"oh? But let Brother Yun wait! " Oriental peak LiXiao a back three feet sword mans body does not conform to the rhythm of a twisted ghostly dagger to the cloud!

"So soon, is this the’ flying willows with the wind’ that Brother Dongfang will practice from the palace?" The cloud slipped to the right and hid from this swift and peerless sword. He sneered at the unscrupulous behavior of practicing magic at Dongfang Peak.
"Hey, hey, your horse will taste it." insidious smile, the Oriental Peak, counted the dagger and stabbed it faster and faster.
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The first volume Zhongshan wind and rain yellow Chapter 30 Fighting force fighting speed ()
The first volume Zhongshan wind and rain yellow Chapter 30 Doudou)
According to common sense, "flying willows with the wind" should be the kind of natural and unrestrained, elegant and casual posture. However, at the moment, the envoy of the Oriental Peak will come out, but he can’t tell the strange evil spirit. Where can there be that kind of elegant leisure with the wind?
What’s even more incredible is that he moves succinctly and quickly, and the frequency is extremely high. Although the cloud has reached the "three thousand worlds" situation of King Kong posture, it is quite difficult to deal with it. Read the latest chapter Ω Ω Ω yanmouan * *?
"Has this posture taught the four French kings and one Wei Yixiao since that year?" The more the cloud dodges, the more frightened it is. What has blurred in your eyes? Can you dodge even if you can’t see it?
"Wei Yixiao that micro skills have long been lost! The elder who created this magical power did not enter the church until after the country. At that time, the remaining two kings died of his magical power. "
"What magic eunuch practice ghost thing!" I have to admit that it is a small-scale teleport, and the posture of King Kong is hard to match the "flying willow grass with the wind". This is really a great irony.
"Then you are waiting to die here and talk about ghosts!" Dongfang Feng doesn’t have to be annoyed. He feels that he is a shoo-in, and the dagger stab is even crazier.
"This is not necessarily!" Yun has been dodging, but he has already got a general understanding of the martial arts of Dongfang Feng. Although all three accomplishments have reached the peak, he has not yet fully mastered it, so he can’t consider swordsmanship and swordsmanship when he makes it.
"Since you have seen my younger brother’s martial arts against Bu Tianlong, today I will show you a younger brother’s new martial arts obtained by a famous foreign teacher!" Yun Chang smiled and retreated two feet away. "A few fingers!"
Whistling in the clouds, two beautiful curves drawn by both hands and forefinger with sharp Gangfeng shoot to the Oriental Peak.
"finger!" The east peak screams-he didn’t expect the cloud to go further into his own practice!
"I can’t believe that I have actually developed congenital qi!" Sun Qing hasn’t seen the cloud for a long time. I didn’t expect that cloud martial arts had reached this point.
"In fact, it’s not surprising that we have made great progress with part of his strength, and his own martial arts can be imagined." Mu Rou did not interface at all.
"But when he was at Fengqiao a few months ago, his martial arts was inferior to mine!" Sun said angrily.
"The pressure and efforts he has endured are unimaginable to ordinary people." Ai Lijie shook her head. She has spent the longest time with Yun and knows Yun’s character best.
When they were flying across the sea in a "little dragon", the sun was shining in the sea, soaking in the water for food, and it was hard to find the direction. In the ordeal, Yun kept patience and self-confidence. His optimistic attitude of collecting bags infected Ai Lijie all the time, which is why Ai Lijie always had a hard letter and dependence on the cloud.
"I also have a lot of experience in fighting against that young man except peach blossom luck!" Although Sun Qing agrees with Ai Lijie’s point of view in his heart, he still has to be hard-nosed.
Although the cloud used several fingers to strike the Oriental Peak from a distance, there was still no way to knock down the Oriental Peak because of its quick posture of "flying willow grass with the wind"
So they played the game of "cat and mouse". It was necessary for the cloud to fight and retreat, and the eastern peak kept a distance, while the eastern peak was eager to give the cloud a fatal blow at close range.
