Livio, a man in southwest Shuang Hu, has neither the world-saving mind nor the fantastic tactics. He can stand in strong hands and worship Sotheby’s. People in the southwest mainland praise him for his fierce and fearless way of fighting to the death. Whenever his enemy thinks that he can definitely knock him down, he often ends up at the peak of victory, but he should die in the battlefield. Livio, today, his enemy dragonfly will appreciate this horrible death tactic again.

When the Dragonfly Army almost gained a major advantage, Livio launched another deadly attack when it won the army when it carried out a double-team attack on the rebel army with a total of 25 thousand people.
It was first discovered that the subtle changes in the battlefield were behind the battlefield on a windy day. A magician and strategist was not suitable for face-to-face impact warfare on a windy day, so he was in charge of the magic soldiers in the cavalry unit of the Dragonfly Army. Because of the limitations of magic soldiers in the battlefield, these soldiers stayed behind the battlefield after launching magic battles and did not directly participate in the cavalry impact. It was also because of this that it was discovered that Livio led the rebels to counterattack after resisting the first round of impact of the Dragonfly Army. However, the battlefield changes were too fast to warn Dragonfly before the windy day.
See when the dragonfly in ZhongJun two cavalry divisions ready to make a breakthrough in the center of the rebel formation, the rebels in wartime before the dragonfly military-style impact launched forward to the left and right wings, so Carlo Lei Chen day on the left and right wings will immediately have a division of five thousand people to face the rebel ten thousand people to fight back.
Killing the army and moving to the left will annihilate the enemy’s left wing. In the war, we will wait and see the situation. Although Dragonfly is worried about the practice of dispersing the rebel forces, it is difficult to ride a tiger. The situation forces him to destroy the enemy’s vital forces at all costs, otherwise Carlo Lei Chen’s troops will probably be annihilated by the rebel forces.
On the preparation of the rebel army, after all, the Dragonfly Army took the lead in launching an attack. Infantry launched an attack first during the war. One side would not be clumsy and tired. Then it would be difficult for the defense side to fight back in the organization with the strength of the horse. Therefore, when the dragonfly changed the direction of the Chinese army’s attack to the left, the situation immediately became better. See that the black rebel camp was immediately divided into small pieces, and the black armor was scattered everywhere like fallen leaves, and the silver cavalry spear was fragile and red with blood.
Soon, there was not much depth. The left wing of the rebel army was penetrated by the Chinese army led by the dragonfly, and the left wing of the dragonfly army led by Carlo also took advantage of the chaos to scatter the rebel army and smash the left and middle armies. At this moment, it is only a matter of time before the dragonfly leads the army to attack the right wing of the besieged Lei Chen Day rebel army.
However, when the dragonfly Carlo and the rebel camp in Ma Chong, the present situation surprised them. Seeing that Livio led a cavalry division to stop one division in front of the dragonfly and others, the rebel army made the dragonfly with three divisions tremble all over.
People are black armored horses with black armor. These are the standard costumes of the rebel army, but in these standard costumes, they are slightly different, which makes people feel shocked and scared. In front of the dragonfly, the rebel soldiers say that they are people, but they are not a group of devil soldiers. Shoulders, chest, abdomen, hands, elbows, legs, knees, war horses, head and neck, two forelimbs, and the left and right sides of the horse’s abdomen are uneasy with cold light and shiny metal weapons.
In this way, the dragonfly may laugh at the other side to increase the impact and give up the cavalry speed advantage, but in this way, the army is full of 5 thousand people, let alone let the other side launch an impact. Even if you have rushed to kill someone, you may first consider whether you can avoid the layers of weapons that are as common as thorns.
Livio was not in a hurry to attack. His eyes looked at the dragonfly coldly through two small round holes in his face helmet. The dragonfly seemed to show his strength. Although his eyes were still bright, it seemed that he was missing a proud battlefield in the past. At this time, it seemed that there were nearly 20,000 soldiers in the battlefield, and occasionally a few Ma Si remained.
Carol, after I launched an impact, you immediately led the second and third divisions to meet in a deafening way, and then made desperate progress to Reddes fortress. Don’t say anything. This is an order. Dragonfly said softly to Carol around him, and then turned to the officer’s face.
