"So it seems that the confidence is still not enough!"

Mohunai sighed. Although he wanted to get rid of those two people and go directly to get the nectar, the idea could be thought about in his mind.
Judging from the performance of these two people, there is a deep connection between them and the owner of the drug garden, and it is very likely that the owner of the drug garden needs this drop of nectar. If he rushes to grab the nectar, it will anger the owner of the drug garden and lead to an unpredictable crisis.
Of course, if he can ensure that these two people are eliminated without missing a trace, then he may really try, but there is no such possibility now, so he naturally chooses to give up.
"Forget it, just invest in the medicine garden and make friends with them. After all, you can get a lot of benefits by playing well with them, and for him, Qiongzhu is better than Qiongjiang."
Shaking his head, Moxiu quickly packed up the treasure bags and medicine bags of two bodies and counted them carefully. Moxiu was happy in his heart. The two men’s medicine bags actually had five big fruits, twelve middle fruits and more than one hundred and twenty small fruits!
In addition, the Aoki fruit he picked before Moxiu now has 17 large fruits, 17 medium fruits and more than 160 small fruits!
These Aoki fruits are enough for him to walk back and forth once on the road of destroying Hun.
"It seems that this real yuan consumption is worth it."
Huā here again for two "hours to refine a mouthful of true Yuan Moxiu. This just made an appointment before the course to find Red Gu and Lan Gu.
Now you can rush out of Aoki Shenfu with positive results.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Rushed out of Aoki Shenfu
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Rushed out of Aoki Shenfu
An amazing spiritual force in Aoki Shenfu fluctuates into the sky.
Suddenly everyone was a change.
"The third true fruit appears."
More than ten figure immediately rushed toward the place where psychic fluctuations appeared.
At this time, however, the same spiritual force fluctuation suddenly appeared in another direction.
The fourth true fruit appears at the same time.
This puzzled many people, but at this time, they didn’t want to blink, so some monks went to the place where the fourth true fruit appeared
While the rest of the monks went straight for the position where the third true fruit appeared.
There are several monks who are close to the array, and they quickly rushed to the array to hide around.
Blink of an eye, two monks who caught the real fruit appeared in front of everyone.
Grasping the third true fruit is a woman in red, but this face is not clear by some means.
And catching the fourth true fruit is a faint virtual shadow. Surprisingly, even if the true fruit is so strong, the spiritual fluctuation can’t be completely broken. He is invisible, and he can’t see clearly from the outside. His robes are all vague.
This person is naturally Mo Xiu.
And the woman in red is naturally a red aunt.
This is exactly what several people discussed. We should seize two real fruits at the same time and rush out of Aoki Shenfu, so as to minimize the degree of attack.
They didn’t want to catch three but four true fruits at the same time and rushed out of Aoki Shenfu at one breath, but the true fruit was not so easy to find. If Mo Xiu hadn’t marked a true fruit long ago, he could have grabbed the first true fruit in Hong Gu and rushed out of this trick together, which may not be realized.
"Damn it, where did these two come from?"
"There are other Zongmen monks sneaking into Aoki Shenfu."
"I don’t remember that other clans have this kind of secret monks."
"Leave it for me"
With the explosion, five golden lights flashed into the red aunt.
Red Gu’s face remained the same, and her hand waved and her emerald flying sword burst out.
Pop, pop, pop.
With one exception, the five golden lights were smashed into pieces by the emerald flying sword.
On the other side, there is also such a scene around Moxiu.
A flying sword destroyed more than ten extremely fake treasures in one breath.
However, this flying sword was not shot by Mo Xiu, but a blue figure suddenly appeared around him.
This is the Langu.
Their division of labor is that Mo Xiu rushed out of Aoki Shenfu under the protection of Lan Gu, while Hong Gu naturally made it alone on the other side.
In the eyes of Hong Gu and Lan Gu, Mo Xiu’s strength is much weaker than theirs, and someone must protect him before he can rush out of Aoki Shenfu.
Don’t have any different opinions about this distribution. Although his own strength has risen by a large margin, it is almost enough to break out of Aoki Shenfu. But in that case, all his strength must be revealed. He doesn’t want to expose all his cards in front of Hong Gu and Lan Gu.
After all, the mysterious origins of these two people pose a great threat to him, and he’d better keep some cards until the key is reached.
With the protection of Langu, the two men blocked the blink of an eye and crossed the four monks.
Everyone is vulnerable to attack with a small emerald sword in Langu.
Almost coincidentally, four life flying swords suddenly appeared, and with the appearance of these four life flying swords, there were four strong smells.
Three of them are firmly locked in Moxiu.
The four people who got rid of it finally died and flew swords.
"I can block three handles and leave one handle. Be careful yourself." Lan Gu was very nervous and woke up. She can let Mo Xiu help Xiao Moer win the nectar. They have done a lot of work and must not be in danger here.
"Rest assured" don’t take light way
Lan Gu has the heart to answer Mo Xiu because four flying swords have broken through with a piercing scream.
make love
The green light flashed through three flying swords, and they were hit in succession. The three monks were connected with each other and manipulated the flying swords. Suddenly, their face changed slightly.
The girl in blue is still far behind them.
Found that the original does not belong to the same clan, several monks immediately joined hands to concentrate on dealing with Langu.
No matter what hatred they had before, these people can’t let these two people take the real fruit away now. You know, there are ten real fruits, and the number of people competing for the real fruit is far more than this. Every time they lose one, they may lose one point.
To make matters worse, there are already two missing. If these two are taken away again, their struggle will be much more tragic.
No one wants to encounter this situation.

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