In this way, in the hall, I saw two figures, one black and one gray, constantly appearing in every corner of the hall.
And the Oriental Peak’s long-term attack mood gradually became agitated. Suddenly, he squinted and caught a glimpse of the evil thoughts in the hearts of Sun Qing and others in the war, and suddenly turned to the direction. The dagger turned ghostly and stabbed at the milli defense for softness.
"Rats dare!"
Cloud a binge drinking fierce one mouthful true qi turned out to be after the first impartial just stand in the desire for soft front!
"Die, cloud!" Oriental peak exultation manual speed straight to the cloud left chest heart stabbed in the past.
Cloud at the moment in no effort to see the body will be unfortunate on the sidelines. Sun Qing and Ai Lijie are frightened to disgrace and it is too late to save lives.
Is the cloud doomed to this doom?
certainly not
Yoga at the key moment yoga has done incredible wonders!
It’s about the moment when the dagger of the Oriental Peak stabbed the cloud’s chest, the cloud suddenly twisted up and straightened up. Actually, Ling twisted into a twisted dagger and stuck it to the flesh, but Yun had to make free his hand to click the "Laughing Waist Point" of the Oriental Peak!
"Ah, ha, ha." The East Peak was slightly stunned, and the gods laughed and danced wildly.
"Are you all right, Rou Er?" Yun defeated the Oriental Peak Horse after fierce battle and turned to wonder if Rou was injured.
"No, you’re not hurt, are you?" Mu rou Tian ran a smile and fought back the tears in her eyes and gently shook her head.
"Wow, I’m so scared." But Sun, who has always been provocative, jumped into the cloud and burst into tears. "Don’t play so dangerous again, okay?"
"Ha ha cloud you badly! Haha, "Dongfang Feng is still laughing hysterically, and his eyes are bloodshot, which is very terrible.
At this time, Meijiangxue led Tianlong to send several brains into the hall, and she actually found someone!
Seeing the defeat of Dongfang Peak in the night, the sea was surprised and delighted. After a few steps, I went to the front of the cloud and fell to my knees. "The master is a miracle!"
The cloud was not worshipped by him, but responded indifferently, "I can’t stand this big gift, so please get up first!"
"The leader is self-deprecating. In the future, the whole people in Tianlong Sect will salute you when they see you. From now on, the cloud will be the Lord of Tianlong!" Miyahiko’s words made Lian Dongfang Peak’s squeal smile hard.
"See the leader!" At that time, hundreds of congregations in the whole hall knelt down and bowed to the cloud.
"Let’s get up and do nothing about it!" Cloud fear doesn’t want to have anything to do with this anti-imperial sect, but I don’t know how to refuse it.
"Ha ha" Dongfang Feng finally managed to break through the cloud point acupuncture point. His face was gray and his eyes stared at Yundao bitterly. "Good! Although I can’t kill you today, I’ll have a good day when the court leans! " Said and turned and floated away from the hall. His flying skills were absolutely superior, and he disappeared in the sight of everyone.
"Ha-ha, today is really a big day for teaching Dongfang Feng. This small method was finally expelled from the church by the leader’s adult!" At night, the sea laughed and was extremely proud.
"I said that my life is thin and I can’t be the leader. You’d better ask someone else to be tall. I want to lead several ladies to the proud mountain forest!" Yun shook his head. After many twists and turns, he had no expectation for this chaotic Wulin and wanted to live in peace.
"This" several dragons taught the brain to look at each other at a loss and didn’t know that the cloud was so resistant.
"Bodhisattva mirror is not Taiwan;
Come to a place to make dust! "
Clouds don’t talk to each other, and they pick up the words in their mouths, and the Nangong Moon, who is bound to be in a coma, leads Ai Lijie to yearn for the softness of Gongsun and Meijiang Snow to leave the Tianlong Hall.
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