Charge something? I asked

Li Na took a box from her arms and handed it to me. I shook the lotus and threw it into the pool.
Take it well, but don’t drop it. Just boil the sweet water after you get back. Li Nangang took the box and there was a strange sound behind her.
I finally know what is called Longtan here. It’s hard to imagine that a dragon is actually hidden in this cold pool. Oh, no, it’s still a dumpling, but it’s time for such a big dumpling to turn into a dragon.
A poisonous dumpling nearly 100 meters long in a cold cold pool suddenly leaps up and looks at us with a murderous look. From time to time, cold air is sprayed in our noses. Some cold pool water splashes on the ground and forms ice cubes. I quickly put the lotus in front of me and put a layer of light curtain to shut out the splashing water droplets.
This is a dumpling here. How can Li Na be surprised and stare at the dumpling body? She can’t help shaking up.
It’s good to make a fortune. It’s good to set a treasure in Fanqi Beast Guard. I can’t stop it. My words sound murderous. Li Na is surprised. I figure out how to kill the treasure. Oh, my God, such a big one must be a poison dumpling for thousands of years. The dumpling horn can be used to cast weapons. The dumpling tendon can also be used to cast weapons. This dumpling’s blood dumpling meat is a great supplement. By the way, if I eat this Dan, my skill will surely last a long time. Oh, my God, it seems that this poison dumpling has been so kind to me.
Hey, let me ask you, are you done or do you want me to do it myself? I’m floating up, and my hands are parallel.
Ao poison dumpling roars a dragon’s breath and sprays it at me, and at the same time, a pair of claws with dew pool surface attack me.
It seems that you have chosen your left hand to draw a gas wall to block the dragon’s breath and pour it into the sky, and you should also hand in hand. A pair of dumpling claws are so strong that you can defend the guy’s poison for ten thousand years. When you grab it, my hand will be numb, and I don’t want it to touch me hard. I came to it and dumped it with lotus flower.
Ow, the poisonous dumpling roared with pain and went up into the sky. It was a hundred meters long and it was displayed in front of us. How deep is this pool?
It’s a pity that if you hadn’t met me, it might not be long before you could turn into a dragon. It’s a pity that from snake to snake, from Cheng Jiao to dumpling, but if you met me, it wouldn’t turn into a dragon.
Oooo poison dumpling a growl Teng in the giant tail swept over to me, tilting the sky, and I turned this tail, but when the wind sounded behind Zhang Xu’s ear, Li Na rushed to the poison dumpling with a long sword.
I really don’t know how to suck her back with my left hand. At this time, a claw of poison dumpling is pressed on her elder sister just now. I ask you to go away, okay? You’re not enough. I took her with me and let her go. I put her in a big tree
Come on, but you can’t help. Just watch here and don’t say anything. I’m in front of poison dumpling again.
Everybody, I’m going to be serious. Be careful. I’m poisoning my dumpling and floating my feet with a white lotus illusion, while I stand proudly, like a god, killing my sword, killing my power and reflecting my body at the same time. I’m like a demon, like a Buddha.
Ow can’t bear this weird pressure. Poison dumpling welcomes Tianyi’s huge roar and wants to get rid of my fear.
You’re afraid of me. It’s even weirder to ponder and smile.
Ow, another roar sounded. It’s terrible, but it can’t retreat. The dignity of the dragon makes it unable to retreat. Although it’s not just the red light in the dragon’s eyes, the giant tail hit me.
The first volume Sword tilting day Chapter 20 Zi Long now
Come on, the sword refers to the gentle movement of the fingers, and the sky spins in front of me to form a sword shield. Before the tail of the dumpling touches the sword shield, it will see that the green light flashes and the poison dumpling is stunned by a shock. After the poison dumpling stabilizes itself, it is unacceptable to look at me. This is a fact that it has actually been shocked.
What is power? This is called power. The sword refers to a turn, and the sword refers to a long time, and the tip of the sword is directed at the poison dumpling. Wan Jian definitely points at the poison dumpling. I am majestic and sound the sword pointing at the poison dumpling, waving the sword and moving together. Shuttling around the poison dumpling is extremely fast, and the ghosting image forms a shepherd’s Dan shape, trapping the poison dumpling in the center, and the poison dumpling is in a mess and dodging for hundreds of meters. The body is already scarred.
Yelling at him with rage and growling is unwilling, just like this, a burst of golden light flashes, and a strong force fluctuates in Wan Jian. I heard that day after day, the violent roar and the fantasy sword were all scattered by the blood and dust, and the poison dumpling was glaring at me. When I want to recruit again, a golden light shot into the poison dumpling, and a color flashed in its eyes, and the mouth swallowed that golden light.
In the sky, a dry thunder thundered over a ziyun and formed over our heads.
Ao poison dumpling roared excitedly and stood up as if to meet something.
Magnificent and dry thunder is accompanied by bursts of lightning.
I was taken aback when I turned the dragon. I didn’t expect it to turn into a dragon at this moment. I moved back to the sky. I will not kill it now. I will wait until it turns into a dragon successfully.
What’s wrong with it? Li Na asked me.
It’s a real dragon after it’s been robbed by lightning.
Li Na, the real dragon, is getting anxious. Then let’s go, or we won’t be able to leave for a while.
Go. What are you going to do?
Dragon, it will be a real dragon in a minute. Who is its opponent?
Haha, I laughed and laughed. Li Na didn’t know
Now that I can give it a chance to become a dragon, I can overcome it. How can I believe in the dragon? You know, this sword floats by my side, but it’s a faint green mountain. Li Na wants to say something. There are different phases, and she sees a series of flashes, accompanied by thunder, falling beside the poison dumpling, bathing in the pain of thunder, but she doesn’t move, circling around the poison dumpling, and the scale of the poison dumpling changes. The ink color gradually becomes lavender and gradually thickens.
Zi Long purple dragon looked at poison dumpling body gradually purple Long Lin Li Na exclaimed.
It’s just purple Long Lin. What’s the big deal? I despise it very much
No, you don’t know. I have heard from my elders that Zi Long is now a star bracelet. Is it right here to say that if you hold this bracelet, your fate will not suffer from reincarnation? Li Na looks forward to it.
Sounds good, baby. I smiled
Is it not bad? I heard that the bracelet of the stars in the heavens is an ancient artifact with the same cycle and order.
Samsara heard this word, and my heart moved. Isn’t that an artifact of Cang Ji’s life? I couldn’t help sighing when I thought of his leaves, but a tingling feeling rose in my heart.
Ow, a violent roar pulled me back from my absence, but it has turned the dragon into a success. Purple scales are more powerful. A newborn Zi Long stands upright in heaven and earth, and her strength has increased a lot. I smiled with a smile and came to it again.
Hey, big guy, bring something real.

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