He laughed coldly and then said to the man around him, "Aoxiong went in with me to see who didn’t put my white tiger clan in the eye." Then he strode in.

After entering the restaurant, Yuan Hao saw Meng Qi Hu Xianer. After seeing Hu Xianer, his eyes suddenly lit up, and Yuan Ji said softly at his side, "I am going to give this female prisoner to the public, but …" Yuan Ji once again trembles and tries his best to cause Yuan Hao’s anger. Yuan Hao is cold-snorted. After preparing, he looks for Meng Qi. At this time, Meng Qi is ahead of Yuan Hao and says to the man around Yuan Hao, "Ao Xiong hasn’t seen you for several days. How are you? The injury is like leaving no sequelae. "
Meng Qi couldn’t say sincerity with a smile on his face, but the face of the man greeted by Meng Qi was suddenly strange and black, and Yuan Hao also found this problem strange and asked, "Brother Ao, do you know each other?"
The man with a cold face said without a trace of emotion, "This guy is Meng Qi."
"He is Meng Qi?" Yuan Hao was slightly surprised first and then said coldly, "It turned out to be his hum." Yuan Hao went to see Meng Qi before he left, and his eyes were about to say something when he suddenly found that Hu Xianer looked familiar and suddenly he remembered something.
The original has gathered the spiritual force to disperse and look at Hu Xianer’s eyes, and the bow is no longer so polite. He said, "It turned out that the little princess of the fox family was abrupt here." It turned out that Yuan Hao remembered that he had seen the information not long ago, and Hu Xianer had never appeared in front of everyone, so Hu Xianer’s intelligence Yuan Hao had seen it once.
However, due to Hu Xianer’s charming face, Yuan Hao still recognized Hu Xianer in some memories.
And Hu Xianer didn’t expect this guy to know himself. Although Yuan Hao was polite at this moment, he just noticed his explicit eyes. Hu Xianer didn’t like Yuan Hao.
Is a light response and then ignore him.
Chapter 276 Invited plot (1)
Chapter 276 Invited plot (1)
After all, Hu Xianer is behind the fox family. If it is a dragon valley, it is good to say that the friendship between the white tiger family and the dragon valley is not much better, but the fox family is not the same. Yuan Hao thought twice and decided to put up with it for a while, but the fire in his heart suddenly vented and suddenly he drank Yuanji. "Yuanji rolled over for the public!"
Yuan Ji will give vent to himself when he comes back to his stallion. I don’t know if things suddenly become like this. I heard Yuan Hao shout that he also walked past with a gray nose.
Yuan Hao gave himself a slap in the face of Qian Yuanji and then shouted, "If you don’t understand it, you can just shake your power and prestige. It turned out that it was a collision with the little fox princess and you didn’t make amends to the public!"
Yuan Ji knows his own public temper and knows that he is in a huff at this time and obediently walks up to Hu Xianer, then bowed his head and said, "I don’t know how much the fox princess has offended here." Then he stretched out his hands and slapped himself in the face.
Hu Xianer looked at Yuanji’s face and turned red, and his heart was filled with disdain for Yuanhao. He waved impatiently and said that he didn’t care about what happened just now. He was satisfied when he saw Hu Xianer waving his hand at Yuanhao, nodded and said, "Why don’t you thank Princess Xianer for a lot?"
Yuan extremely stopped to bow down and said, "Thank you for your kindness, Princess Xianer." Hu Xianer nodded slightly and ignored Yuan Hao.
Yuan Hao saw that there was no effect and shouted "Don’t hurry back". Yuan extremely bowed down and said "a little long". Then he bowed down and left the restaurant with Yuan extremely. Yuan Hao just smiled and said, "I don’t know how to collide with Princess Xianer, but I still hope that Princess Xianer will be buried."
Hu Xianer caught a glimpse of Yuan Hao and then said softly, "The White Tiger clan is really awesome to come over for dinner. It turned out that the whole restaurant was driven away with good style."
Hu Xianer’s words sound like praise. In fact, it’s not even ironic to dig Yuan Hao’s face. It’s not normal thickness. For such sarcasm, I didn’t put it in my ear. I smiled and said, "The lesson of Princess Xianer is that after going back, I must discipline people well and come out again to ruin my white tiger name."
Hu Xianer didn’t know what to say for such a shameless guy. He stopped talking, but Meng Qi was interested when he saw this place and said with a smile, "This man is right. It’s not good to make a fool of himself."
Yuan Hao was polite to Hu Xianer but not so polite to Meng Qike. He glanced at Meng Qi coldly and said, "I’m afraid this is Meng Qi, the genius of Dragon Valley."
Meng Qi laughed. "Genius is nothing but winning two games by luck. This gentleman is polite."
