Or after this door came here, the big fellow went away. I tapped twice, and there was a light sound inside. It was a dream. Come on in. It’s not that deep voice. It’s a soft and noble voice.

I pushed the door and went in. I saw a beautiful woman in a palace. She looked at me with amorous feelings. I asked her and nodded. I can’t believe that yesterday, a teenager in China was dressed as this beautiful woman.
Yaner thanked the public for saving her, and she gave me a little gift.
No, that’s not my business. Thank the one who brought you back.
I have thanked sister Han, and besides, should I thank you or should I?
I’m afraid that none of them will admit me now. I’m a threat to them now
Cang Yan nodded. If Gong Yan’s son can adjust the military strength to help Gong Yi.
I gave her a deep look, and now I really want to know your true identity. It’s no small matter to adjust the army. Cang Yan smiled gently and took a gold medal from her arms and handed it to me.
When I stepped into the city gate, I felt that it wasn’t shy. I walked into a very ordinary restaurant and sat in a window position on the second floor. I casually ordered a few side dishes and a pot of tea, and my eyes were set on street vendors to sell residents’ bargaining. It was a bustling scene. Two old beggars crouched in the deserted corner of the street corner and answered, this is the reality. I sighed. I stopped Xiao Er from putting the side dishes on the table in front of me. Xiao Er, please send them to them and give me another one.
Gong Xiaoer looked at me suspiciously as if he had met something incredible.
Go ahead. I nodded to him.
It was Xiao Erjing who took a look at me and walked to the building with something. You are a good man. Xiao Ermeng turned around and said, then walked quickly.
Good man, I smiled.
When I looked out of the window again, the little two had put the things in front of the two old beggars, saying something in their mouths and pointing to me from time to time. The two beggars nodded to me with gratitude, and I smiled and poured the tea into the cup and held it in my hand to play with.
Gong Xiao er brought a plate of things in his hand and said with respect.
I nodded to him and let it go.
It was Xiao Er who should be careful to put plates on the table.
I’ve worked here for three years, and I’ve never seen such a good person as you. Even if you give alms, it’s just talking while doing things in front of people.
Everyone sweeps the snow in front of the door and doesn’t care about others’ tile frost. Second brother, you don’t do a lot of things for nothing. Take me for example. I don’t have spare money at hand, and I have to make a living just like them. Do you know if I will do this again?
But don’t say goodbye, let’s talk about those grandfathers. Of course, we don’t have much here. Xiao Er put things away and actually took a seat. Let’s talk about those grandfathers. They’re not always in danger, are they? But what have they done?
What did Sam do? Can you sit on the floor? When the boss came, Xiao Er shouted and shivered, only to find that he was sitting here, smiling modestly at me and running away.
I picked up chopsticks with a smile on my face.
My master has been looking for you for a long time. When I was eating, a voice sounded from my side. When I looked up, it was the big fellow sent by Cang Yan that day.
Is she okay? I put chopsticks and asked
It’s okay, it’s okay, the big fellow is grinning, and this time it’s thanks to Gong, or we’ll all be guilty of dereliction of duty. The tone is extremely respectful
Dream 86 floats 86 miles away. I want to talk. I come from the stairs in anger. When I look back, it’s actually my junior sister’s magic agarwood. At this moment, she looks at me with a full face of Shaqi.
Oh, it’s Princess Aquilaria. I’m all smiles at once. Why did the princess come here so cheerfully? Is Liuyun Building full?
Where do you care where I go? Aquilaria quickly came up to me and got angry. I must have left a curse that day and she reached out to me.
What? I can’t imagine what I owe her.
Mental loss she vomited a noun that made me jump on the street. What did I do to ask me for mental loss?
You’re still pretending. What did you do in the Woods that day? You made a delicate picture of agarwood. People looked at me and my eyes were all fixed. Otherwise, I felt like spraying blood. Elder sister, even if you looked at me, you can’t be so mean. I’m innocent. I seem to see it drifting away from me. I don’t want any mental loss. I’ll pay direct responsibility. Come and give it to your husband. I’ll beat my legs.
This time, it was her turn to be dumbfounded. This cute little mouth stared at my face and a red cloud rose. Then there was a sly flash in her eyes. It was not easy to marry me. First, you had to enter the magic door, then you had to go through my father. Finally, you had to break the taboo. Of course, the most important thing was that I agreed.
Haha, I took her into my arms with a chuckle and a slight kiss on her mouth. You said we were all like this first. Can you disagree? I looked at her badly, and she looked at me with a drunk face.
Cough cough aside, the big fellow couldn’t help coughing a few times to wake agarwood.
I hate it. It’s the first kiss. I want you to remember it forever.
Ah, I let out a scream. How can you bite? You can’t push her maliciously. I can hold back the pain. Now she’s biting my shoulder.
I want to leave my mark on you for a long time before Aquilaria gave it to my mouth and quickly took a small bottle from my arms and poured some powder on my shoulder so that the mark wouldn’t disappear. She nodded with satisfaction, but no matter how many people stayed aside and kissed me on the forehead, my concubine went home first. I’ll wait for you to come and pay my dad back. It’s a magic weapon. You’d better get one and jump out of the window to leave a naughty chuckle.
For a moment, the dream of the sword fairy drifted away from the magic door for 86 days. The princess of the poison clan, the magic agarwood, settled down for life in the moon, and became a river city and quickly moved to the rivers and lakes.
Listen to the wind, farewell to the hospital or here. When the carriage stopped, I came into view. These four words are still there, but look around and there are a lot more people.
Let’s go. My master waited for a familiar scene. I hope I won’t be taken away again this time. I smiled gently and went in.
Or after this door came here, the big fellow went away. I tapped twice, and there was a light sound inside. It was a dream. Come on in. It’s not that deep voice. It’s a soft and noble voice.

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