All finished Yuan came to the front of the crowd and waved his hand at the small world. He saw that the word "Jade Qing Tian" appeared in the void, but it was Yuan, which confirmed his Hanazono Sakura world name and Lord’s flickering metaphysical rhyme. Jade Qing Tian was hanging in the middle of the Hanazono Sakura world.

After the Yuan Dynasty, Tongtian was followed by the creation of a party. The Hanazono Sakura world was much more atmospheric than the old couple. It did not make farewell to the four swords of Zhu Xian and the figure of Zhu Xian array. It made a bold creation. The Hanazono Sakura world Tongtian and the Dragon King have been neighbors for so many years, and at the same time, they have younger brothers to honor good things, and many of them have decorated their immortals with high grades.
Tongtian saw that the two brothers had given their Dojo names, and he was not willing to lag behind. He came to the side of the crowd with a flicker and exchanged greetings with them. He also waved his hand and gave his Dojo a name "Qingtian". When they saw this, the three of them felt admired for their deep feelings.
At the moment, Sanqing three people have completed the world monarch, and now there is only one person left. Everyone can’t help but focus on the measurement. There is no burden on this. He feels the people’s longing for a light smile. He leans slightly at the people and disappears in the distance.
According to the direction, Sanqing Dojo should be the old due east, the yuan due south, the sky due north. There is a due west and a place, and it has not disappointed everyone. Because of the amount, the world’s mana is naturally stronger than that of the old people, so there is no need to be familiar with it.
Soon his state was at the peak of modulation. His eyes narrowed and his eyes flashed through his eyes. A wave of light, flint swords and several firm but gentle blasters came out. The millions of firm but gentle ones seemed to have souls. See two or three bombardments in one place and suffered several firm but gentle attacks. Chaos finally broke down.
The amount of attack didn’t disappoint people. Chaos and fragmentation instantly swept through Fiona Fang, hundreds of millions of miles away. The world frame appeared in front of everyone. The face didn’t become heavy because of this world, and the face was as calm as before without any fluctuation.
Not to mention the calm ceremony, everyone’s heart caused a great wave, and their faces exclaimed with incredible and ghost expressions. Although they knew a lot, they didn’t expect to be so strong that they left a series of words such as "pervert", "not a person" and "bully" in their mouths
There is a big gap between the Hanazono Sakura world and the middle-thousand-world. This small step needs to be multiplied. This amount has actually created a middle-thousand-world, and he has done his best to create an extreme Hanazono Sakura world instead of the middle-thousand-world. Isn’t this abnormal or something?
Among these people, Sanqing knows something about quantity repair, and he is also slightly surprised that he has not lost his manners like others.
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Chapter one hundred and fourteen The arrival of the holy age (end)
I don’t know how much people are surprised. At this time, the whole body and mind have fallen into a kind of time when they split the first sword. Everything seems to slow down. Everything has slowed down. There is no panic about such strange things. Because his mind has been attracted, the rhyme of the middle way has seized his mind. The law of destruction keeps rolling in his mind, sometimes it creates a small world, and sometimes it is destroyed by destructive forces, and sometimes it creates a group of deer who die of physical illness or are killed by natural enemies. As time goes by, it turns into a loess.
Those who constantly collide with chaos, qi and geomantic fire in the eyes of everyone have melted into his mind, and the destruction of nature is all performed. This kind of opportunity is rare, and it is very rare to explain the Tao. The most direct manifestation of this feeling is destruction and eternal avenue. It’s fast and fast. Nine pole equivalents split out the tenth sword, and then the last sword can’t be split out any more. Not only the sword can’t be split out, but everyone feels a surge of qi and blood, and the breath is in chaos. The amount of epiphany is also awakened. He feels that he is not too surprised by the situation and the results he caused at present, and he is not annoyed by the interruption of epiphany. He is left with a good heart for this harvest, that is, when the sword is just ten swords, the realm of quantity and quantity has been improved, and the original mixed At the moment, the periodic repair has successfully broken through and become a huge mixed element. In the middle of Luo Jinxian’s life, this small section is quite a big rise. Take Hongjun’s bodhi old zu. It is an ingenious method for him to combine heaven. It is not long before he became a saint. After so many years, he also missed reaching dzogchen. It is conceivable that the difficult Hongjun’s rise depends on those massive fortunes and the accumulation when he has not achieved enlightenment for a long time. All these things have come to this step. If you want to rise, you have to rely on water mill time or vector.
Vector, the chances are slim. The whole population may meet once, or two or three people may have such chances. From the side, you can see that this guy must have stepped on too much shit to have such a big chance.
When he was awake, he saw that all the people were dumbfounded. He knew with a slight induction that at the end of the matter, he couldn’t help but smile in his heart. "Is this intentional and careless?"
He came to the center of the world with a flicker, and with a wave of his hand, he immediately sent those natural talents and treasures in his world out of him.
Just being shocked by the amount of strength, everyone was once again shocked by his great amount. In the amount, there appeared a dragon with a width of 100 feet and a length of unknown number. The dragon was commanding the stars to land in this new world.
