Shuer got up early, took the branch hat, went to the coat and found the box, and solemnly put it in. This was given to her by Liang Juanbang. Although she didn’t remember it, they used to be lovers.

He just blessed her, and she will always remember this night. She felt that they had never loved each other wrong … even if they missed it, they should cherish it.
Chapter 6 We want to cry early
The wedding was held as scheduled in two days.
The presidential palace has been busy since after midnight, and Liang Juanbang didn’t sleep a wink the night before. It was not until early in the morning that he went back to his room, took a bath and changed his body system. Although he didn’t rest all night, he didn’t feel tired at all. He had to be very energetic to get married early today.
Go out from Han Ximing Garden and go all the way to the wedding venue.
The wedding venue has been set up, and people are distributing all kinds of food and drinks to the long dining table.
In such a busy and crowded atmosphere, no one noticed that there was a figure in the corner, hunched and holding a broom in his hand, sweeping the leaves that fell at any time.
"Ah, let it go … spread the second carpet for a while, but it’s unlucky not to let Miss Sun’s shoes get any dust …"
"I know, don’t worry!"
"Ha ha is really a great event! When the presidential palace is busy, it is the happiest time. "
The man holding the broom was knocked aside and listened to their conversation with his head down. Does the mouth secretly evoke a heart? Happy? What a national celebration! Good. The more you feel, the more miserable the ending will be.
Even in the presidential palace, none of the links in this province can be omitted.
Brand-new Rolls-Royce took Han Chengyi around the presidential palace early and finally stopped at the entrance of the wedding venue early, snuggling nervously at his father’s side and blushing on both sides of his little face, which was much more immature than that of Le Xuewei.
Han Chengyi raised her hand and patted her daughter’s head and laughed. "I’m getting married today. Dad feels like a dream."
"Dad" looked up at her father early, and she couldn’t remember the past, but the family told her that her father was the one who loved her the most, and the mother blamed her father for suddenly wanting to cry early at the moment.
"Don’t cry!" Han Chengyi pinched her daughter’s nose. "If you cry at this time, your mother will let me do multiple-choice questions."
"hmm? What multiple choice questions? " I stopped crying early and asked my father.
Han Chengyi raised his hand and his eyes were full of "one, remote control, keyboard, instant noodles …"
"Huh?" I was stunned early and then laughed. "Haha … How to choose this?"
"Huh?" Han Chengyi was horrified. "I’m not finished yet! There are four "
"ah? What else? " I was shocked early
"Well," Han Chengyi nodded, "Four is the scale!"
"Ha ha ….." It’s cute to grin and bend your eyebrows early.
Han Chengyi lovingly looked at his baby daughter and looked serious. "Daddy, baby … Daddy’s greatest wish is that you can find a good father who can pamper you and love your husband like daddy treats his mother."
"Dad …" Stop laughing early and jump into Han Chengyi’s arms. "Dad doesn’t remember anything early but loves you early."
"Good father knows early". Han Chengyi couldn’t help but get wet eyes and was full of acidity. It turned out that marrying a daughter was such a bad mood. It is said that marrying a daughter’s father is even more reluctant to take it seriously.
"Remember to come home more often after you get married and learn from your mother. She has made posts for me in her life."
"Well," I shed tears early and kept nodding with my father. "I will often come back to see my parents early."
The car stopped. Han Chengyi got off the bus early and walked to the door. He held out his hand early. "Come and give your hand to Dad early …"
Nodded early and handed his hand to Han Chengyi’s palm.
Maybe it’s because I cried just now. I sprained my foot when I was driving early. I took my foot out of my shoe and stepped on the carpet. Suddenly there was a silence, which was unlucky.
Early nervous looking at his father "dad …"
She left her father with a pair of beautiful peach eyes, and now she blinked uneasily and asked her father … Did she get into trouble early?
"Go and get a new pair of shoes for Miss Sun!"
Commanded perfect Han Chengyi micro Cu eyebrow simply will tasikmalaya hold up early.
"It’s okay. I’m not afraid to have a father early. No matter what I do early, my father can help you settle it … Don’t think too much about being happy early."
"Well," I felt that my father was like a hero in her life at the moment when I rested in my father’s arms early.
….. Wait! A hero in life?
Why do you think there seems to be another person in this brain? Who else but my father? I can’t remember my heart again.
Han Chengyi walked to Lei Yaohui along the red carpet with the music early, and the person also brought the shoes at this time. "Children …"
"Well," Han Chengyi nodded and looked at Lei Yaohui. "Help you to wear it early!"
"It’s the father-in-law." Lei Yaohui didn’t ask much. He squatted down to the ground with his shoes. Han Chengyi put it early. Lei Yaohui held his feet early and carefully put on his shoes for her. He was relieved again in the ground early.
The bride’s appearance in this way was so cherished by her father and groom. After the shock, there was a clap of hands and everyone was so excited and envious.
Han Chengyi completed his mission and retired to sit beside his wife.
Le Xuewei immediately clasped his hand and clasped his fingers against his ear to write a novel "Hold back! Don’t cry or your image in my mind will be ruined. "
Then how can I do it? That must not!
Han Chengyi blinked hard and forced the tears back.
As a result, at the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom formally swore and exchanged rings to salute their parents. Just now, they also said that they should never cry. Le Xuewei cried with tears all over her face.
"Okay, okay, don’t cry!" Han Chengyi took out a handkerchief and was not anxious enough to tear the western sleeve to wipe tears for his wife. "Crying so sad?" It’s a pleasure to get married early! "

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