"Is it also Warcraft that this wolf can have such a degree?" Qin Chu secretly lose yourself is underestimated the danger of Kilimanjaro, I didn’t expect the wolf to come out so badly!

"Fortunately, this is a lone wolf." Qin Chu secretly rejoiced that many wolves live in groups and are in groups when they are dispatched.
At that time, Qin Chu has temporarily avoided its sharpness!
The green wolf knew that he couldn’t get it, so he didn’t dare to fight and ran to the hillside.
"The blue wolf gave me the way!" Qin Chu smiled and immediately jumped after him.
It’s clear from the front that the water is flowing fast, and the vine plants don’t hinder its roots. Although it’s injured, it still runs vigorously.
Qin Chu followed the blood trail and walked slowly forward while searching around to see if he could find the dead resurrection grass.
The nine-dead resurrection grass is highly toxic, and there are generally no other plants growing around it.
Have walked a lot of distance, the more anxious Qin Chu is, where is the resurrection grass?
Suddenly, Qin Chu decided that he had died in front of the Green Wolf with a bird’s feather and an arrow in his neck …
"Natural people!" Qin Chu heart suddenly a nervous flash without hesitation to the side behind the tree.
Duo ~
As soon as a light ring rang, a blue bird feather arrow tree appeared in Qin Chu’s original position, and a handsome young man was pulling a bow and aiming at Qin Chu.
Qin Chu saw him too!
The young man happened to be in Qin Chu, and Qin Chu didn’t show him now. Qin Chu saw that the young man was aiming at his own feet and his body suddenly swayed to the young man like a drunk.
Qin Chu moves very fast. The young man was surprised that his confident arrow was incredibly difficult to lock this person in front of him. Qin Chu is like a gust of wind, and it is impossible to determine the specific whereabouts!
Without hesitation, the young man has swept up his legs and grabbed the vine next to him gracefully and went to the opposite tree.
At the same time, I took out a whistle and put it in my mouth. Qin Chu looked slightly cold. This is to call my partner! From just meeting the natural people, I have seen that the natural people are ruthless. If you find your partner Qin Chu, you will be in big trouble!
The sword in your hand is reversed, and the knowledge of God is firmly locked. Young people swish and fill the sword with Zhenyuan and shoot it out!
The crisp whistle sounded at the same time. This whistle is not an ordinary whistle. It gives people a feeling of fibrillation!
The whistle came to an abrupt end. Qin Chu’s sword has penetrated the other side’s heart. The young man fell hard
Through the branches and leaves, Qin Chu saw a few giant eagle faces flying not far away, and there were people!
Heart know bad Qin Chu took out his sword and turned to run. Suddenly he saw the young man fall off the whistle and move to pick up the whistle to determine the environment and run towards the complex jungle!
Chapter 35 【 Snake Cave 】
Today’s night is a compensation for yesterday’s arrears.

Qin Chu’s body is like a gust of wind in the thorns and vines.
At this time, Qin Chu can already see the giant eagle in the jungle not far away and a young archer.
Not far away, Qin Chu has heard the roar of the white bear
Qin Chu heart fright but raised a trace of doubt just now that person should not come at yourself?
But this is not the time to think. Qin Chu must hide in front of them now, because the real element is constantly being consumed.
Take out a few pills of Dahuandan Qin Chu and put them in your mouth. After swallowing, Dahuandan immediately released abundant energy and transformed it into a real yuan and added it to Qin Chu’s body.
"Fortunately, there is a great Dan, or simply running the’ Yi Mu Feng Dun’ will be enough to drain me!" Qin Chu felt glad that he had prepared Dan medicine before coming.

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