Gentle knew he wanted to buy food, but he didn’t expect to bring himself to buy food. I remembered the experience of two people buying food together several times, and my self-esteem was hurt.

But this time, she obviously didn’t put that fool in the shopping cart with a pumpkin in her arms.
Look at Teng Yun, when she was shopping, she stood there and looked back and didn’t make a choice for him.
Teng Yun turned around with a dish and saw her staring at him in a daze. After slightly wringing her eyebrows, she asked her if she wanted to eat.
"Casual" Gentle Theory
The dark eagle eyes stared at her and stopped moving.
He is very white, and her mind is not laughing with her now, and she doesn’t ask him where he is going or whether she is by his side.
He didn’t forget what he said that night
"What do you want to eat?"
Two people pushing shopping carts back and forth, he asked
"People who eat with their mouths open have no requirements," she said without looking at him.
Tengyun put the food gently, even if it is a child, can we not be so cold?
"How can it be cold and relatively warm?" Gentle and obtuse said.
He felt that he was going crazy.
"What do you want to eat?"
"Then eat a fish with Chinese sauerkraut." Gentle immediately said.
He was satisfied with pushing the car with her to the seafood area to buy fish.
Looking at him gently, he immediately picked a huge fish and then suddenly felt hungry.
Section 296
When I go to pick sauerkraut, I look at it gently and can’t help but ask which color is better?
He was very interested when he looked at her. Why did he suddenly become interested in this?
"The latter person must always learn to choose vegetables when he is alive."
Teng Yun …
He seems to have picked half of them at random and said nothing.
Gently watching him push the car away, I immediately chased him and wanted to ask again, but I didn’t ask again when I saw him chilly.
It was in the supermarket that I met Professor Teng and Professor Yuan, and when I saw Professor Teng look at his eyes, my heart gave a good swing.
"How did you get here?" Teng Yun asked.
"I drove your father, right?" Professor Yuan said with a smile
"Go back early," Teng Yun said.
"Well, how’s Gentle recently?" Professor Yuan changed the subject and looked at the gentle abdomen.
Gently lowered his head and then looked up at Professor Yuan and said it was not bad.
Then look at Professor Teng. Every time I see Professor Teng’s tenderness, I feel like a sinner.
"Did you go home?" Professor Teng said to Teng Yun.
Tengyun looked up at his father’s unhappy eyes and didn’t speak. He looked down at tenderness.
Professor Yuan immediately walked beside Gentle, and I’ll go there with you.
Gentle then nodded to Professor Teng and followed Professor Yuan.
"Why didn’t you say it earlier? I have been thinking about it, "Professor Yuan said.
Gentle didn’t say anything, but bowed his head and smiled apologetically.
"Is she really pregnant with our Teng family child?" Professor Teng said
"When will you let go of tenderness and yourself?" Teng Yun didn’t answer the rhetorical question.
"What do you mean?"
"I know you have a knot in your heart that you can’t solve, but it’s enough that your parents and aunts have been lying in bed and gentle, and you’re sad enough. Are we really going to continue to torture each other like this?"
"Torture each other? Who is torturing who? It is her poor friendship that will make your aunt lie unconscious in bed now. "
"But at that time, if there was no YunJian, she would have died."

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