao’s kind eyes, "Big Jojo is coming."
In addition to Chu’s mother and Chu Fei’s sister-in-law Chu Yan, Song Anqiao’s eyes are slightly sluggish in the ward.
Stiff atmosphere
ChuYan looked at Song Anqiao up embarrassed way "anqiao"
Song An Qiao Wei hesitated for a low "sister-in-law" with his lip angle involved.
People are always like this. Some things can be forgiven but not forgotten.
Section 323
Chu mother’s attitude towards Chu Yan is lukewarm, but because of the family, there is not much emotional fluctuation, and she still maintains family affection and kindness in front of the old lady.
Looking at the old lady after drinking the soup, Mother Chu let Song Anqiao go back to An Sok, and Mother Qiao Baichu wouldn’t let her see Chu Yan’s mind obedient and leave the ward.
Song An Qiao Fang stepped out of the ladder and suddenly a man grabbed her arm. Before she could react, she was dragged into the corner stairs.
Song Anqiao stared blankly at the person in front of him. "Chu Qiao, what are you doing?"
"Little sister-in-law" Chu Qiao turned pale and his eyes panicked. "Little sister-in-law, is my brother in the building?"
Song anqiao looked at her blankly. "No, he should go to the company now."
Chu Qiao listened to the loose hand and gripped Song Anqiao’s forehead and heaved a long sigh "It’s good not to be here."
"What’s the matter with you?" Song anqiao looked at her with worry. "You look so ugly. What happened?"
Chuqiaowen hugged Song Anqiao and cried, "Little Sister-in-law, please help me."

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