At this moment, Yu Xin said, "Ge Bobo, didn’t you say that refining the amulet by Shi Gongxuan can prevent the practitioner of the Ninth Order from seeing through his identity? How … "

A slight frown shows that its owner is worried at the moment.
Hsuanchan took out the amulet lying close to his body and looked at Ge, waiting for him to explain. Yu Xin was worried that he was more confused. Ge seemed to have no need to lie to him in this matter, right? Is it because the level of Shuiqing Lian Lian Refiner is too wrong to estimate the efficacy of talisman?
The blue amulet is like jade, not like jade. It is made of a strange material. The square surface is full of mysterious runes. The whole amulet occupies less than half of the palm in Hsuanchan’s hand. The glittering amulet has a faint light outside.
"It’s not difficult to see what Wu Lao has read. He is a man of the same era as Master. Have you heard of it?" Ge did not answer the rhetorical question.
"hmm? No "Hsuanchan finished vacant rain Xin looked at Hsuanchan with a slight movement and always didn’t speak.
And Ge obviously didn’t ask them to answer what they meant. He simply said, "Wu Lao is known as the old man who measures the sky in various circles. His eyes for measuring the sky are top-notch in the eyes of those senior people, but they are Wu Lao’s own achievement method" Measuring the heavenly heart ",which has just derived an achievement method. The eyes for measuring the sky have the effect of seeing through many ordinary people and being difficult to hide."
Wu Wen brushed his beard and smiled. Ge continued, "And" Measuring the Mind of Heaven "is actually a spiritual cultivation method. With this method, Wu Lao’s mental strength is comparable to that of a heavenly statue. Do you think he will know your identity?"
Chen Xuan slightly a dull stare. Now he is finally Bai Qinglian Pavilion, which ranks fifteenth in the fate street. Although there are a few people in Qinglian Pavilion, it seems that they are all hidden and I don’t know if there is anything hidden behind them.
Speaking of it, it can also become a world-class force. Who can almost turn over the cards without leaving one hand?
"My son, don’t worry too much," said Ge, looking at Yu Xin. "After all, Wu Lao is a minority like this. He has reached the stage of hermit’s later creation, and it is estimated that he will soon lead. Otherwise, Wu Lao may not be able to see through Chen Xuan’s various circles. The chance of coincidence is very small. You should be careful. You can’t avoid it. It is almost possible and hide forever!"
"Well," Yu Xin bit Fang Chun and nodded.
Then Ge turned to Hsuanchan and told him, "After Chen Xuan, you and Yu Xin will stay in Wu Lao for a while. How much do you learn from Wu Lao and ask for advice? He is at the same level as Master. "
Ge once again emphasized Wuwen’s identity.
Aside from the punishment crack, he nodded approvingly and said, "Man proposes, God disposes, Hsuanchan, you seize the opportunity yourself."
"Yes," Hsuanchan promised.
"Ha ha ….." Wu Wen hurriedly self-effacing. "The old man, I’m just a person who teaches me where to dare to be, and I’m far from being a master of the Buddha level. If you are willing to have me, you can teach those shallow experiences a thing or two."
It’s not modesty, but I’ve heard in Qinglian Pavilion that people always pretend to be higher than their brothers, but worse than their brothers. They only salute when they see the punishment crack and Ge.
Chapter 21 New
"Thank you, Wu Lao!" Hsuanchan immediately bent down and said, "I don’t know where I must ask you."
In my heart, Hsuanchan has a little excitement and can get Wuwen’s guidance. No matter what he will give himself, he will be a master of order, and even in some places, he will benefit from poverty in the future.
"Ha ha, don’t talk about this. Come with me and talk inside." Wu Wen smiled and took the lead in walking towards the depths of the store without saying anything.
In the backyard of Qinglian Store, Wu Wen took four people to the back door and gently pushed the scene inside. It was not a backstreet or a back garden, but … I saw the sky, white clouds, green grass and manor in front of me … A beautiful picture scroll was displayed in front of everyone, beautiful and elegant.