Counting the spiritual roots, there are five or six innate spiritual roots. Although the top ten spiritual roots are not in the wild, there are also hundreds of innate spiritual roots. What is the million-year-old ganoderma lucidum and ginseng are all staple goods’s countertops, and the innate spiritual water combines with the three lights to hydrate the rain and dew to moisten this new world. The original desolate world has suddenly become a lot more vivid.
But there are still some dissatisfaction after finishing these quantities. There are not many treasures in the Hanazono Sakura world in Sanqing. They suppress the chaotic gas in the world’s Lingbao, and these Lingbao fuel the purest innate aura.
But there is also a drawback, that is, the aura concentration can be maintained in this state after the transformation of aura is saturated, and the world is a thousand worlds. If he also transforms aura into a treasure, there will be a lot of aura in this world.
At the same time, there is another drawback: there is no value-added potential in the Sanqing Hanazono Sakura world, and the Dojo has no potential, so we don’t want him to become like them. To avoid this problem, we must find a solution.
The amount suddenly shouted at Tongtian, "Martial Uncle will pick me up to be a dry Kunding." As soon as the voice fell, Tongtian did not hesitate to wave the dry Kunding to the town in the amount of interception, and it has produced a little variation in the past few years.
In fact, variation can also be an atavistic Gankun Ding born out of chaos Lingbao Chaotic Ding At the beginning of heaven and earth, Chaotic Ding was divided into Gankun Ding and Zaohua Ding because it could not bear the pressure of heaven.
Gankunding has been measured and sent to Tongtian Nature Ding, but there has been no news. At this time, Gankunding has already had a trace of chaos. Especially, Gankunding has the effect of suppressing fate and returning after refining, which now makes Gankunding’s refining Lingbao Lingbao vaguely chaotic.
Every party’s aura of heaven and earth has its own fixed objects. At first, the world of the wild and the barren hills collapsed and were replaced by heaven. Otherwise, how could heaven gather such high fortune and merit to maintain the aura of the wild and the barren is part of it?
The world of measurement is replaced by Huang Zhongli, and the world of measurement is prepared to refine an object. The acquired object can’t be compared with Pangu spine or Huang Zhongli. It is natural for everyone to have his own ideas.
Twelve-day-god-evil town and Sunday-stars-evil town are his first choices. These two arrays are not only powerful in attack, but also unambiguous in gathering aura. Twelve-day-god-evil town gathers chaos and then Sunday-stars-evil town transforms aura.
The array method confirms that the difference now is the spiritual treasure needed for the disposal. Sitting on the measuring disk, slowly adjusting your breath with your eyes closed. After a few breaths, your eyes closed suddenly, and a J: ng gas forced the divine light to explode ten feet long and finally dissipated into shape.
The divine light just disappeared, and the meditation slowly raised his right. He pulled the Kun Ding three feet away from his body, and measured out a breath in front of him. He opened his mouth and spit out an abdomen fire. This time, he did not make chaos fire, but made it happen.
Every friar dantian who steps into fairyland will automatically burn a bunch of flames, which will rise with the strength. At this moment, the state of quantity is heaven, mirror and body repair, but there is a mixed yuan, Luo Jinxian, dzogchen.
Although the power of the flame has not increased, it is even more subtle for the flame āo, and the rise of the realm has also changed the flame. These are all quantities that need to spit out the flame and wrap the dry Kun jīng straight.
After finishing these quantities, I ignored the spiritual materials needed to turn the refining device out. With the emergence of spiritual materials one by one, I have been staring at this place. The Xuanmen brothers and the people in heaven can’t help breathing and become heavy. Even Sanqing and Fuxi, who are sanctified, can’t help but feel retailing.
Measure out every spiritual material is extremely extreme, but it was extremely spiritual when the dragon and phoenix were robbed, but it was so multipolar that the materials were measured and thrown out one by one, and everyone’s little dreams continued with those materials
"Hum!" At this moment, all ears suddenly come to a cold hum. This cold hum is like rolling thunder, and some people are flushed. When they wake up, all of them feel that they have just lost their manners and turned red, and Se has become red sauce.
This cold hum didn’t stop it even if it was measured, because they also felt ashamed. It was a shame for these disciples. At this time, the sound of measurement sounded in everyone’s ears, "Look carefully and don’t be distracted."
The amount is ready at the moment, and the dry Kun Ding is also preheated. Everything is ready. He will no longer hesitate to drink lightly in his mouth. One-in-one-device printing method will stimulate her to create a fire in the abdomen. When the fire in the abdomen touches the dry Kun Ding, it will instantly ignite.
The amount of the left hand slightly bends to the Gankun Ding, and a shot of magic strikes the Gankun Ding. Suddenly, a suction force sweeps the floating materials aside, and the amount of the materials entering the Ding changes, and all kinds of complex seals are constantly changing, and the gods are integrated into the Gankun Ding.
At the same time, the ripples that are invisible to the naked eye are constantly moving around from the Gankunding, and attracted by this mysterious fluctuation, several chaotic reiki directly cross the virtual and continuously integrate into the Gankunding.