Carlo looked blankly at the dragonfly. Although the dragonfly command was not loud, he didn’t know what the opposition was. When the red fireworks rushed to the official’s hand to ascend to heaven, the dragonfly Livio drew a sword and listened to the dragonfly almost at the same time. Long live the kingdom of Sotheby’s. He led the flying horse to the black devil. At this moment, his momentum was not to win but to advance. Instead, he was a soldier who dared to worship Sotheby’s Wang Jun. Maybe in normal times, this was some noble brothers who lived in luxury, but at this moment, when a call was made for them to escape, no one was
Watching the fierce and fearless dragonfly kill head-on, Livio will hold the sword in his own hand with one hand and hold the hilt tightly in his chest, and then fly to Ma Xianglong for a military salute. This does not mean that Livio Olympic Committee will give up its attack on the dragonfly army with mercy. This is a sincere admiration for another Wu Fa.
After the simple military salute, Livio held a sword with one hand and drank wildly at the dragonfly army, leading five thousand black cavalry behind him to kill the dragonfly.
Just a few hundred meters away in the two armies, the horse’s hoof is fleeting. At this moment, dragonfly’s heart is at a loss. In his ear, I can’t die. I want to go back alive. Jinger is waiting for me. I want to live. I must live. This belief echoes in dragonfly’s mind one after another.
At the moment, several cavalry who followed the dragonfly suddenly felt a strong sense of murder. Before they found the source of murder, a golden aerosol suddenly changed in just a few seconds in front of the dragonfly army. Slowly, a burst of gold powder enveloped the five thousand fighters behind the dragonfly with the running horses.
At the moment, the dragonfly didn’t notice that he had changed. He was bent on killing Livio Black Cavalry. He firmly believed that the golden qi was gathering more and more. The Excalibur Xiang Ling seemed to have felt the dragonfly change suddenly. However, the dragonfly was holding the dragon’s tail tightly, but he didn’t realize that the weapon in his hand had changed and Xiang Ling Xiaolong didn’t ring at all. A second later, the golden dragon changed its shape again. The Excalibur Xiang Ling grew two pieces of the same bat wings on both sides of the hilt armguard. The expanding object suddenly burst into dazzling light when the bat-wing-shaped object broke out, and tens of millions of tiny tentacles fled from the wings like snakes, immediately wrapping the dragonfly’s right hand. At this moment, the dragonfly’s right half is like a sword and a bloody Excalibur.
Cut the magic, break the ground, cut the sword, and the divine light appears to fight to the death wholeheartedly. The dragonfly seems to have nothing to do with the world. The protoss is strong and violent, but the firm but gentle spirit is pouring down from his hand. At this moment, the dragonfly looks like a stone carving, and the cold breath can make people tremble, while his eyes are dazzling and golden with the sun.
Strong one recruit three firm but gentle fan-shaped blaster forward, but these three seemingly ordinary firm but gentle fully run through forty or fifty black cavalry bodies before disappearing.
Uh-oh. Looking at the coach’s brave enemy, the soldiers behind the dragonfly suddenly screamed. Although they were not as strong as the dragonfly, their cavalry spears were not willing to wind at all. The black rebel army of the silver dragonfly army flew all over the sky as soon as it touched the blood. Although the dragonfly army was driven by the coach to exert its extraordinary combat ability, the equipment gap would not change because of people’s confidence. Often, the dragonfly soldiers could not penetrate the black cavalry in strength, but the black cavalry would fly from several dragonfly soldiers, and a lot of blood would fly all over the sky.
A large number of casualties, black cavalry constantly joined the Dragonfly Army, and gradually instigated the steeds to rush forward to kill the soldiers of both sides. The soldiers were the first to kill each other, riding horses and waving swords and sabres to kill each other. This situation made the Dragonfly Army even more difficult to cope with, and it could also do some harm to the black cavalry by virtue of the speed and impact of the steeds. At this moment, the Dragonfly Army could barely resist the sword offensive that the black cavalry constantly handed to it.
Exploding Yan Long Fei drank a group of firebombs in his left hand, but in the previous war, due to a lot of firm but gentle, the dragonfly was already feeling tired. Although the flame magic is the best magic of the dragonfly, its power was greatly reduced for the black cavalry wearing heavy armor.
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Life and death World War I II
People follow me, and we are going to kill and fight. By this moment, Dragonfly knew that Carlo had led the rest of the cavalry to leave the battlefield and had launched an attack on the black cavalry. The purpose was to let the army retreat when it was delayed, so that it would not suffer from the doom of the army. Now that it has been ten minutes, Dragonfly knows that it is the time for his party to retreat. In his roar with anger, Dragonfly’s army can still act, and soldiers are trying to get close to Dragonfly.
Don’t let go of an enemy, Livio, who cut two dragonfly soldiers into four pieces and shouted at the surrounding black cavalry soldiers.