Ge Chao Hsuanchan and Yu Xin said, "This is where Qinglian Pavilion is located around the real compound on the reverse day. Other shops should have similar arrangements. Wu Lao has made many industries everywhere on the reverse day, mainly to earn some necessary resources for the cultivation of Qinglian Pavilion brothers. This is where everyone comes to the headquarters in their spare time."
In the vast and empty world, dozens of manors are strewn at random, and Chen Xuan can obviously feel nearly a hundred powerful smells looming, probably more because he is currently repairing the law.
"Please come in, everyone. This is the usual training place for brother Qinglian Pavilion. We all call it Qinglian Secret Land. There are some adults coming from Haoyun Pavilion. Tell everyone to come out and visit!" Wuwen said suddenly shouted 1.
The sound of "it’s the manager" floated, and a young figure vaguely passed away.
"Wu Lao, you go. I have to go back first with the punishment crack." Ge suddenly appeared to be somewhat unexpected. Hsuanchan and Yu Xin were greatly taken aback.
"In such a hurry?" They are not white.
"Are you in such a hurry to go? I didn’t even drink tea! " WuWenWei a frown but didn’t mean to force to retain.
"I can’t do it without going!" The punishment cracked his eyebrows and gave me a hint of impatience. "This time, we did our own thing and destroyed the palace to intercept the troops. This time, they planted a hard fall. Even the old miscellaneous hair of Bailie was chopped by the big brother. I don’t know what it would be like to go back to Master this time. Why are you still in the mood to drink tea here?"
Although I am anxious in my heart, I am still a little excited when I talk about this record. How do you say that Bai Lie is also a master of order, but he was killed by him, but he felt that he was almost the same as him. The thought of it was dark and refreshing.
Chen Xuan stayed in the rain, and Xin was surprised. Only then did they know that their action this time was not allowed by Qing Lian Tian Zun, but when you think about it carefully, the fact is so. Qing Lian and Dongfang are fierce, but knowing friends because of the rain, Xin estimated that he was guilty enough. How could he agree to Ge’s action this time? They must have thought of this before they acted without authorization.
If you go back, it is estimated that none of the four people will have a good time. Although you are usually kind, once you get angry, it will be terrible, especially this kind of thing that almost touches his bottom line
In Qinglian Pavilion, except Shuiqinglian, others are estimated to have no affection for Yuxin because of the rain. Otherwise, this time they wouldn’t have acted like this.
"Uncle Ge, will the division blame you when you go back?" Yu Xin is a little worried and anxious. It’s all because of her. If Ge is really punished, Yu Xin is really uneasy.
"Xin ‘er doesn’t worry, it should be fine," Ge comforted. "We have already told Bing Keqing in advance about this matter, and she promised that she would take me off afterwards."
Ge said he was confident and Yu Xin was relieved. "Is Sister Bing there? That’s good. "The influential Shui Qinglian decided that the ice Buddha should be able to pass safely when everything is said.
"Let’s go, second child. My heart is always a little uneasy." The punishment crack urged him to say this nobly. It’s really not easy for him to say this. Since he was almost expelled from his legacy by Shui Qinglian, he has been afraid of Shui Qinglian’s heart and even dare not see it more at ordinary times. Although things have passed, every time Shui Qinglian won’t give him a good face, and the punishment crack doesn’t dare to face him.
This time, although there is still ice to protect them, it is estimated that his face will be darker after seeing the water.
"Well, then why don’t you go back to Hsuanchan and Xin ‘er and take care of yourself?" Ge nodded and said goodbye to Wu Wen. "Wu Lao, let’s go back to the cabinet first and leave these two young players to your care."
"Ha ha had been at ease. The cabinet owner had previously given me information. The incident has passed through the old office and will never let Chen Gong and Miss Yu have any mishap." Wuwen smiles to say.
"Good Wu said so, I also trust Hsuanchan and Xin ‘er. If you don’t understand anything, please ask Wu Lao. We will often come to see you first." Ge said and immediately turned away from the punishment.
Goodbye "GeBoBo, punishment uncle" Yu Xin waved and said.
