"There are colorful magic crystals everywhere. Haha, boss, you can find that you are so great for such a big and colorful magic crystal mine! This is the boss. Did you get us a big job? It’s really a big job, brothers. Dig it for me! !”

"Wait, wait!" Nine heavy pendulum motioning with his hand to drink will be a cow to workers and others humanitarian "this colorful magic crystal doesn’t matter here and can’t run any time can be dug! I’m not looking for a big job for you, it’s them! !” Nine-fold refers to the bodies of the Tibetan king, the ghost Lu Bu and the fierce Xiang Yu.
"What is this? !” People are curious to look at the three bodies, because the bodies of the earth treasure king, the ghosts and gods Lu Bu and the demon Xiang Yu are so huge that even now they are lying on the ground as majestic as mountains. People can’t see their faces naturally, so they don’t know if this is the bodies of three gods or three mountains!
Jiuchong said, "that gold is the golden body of the earth treasure king! And these two black and red colors are the ghosts and gods Lu Bu and the fierce god Xiang Yu! "
"… ah? ! !” All smell speech is opened his mouth to dare not believe looked at nine heavy way "no boss, you actually put this kind of fierce people are quite dry? !”
Jiuzhong shook his head. "I didn’t kill them. They fought each other. I just took advantage of the fishermen and took their souls!" "
All of a sudden a pair of dead fish eyes looking at the nine heavy way "eldest brother you really have enough dumb luck? This kind of good thing can let you to touch! !”
"What is dumb luck I also contributed, ok? Can they fight like this without me? !” Jiuchong shook his head and said, "Come on, don’t talk about it. I called you here today to get these three bodies back for me!"
Xia Dongdong said, "Boss, I don’t know what to say when it’s inappropriate."? !”
"If you have something to say, just fart!"
"You kill people and dismember. Isn’t that a bit cruel? !”
"Cruel, you and I think, who told them that they are all treasures!" Jiuzhong pointed to the bodies of the three gods and said, "Do you know that their bodies are all top forged materials!"
"What? Is there such a thing? !” Just now, I was shocked when I visited Xia Dongdong. I didn’t pay attention to it carefully. After listening to Jiuzhong’s words, I found that it was really like Jiuzhong’s words. These three bodies are all top forged materials!
Look at the summer, winter and winter twist back firmly. "Boss, chop them up quickly, or we’ll lose a lot when their bodies disappear!" Don’t do it, hurry up and do it! !”
"oh oh!" To work to react to say hello to a "brothers! !”
All hands on Jiuchong and returned to Dongdong Weapons Store to divide the remaining miners into two batches and get them over! Although there are 100 people now, the manpower is still too thin for the huge bodies of the earth treasure king, the ghost Lu Bu and the demon Xiang Yu. It is estimated that they will not be finished before their bodies disappear! Jiuzhong also wants to get all the miners of Hell Blossom, but he can also think about sending the ring three times a day, and now it’s over!
The digger was there, leading 100 miners in full swing to dismember Jiuzhong and Xia Dongdong, watching Xia Dongdong from the side, and asked, "Where have you been to the souls of these three fierce brothers?" !”
"The soul of the earth treasure king made me control the spirit, leaving the ghosts and gods Lu Bu and the evil spirit Xiang Yu …!" Jiuzhong took out the mastermind beads from his backpack and said, "It’s in here!"
"Ha ha great!"
"Good what? !”
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Wish you happiness
Xia Dongdong excitedly rubbed his hands. "Eldest brother, do you want to? The ghosts and gods Lu Bu and the demon Xiang Yu are all forging top materials for attack weapons, so wouldn’t their souls be worse? ! I dare say that if Li Bu and Xiang Yu’s evil spirits are reincarnated, they will definitely get a super offensive artifact! !”
"… super offensive artifact? !” Jiuzhong raised his dragon fist and clutched it with fascination. "Hehe … Dongdong, I’ll leave it to you ~!"
How many years have Xia Dongdong been mixed up with Jiuchong? Without mentioning Jiuchong, he can Bai Jiuzhong with a look and a move. "But, but the boss, any equipment is doomed to be risky and may fail! Once the spirit injection fails, it will be a chicken flying eggs to hit you, and the dragon boxing will be set up. If it is broken, it will be scrap iron. You will get a red heart and two hands to prepare! "
"If you dare to mess it up for me, I’ll send you to the Cowherd Store to meet guests!"
"Eldest brother, you are too dark! !”
"Come on, you can split up with them here first. I’ll pay one!" After saying that, I ran in the direction where Princess Xiangxiang was. After a while, I came to Princess Xiangxiang and said, "Let’s go, Xiangxiang, let’s make it!"
"… hmm!" Princess Xiang Xiang nodded.
Although the fixed-point body-sending function has not been completed today, the body-sending function to the town has not been completed once. Immediately, Jiuzhong took Xiang Xiang’s hand to point the body-sending function to the town and chose the city of Yan Wang and appeared in the city of Yan Wang with a moment of disappearance!