As time goes by, there are several visions around Gankunding, and those children are full of chaotic aura. They have long since been tyrannical. Sometimes they turn into towers, sometimes mountains, sometimes dragons and sometimes white clouds.
The mysterious fluctuation of the slightest trace has also joined in it, and the ordinary vision has also become a trace. Several paths have evolved in the vision, and a group of Xuanmendi and Sanqing people are watching from the sidelines, and they can’t help but be attracted by this strange sight, and everyone looks at it with surprise.
Time has passed since the mysterious Taoist rhyme of Gankunding has spread all over the new world unconsciously, and those spiritual roots have also been influenced by Taoist rhyme. The reason for the swing of consciousness has just been planted, and it has become more pleasing to the eye.
All these figurines have not been idle at the moment. This time, he has not been attracted by these rhymes. He has not been observed by God J and jīng. It is also the first time that he has refined so many Lingbao, and his heart is also uncertain. He has put his mind into it.
Fortunately, everything comes to him who waits, and the refining is already over half at this moment. Everything is very stable and normal, and the original hanging heart is also put a lot.
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Chapter one hundred and fifteen The arrival of the holy age (end)
Chapter one hundred and fifteen The arrival of the holy age (end)
Five months have passed in an instant when it’s difficult to finish the task. In these five months, I take care of Gan Kun Ding every day physically and mentally. Everything comes to him who waits, and finally comes to the final stage of baking. After working hard for so long, I will measure my mind at an unprecedented height and never let go of Gan Kun Ding’s changes.
At this time, every movement was extremely slow, and every method and seal was clearly pinched. Every mana output was strictly controlled. At that time, the atmosphere of some light delivery became dignified. Many people watched the ceremony and their hearts could not help but hang up with the movement, and they watched Gan Kunding nervously.
At this moment, when Se, the tight face, suddenly loosened, he saw that he waved and played a mass of merits and entered the dry Kun Ding to get merits and blessings. Lingbao in this dry Kun Ding was like the last straw that crushed the camel, and suddenly a golden Se beam rose into the sky.
Accompanied by the light beam, a soft and a lot of different smells, the combined momentum spread around and swept the whole world in the blink of an eye. It was gratifying to see that golden light climbed his eyes and corners of his mouth slightly tilted.
It wasn’t long before the golden light was suddenly taken back as soon as it received a few interest rates. The outside of the dry Kun Ding was not exposed. Seeing this situation, the French and Indian hands pinched and drank a "dry Kun Ding!"
"touch!" At the same time, I saw a dull sound from the dry Kun Ding, and suddenly I flew out of the dry Kun Ding with hundreds of flashes. Looking at those flying out of the time didn’t stop him from waving at the dry Kun Ding and staying where he was. Dry Kun Ding flew to the palm of his hand.
Looking at it, it has become a little bright because of refining a lot of Lingbao. Kun Ding smiled and waved it to the sky, then looked at the corners of those fleeing Lingbao, revealing a playful smile. The lowest level of Lingbao is congenital Lingbao.
There are twelve congenital treasures, two congenital treasures and three hundred and sixty-three others. Those are all dirty congenital treasures. Pull out the measuring sword at random and stroke the body at the virtual light, and the body keeps moving. Every stroke, one treasure disappears.
The amount of figures spread all over the world and the world. One month later, the amount finally stopped. At this time, many Lingbao were left with those two pieces of innate Lingbao. Looking at Lingbao in his hand, he slowly mobilized his body mana and measured the aura in the world quickly toward Huang Zhongli.
When the momentum reached its peak, the mana quickly poured into the hands of two Lingbao, and the mana blessing was obtained. Suddenly, two Lingbao broke out with strong light. See those two Lingbao, one of which gave off golden Se light accompanied by a hot air billow, and the other one gave off a cold and white Se light, which was followed by a cold breath into the bone marrow.
Quantity of cutting will be two pieces of Lingbao into the domain alien see domain alien represents the sun and the moon in the sun star and too y and n star a fluctuation will be two pieces of Lingbao sucked in, with the last two pieces of Lingbao in place, the big two top law also shipped.
The number of chaotic reiki is sucked in by the array of twelve heavenly gods and evil spirits, and its pure number removes impurities. The chaotic reiki is sent to the large array of stars on Sunday, and there is a wave in the large array of stars on Sunday. Those rich chaotic reiki are instantly decomposed into innate reiki and Y Ι n Yang and five elements of qi, and then sent to the middle world through the world stars.
The whole world is moving in a large array, and the speed of reiki visible to the naked eye is changing. The world barriers that are fragile because of the newly opened world are also getting thicker and stronger, and the fetal membranes that divide the world and the chaotic world are also improving. The most important thing is that the laws of the world are stopping, reiki is nourishing, and it is growing and improving.
"Ha ha! "Outside the ceremony, all the people saw the end of the matter and came in one by one. Xing was anxious to work together. The first mouth said," Brother Tao, you are really hidden! How can you let your brothers and others live without making a sound? "

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