Yuan Hao laughed. "It seems that Meng Gong is not in one place. He can still know that he just won two games by luck."
I heard that Yuan Hao belittled his "xianggong" Hu Xianer’s facial expression changed, but Meng Qi quietly pulled Hu Xianer’s skirts and then said with a smile, "Yes, it was just a lucky win, but I heard that the White Tiger clan seemed to be defeated by the Dragon Palace."
After listening to Meng Qi’s words, Yuan Hao’s face changed once, and the white tiger clan was not only defeated by the Dragon Palace, but also defeated by Yincui gorge Aoyan’s hand once. When Meng Qi said such a thing, it was like being severely attacked by Yuan Hao’s face, and suddenly Yuan Hao was angry.
Yuan Hao snorted and raised my hand, that is, every other claw grabbed Meng Qi Yuan Hao’s right hand in the middle and suddenly gave birth to a Tiger Claw virtual shadow coming at Meng Qi.
But such an attack is naturally not enough for Meng Qi to see that Meng Qi is a hand that Tiger Claw’s virtual shadow is disappearing. Yuan Hao didn’t expect Meng Qi to be so easy to pick up his own blow, and he was a little surprised.
But instead, it aroused his heart’s competitive spirit, waving his hands and counting Tiger Claw’s virtual shadow to Meng Qi. He smiled and instantly cast the lightning hand Yuan Hao Tiger Claw’s virtual shadow to smash. Some Tiger Claw’s virtual shadow was shot out by Meng Qi, while others were played. Suddenly, those tables and chairs were torn apart by the seedling department.
Meng Qi after this recruit Yuan Hao is some carefully watching Meng Qi dispatching body spirit force seems to want to Meng Qi definitely a high here.
But at this time, the building was elegant, but a few people came out. When it was so tense, someone came out and naturally attracted the attention of two people. When I looked up, it turned out to be Aojiao Aoyan, the Turkish woman who had played against Meng Qi, and the male fire Yan. There were several others, but Meng Qi didn’t know it.
Yuan Hao’s face changed dramatically after seeing a few people. Meng Qi didn’t know these people, but he did know them. It was the five elements of race that led the young captains this time.
These people are gathered here. Yuan Hao is not a person who can meet these people together. It is not normal. After all, they can be said to represent their respective races now, and I am afraid they are supported by their elders behind them.
Thought of here, Yuan Hao’s face changed dramatically. If these races unite, it will really threaten the situation of the three alliances.
As Yuan Hao’s fear became heavier and heavier, Aoyan said, "I also said, Who is making noise in the face? It turned out to be Yuan Haoen, a white tiger family? Isn’t this Meng Qi? Is that Hu Xianer, the fox family, next to you? What’s the matter with you? "
Meng Qixiao smiled and said, "Nothing, but this white tiger clan seems to want to make room for him in the lobby, and there are some conflicts just eating here."
Aoyan frowned and looked at it. There was nothing to refute Yuan Hao. He wanted to call the shopkeeper of this restaurant and asked, "What’s going on?"
The shopkeeper saw his Dragon Palace princess suddenly bile is strong, that is, he didn’t speak to Meng Qi in the words he said just now.
After hearing this, Aoyan was slightly angry and thought that this was the Dragon Palace, but not your white tiger clan. She actually shook her head here and said, "Yuan Hao, this is the Dragon Palace, but not your white tiger clan. You can’t run wild like this!"
Yuan Hao thought at this time that it was the meeting of the five elements of the Dragon Palace. At this time, he didn’t stay here any more. His mind was to say to Aoyan, "I didn’t expect Princess Ao and the five elements of the family to be here today. It’s abrupt to leave." Say that finish, regardless of other people, come to Ao Guang with a wink and then leave this restaurant together.
And Meng Qi at this time, naturally, there is no appetite for eating, and although Meng Qi doesn’t know what the position of the remaining three people is, he also feels that something is wrong.
But just as Meng Qi was preparing to pull Hu Xianer away, AoYan said, "Meng Qi, what are you doing in such a hurry? Let’s talk together and introduce these people to you. "
Meng Qi is a little wary of Aoyan’s kindness. It is said that he should be quite nervous at this time, but it is not only this time that Aojiao has shown kindness this time.
But although wary, I don’t intend to avoid Meng Qi for Aoyan’s invitation. I also want to see what Aoyan is doing. Just now, Yuan Hao was so afraid.
"Since Yincui gorge invited Meng Qi, it won’t be postponed." Meng Qi laughed and took Hu Xianer’s hand and went downstairs, while the rest of the people were slightly surprised to see Meng Qi Hu Xianer so close. Did the Dragon Valley Fox clan already have any agreement? Everyone is thinking of.