Looking at the back of Ge and Xing Li who left, Chen Xuan felt a sense of loss in his heart. What he saw and heard these days was so deep that the water in the world was bottomless. How can he predict that this little repair is not enough for others to eat? Now he is in a strange place. Although there is a temporary blessing from Qinglian Pavilion, he still feels that the world depends on him. I don’t know when the day will be the end.
Perhaps it is after waiting for your strength!
Show your power? Hsuanchan did think that his heart was once very contradictory. Naturally, his personality would not like intrigue and win people’s hearts, and he would not like to be followed by a large group of people all day, even one or two.
In the end, Hsuanchan chose to give up this possible plan or to raise his own strength first. Otherwise, even if there is a powerful force, it is just some external force. Without a strong repair, who will you? If anything happens, you’ll be killed by a recruit.
I am in such a good condition now that I should be self-cultivation, so let him go to hell with everything else.
It was not until the gate of Qinglian Store, Ge and Punishment, was completely out of sight of the three people that Wu Wencai went to the two people. "Miss Chen Gongyu, let’s go. The old man will take two people to get familiar with it first."
Wuwen should take the lead in stepping into the virtual "Hsuanchan and Yu Xin immediately followed the two wooden doors behind him. At this moment, Hsuanchan and Yu Xin officially lived in a reverse life.
While walking, Wu Wen explained more than 20 architectural paths to the two people. "Living in Qinglian Secret Land is full of idle time and nothing to do. Everyone takes time to practice and rarely goes out for activities. Occasionally, everyone comes out to exchange experience and learn from each other. Most people are now scattered all over the world except the innermost manor. Most rooms in the Secret Land are waiting for their owners to come back to live in their spare time. Everyone has their own fixed room. Everyone takes turns to do things and it will not be too busy to come back from nothing."
"What is Wu Lao’s innermost manor for?" Hsuanchan asked curiously.
Yu Xin blinked his eyes and looked at the manor curiously. Now they are no different from other manors, but they seem a little unpopular and quietly filled with strange atmosphere.
"There’s nothing special about that manor. It’s just for putting goods. We have nothing to do except practice in some outside doors at ordinary times. It’s just the fate that the strong people in all circles are popular and prosperous. We’ve done some small businesses everywhere. You can come with me to the warehouse and choose some gadgets you like in a moment!" Wuwen casual tunnel
However, the fact is obviously not that Wu Wen said it was such an understatement. If it is really some small business, do you need a master of this rank to sit here? How much do you want? The answer is obvious.
Wu Wen went on to say, "That big manor is a temporary preparation for the cabinet owner and your adults. Usually, if there is anything important to discuss, everyone will get there. Just now I have asked Haoyun to call everyone to come. It is estimated that the people are almost here. Let’s go there."
"Good" Chen Xuan nodded and promised that Yu Xin was silent with a smile.
The middle manor is very big and the lobby is not small, but it is the same format as the hall of Qinglian Palace, but it is smaller than the virtual law of Qinglian Palace. It is obvious that the virtual law has expanded many nearly a thousand people. There is no problem at this moment. The practitioners of the sixth order are gathering in the lobby or standing but sitting, but there are a few six-order practitioners. Seeing Hsuanchan and Yu Xin following Wu Wen into the lobby, six people immediately got up and saluted the threesome.
"Take charge of things, two adults are good", and six people are in unison.
"Well," Wu Wen nodded, "Sit down, both of you."
Said Wu Wen to press his hands and then make a gesture to Hsuanchan to let them sit in the first two themes.
Chapter 22 Xuantianpai
Want him to be with Yu Xin? Hsuanchan naturally refused to say that he was also a young player when he was about to export. A beautiful little girl suddenly rushed in and shouted to Wu Wen as soon as she entered the door. "Old man Wu, old man Wu, come on! There is a lot to see again. Those two guys from Xuantianpai and Tu Temple fought again or became sister Lan Ling.
Wu Wen’s face sank as soon as he heard it. "You are so bold every time. You just love to watch the fun. Don’t you know who’s here today?"
Hsuanchan and Yu Xin are not guests now. To put it bluntly, they are the owners here or the future owners. This is not a simple sentence of poor hospitality.
"I …" The little girl was wronged. "I didn’t go to the second floor without you, and I was also excited. Why are you doing that?"

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