We killed the dragonfly and saw that the wounded soldiers had gathered around us. We struggled hard and made another move. Jianfa would block the way. After several black cavalry were killed, we should take a ride to a gap. After his efforts, hundreds of people finally broke away from the encirclement after a few minutes of killing. Although the black cavalry was far stronger than the dragonfly army in equipment, it was difficult to compare with the light cavalry in the dragonfly army in speed. Therefore, when Dragonfly and everyone struggled to kill the encirclement, they quickly rode off and chased the black cavalry.
How many people here dragonfly looked back at the soldiers behind him and asked the commander in chief to report that it was estimated that three hundred and one left hand wearing a thousand riders was covered in blood, and it was obviously impossible to move. The officer said to the dragonfly, looking at this group of ragged and scarred soldiers, dragonfly felt pain in his heart.
You take them after the other generals and return to Reddes fortress. I want to go back and see if Dragonfly is still alive. After a long silence, he suddenly turned his head and said to the soldiers behind him, "Commander in Chief, it’s no good. That’s an order. Dragonfly doesn’t want to say anything more."
At the moment, there are still nearly 1,000 dragonfly cavalry in the battlefield, leading them to form a circular defense formation against more than 4,000 black cavalry around them, and finally resisting the black cavalry without sending a signal of surrender. That is to say, these dragonfly soldiers are dead brothers even if they surrender. We are worship Sotheby’s Wang Jun, and we will die even if we die. Everyone resists the division commander and encourages the soldiers. However, at the moment, there is no miracle in the hearts of the soldiers, and they will definitely die here today.
The miracle may be a miracle. The crazy cry of the waterspout destruction wave suddenly sounded from the periphery of the black cavalry, and then a huge waterspout flew into the black cavalry camp from the middle, blocking my death. The dragonfly figure followed him across the horse and galloped into everyone’s ears again
The black cavalry were surprised that they were trapped in the central dragonfly army, and the soldiers were even more surprised that the wounded could fight in the central array. Let’s go and prance together and enter the battle. The central dragonfly roared at the soldiers who were still in a daze. This huge roar was as heavy as fire and ignited hope in the hearts of the soldiers.
People on the brink of death can often play an unimaginable role. Previously, it seemed as if they had already fought. At the moment, the cavalry suddenly beat the dragonfly to break the gap with the big tonic pill.
However, the surprise is often in an instant. How can the black cavalry be different? When they wake up from the dragonfly’s single-handedly killing, launching a counterattack can be more fierce.
This time, the breakthrough has been different. Previously, because most of the soldiers of the Dragonfly Army were still trapped in the central area to attract the attention of black cavalry such as Livio, Dragonfly was able to lead a small number of troops to break through from the other side. But now the black cavalry target Dragonfly is in this beaten army. How can they give up their victory and let Dragonfly and others leave safely? This will make Dragonfly feel physically and mentally exhausted.
Although the black cavalry were killed by the dragonfly, they were superior in numbers and equipment. They soon launched attacks again and again on the Dragonfly Army struggling to break through. In the fierce battle, how many black cavalry fell on the strange Xiang Ling Excalibur? Like the tide, the black cavalry stepped over the dead companions and stormed the dragonfly.
At the end of human physical strength, fighting for a long time has gradually blurred dragonfly’s consciousness. At this moment, his mind has become more ethereal and he wants to kill me. How can he feel sticky and greasy now? Is this blood? Is it me or enemy magic? I think magic is something I can’t lift with my hands. Maybe this is my boundary. Xiang Ling, it would be great if you could let me wave more easily. Dragonfly’s spirit seems to have fallen into a blurred state. He has been fighting for a full hour from launching a surprise attack to going deep into the enemy camp again at this moment. Excalibur has become a heavy burden in hand, and magic has dried up long ago. The enemy’s armor is still so hard, and the enemy’s blood has long been mixed with his own blood. Dragonfly can still see his own soldiers because of the light in the corner of his eye. He is the same age. For them, he came from Bezos as a soldier. It is a deep responsibility for Dragonfly. It is not that he decided that the army can be stationed in the fortress and wait and see. Because he believed too much, he finally paid a heavy price at the moment. Maybe Dragonfly should not be a commander-in-chief. He should not be on the battlefield
On what the dragonfly was thinking about, Xiang Ling Excalibur didn’t give up on him. When he called Xiang Ling in his heart, Xiang Ling changed his appearance again. This time, it was no longer a sword, but a short gun nearly two meters long. When the sharp blade of Xiang Ling Excalibur extended forward, it seemed to inject new strength into the dragonfly’s body again. However, Xiang Ling did not need dragonfly’s intention to control, but Xiang Ling was driving the dragonfly’s arm. Every time when the black cavalry weapon approached the dragonfly, Xiang Ling would pierce the enemy’s body with the fastest speed and the best destruction angle. Although his body was controlled by a

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