After entering the room, everyone sat down with Meng Qi and said, "You should know this one. This is the wood family, the wood owl, the aquarium, the Shui Rou gold family, the Jin family and the fire family."
Meng Qi five people nodded to each other, but when the soil Yingying fire Yan nodded, both sides looked a little strange. The soil Yingying people understood, but how did the fire Yan look a little strange?
Aoyan was interested to see this situation and asked, "How did Meng Qi meet you?"
Meng Qi smiled and said, "I know each other, but I don’t remember whether Brother Yan remembers Meng Qi." I didn’t expect much from Meng Qi who had left one hand for the fire, but now it seems that the horse is going to do something.
Fire Yan’s face is also a little abnormal. After the game that day, he was in a coma for quite a long time before he woke up. Then he heard that Meng Qi didn’t have a hard time blazing fire. Although he despised Meng Qi’s shame when he was at war, the fire Yan wasn’t the unappreciative person who finally accepted Meng Qi’s favor at heart.
Meng Qi said that the fire Yan hesitated and said, "It’s a no discord, no concord, no concord. Meng Xiong had more. You didn’t have a hard time. I’m just here to thank you."
Meng Qi shook his head and laughed. "What Brother Huo Yan said at the beginning was just to win the game, so I can do something according to it."
After the two men said this, Aoyan suddenly remembered one thing and said, "Oh, yes, it seems that when there is a match, the fire clan Dragon Valley seems to be in a group. No wonder." But Aoyan is also a little strange. As usual, Meng Qi let the fire clan fail to qualify smoothly. This should not be the case for both sides.
After Meng Qi’s fire Yan, he talked about "Brother Yan’s last blow was really severe, but I almost lost to Brother Yan in the field."
Fire Yan at this time, the bad feelings in my heart were also eliminated. Listening to Meng Qi said that he also shook his head and said, "Where is the last blow of Meng Xiong? When I want to play against Meng Xiong Yingying, I also made that magical power."
When it comes to the fact that the elders in the clan gave up, Yingying hummed a show, which was not the result of the game, but Meng Qi heard this hum and gave a wry smile to the fire Yan, but the fire Yan showed a face. I understand your look.
Two people look at each other and then smile at each other.
Chapter 277 Invited plot (2)
Chapter 277 Invited plot (2)
And speaking of this magical power, the other three races are also quite interested. After all, although they have seen Meng Qi’s silence, they also know that this move is quite powerful, but after all, they have not experienced it personally. You know, among the remaining three families, except the wooden family, which has been eliminated by the fox family, it is very likely that Meng Qi played against each other. At that time, all three people paid attention to Meng Qi’s fire Yan conversation while talking.
However, Meng Qi’s fire Yan naturally won’t talk too much about things like his avatar. After a few words, he talked about the rest of his parents’ shortness. Suddenly, Meng Qi found that the Turkish native warbler turned out to be a very angry look. Looking at himself, Meng Qi thought about it and said with a smile, "I also fainted when I played a game, but the elders in your family volunteered to let me play in Longgu. It can’t be my fault."
The warbler snorted. Did she know it was decided by the elders of the clan? But she’s just not angry. It’s a dead heat, but she lost. Isn’t it better for her to do Kun’s mask than his magical power? What else, Miss Yingying? That’s why you call who knows you so well.
The native warbler just stared at Meng Qiran and said, "I didn’t lose anyway," just like an angry little girl who was robbed of candy.
Meng Qi leng and then his heart, while the fire Yan looked at Meng Qi with a face of embarrassment and said, "Meng Xiong is sorry for Yingying. That’s her temper."
Meng Qi heard something unusual in the tone of fire Yan. Do these two people have JQ? So Meng Qi asked, "Is this Brother Huo Yan and Miss Yingying …"
Fire Yan embarrassed smiled and said, "In fact, I have already formed a couple with Yingying."
Meng Qi shocked these five ethnic groups. Is it possible to intermarry? What the hell is that child? Wanted to think that hasn’t given birth to a child Meng Qi can’t help shuddering.
See Meng Qi this virtue fire Yan will know that Meng Qi misunderstood and said, "In fact, all the people of the five elements are naturally raised together, and it will not have any impact. Besides, the five elements are born in fire, and I am a couple. In fact, cultivation is also of great benefit."
Meng Qi seems to nod and then say with smile, "I’m still … forget it. Brother Yan, see if you’ve just raised your glasses frequently and seem to be a wine lover? There are several kinds of good wines here, hey hey, but at ordinary times, I will take them out for everyone to taste today. "
"Oh?" When I heard the wine and fire, Yan’s eyes lit up. In fact, it was not only the fire Yan, but also the gold family, the Jin family, the wood owl and even the Dragon Palace Aoyan’s eyes lit up.

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