Although there are also cities in the city of Yan, it is limited to the ghost world, so it can’t be sent across borders. This is why players have to go through the ghost gate to enter the city of Yan!
Out of the farewell party, two people came all the way to the Temple of Hades to find Yan Luowang, and Yan Luowang was overjoyed to see the safe return of Jiuchong and Xiangxiang Princess. "My dear brother, you came back, and I still can’t come back to you! So you succeeded in stopping the fight, and all three living ancestors stopped? !”
"Stop!" Jiuzhong smiled and nodded and said, "Stop forever! They won’t bother you anymore!"
"… die forever? !” Yan Luowang listened to Jiuchong HuaLiYouHua and asked, "Good brother, how do you say this? !”
Jiuzhong said, "I killed the earth treasure king, the ghost Lu Bu and the evil god Xiang Yu!"
"What … what … what?" Yan Luowang almost fell off "you say that again? !”
"I said that your three living ancestors were all killed by me and your soul was collected by me. You can feel at ease ~!"
"I … I don’t care!" Yan Luowang face big suddenly turn hostile meat quickly squeezed into a face of embarrassing state "you … how can you kill them? ! !”
Jiuchong said, "What an embarrassment! I’ll finish what you want! "
"When will I let you kill them? !”
"I have spoken by a generation of Yan Luowang himself and still dare to default. Didn’t you tell me you wanted me to settle these three living ancestors? What do you mean’ smooth’? This is from China, I knew it! Xiang Xiang, do you know what’ ping’ means? !”
"…’ settle’ means’ get rid of’, which means’ kill’!" Princess Xiang Xiang is serious
“……! !” Yan Luowang suddenly speaks English.
Jiuchong said, "Do you think everyone knows that’ settling’ means’ killing’? Do you think you can let me kill me without killing me? Besides, our agreement has been signed in black and white, and it is written there. I can’t run away from you! "
"Finished finished finished! !” Yan Luowang’s manners were so clumsy that he went straight back and forth in the temple of Yamaraja. "The ghosts and gods Lyu3 bu4 and the demon Xiang Yu killed it, but once the bodhisattva, a Buddhist elder, let the Buddhist know that the Tibetan king died in me, the Tathagata had to tear down my Yamaraja temple with the Buddhist paradise and cramp and skin me!" Oh, my God, good brother, you’re killing the king. I … I strangled you! !” Yan Luowang emotional came to pinch nine heavy!
Nine heavy looked at directly lift a foot artillery will insanity Yan Luowang kick fly out, "I said Yan Luowang you have no problem with epilepsy crazy ah you? Thanks to the fact that you are still a generation of Yan, such a big thing can scare you like this? !”
Yan Luowang smell speech almost cried "blare … what do you mean by such a big thing? Do you know that the position of the earth treasure king in the Buddhist world is as important as that of your records minister in the imperial court? What will you do if you kill the records minister in the imperial court? ! I’m sure I’ll tear you apart, shatter your bones and raise your ashes! !”
"Hum!" Nine heavy disdain cold hum a "when the sky fried my skin? ! It’s not his turn, because he’s already dead in my hands! "
“……! !” Yan Luowang smell speech immediately blindsided to want to cry!
"All right, all right!" Nine heavy clap Yan Luowang shoulder way "aren’t you afraid of responsibility? I’ll show you the way to save your life! "
Yan Luowang immediately as urgent as grasping at straws "what way? ! Dear brother, speak quickly! !” Yan Luowang’s nine-fold name has changed back to someone who wants something.
Jiuchong said, "It’s very simple. You go to the Temple of Heaven and report to your commander in chief, the Jade Emperor, that the earth treasure king tried to violently turn ghosts and gods into Lu Bu and Xiang Yu, who knows that stealing chickens and costly didn’t turn rice into rice, and the two sides ended up dead together! Isn’t that the end? It’s all their own death. Do you have any money? ! Why are you responsible? !”
"Hey, yes!" Yan Luowang smell speech suddenly shine at the moment, blunt nine thumbs up shout "listen to a word from a good brother is better than reading for ten years! Before it’s too late, I’ll report to the jade emperor in heaven now! !” Say Yan Luowang will leave!
Nine heavy a stopped it, "yeah, don’t go yet! I helped you get rid of these three living ancestors. You promised to give me a reward? !”
"Oh, yes, yes, yes, my brother. I forgot!" Yan Luowang took out the virtual door that Jiuzhong had seen before from her arms and handed it to Jiuzhong. "This will give you the tenth floor of hell after it covers the entrance of the original ten floors of hell!"
"That’s more like it!" Jiuzhong gladly took the virtual door, looked it in his hand and put it in his backpack.
"Good good brother, I’m going to heaven to see you off now. Let’s meet again soon! !” Say Yan Luowang and crazy ran out of the Yamaraja temple!
"This matter won’t have to find my head then … I’ll talk about it when I think about it!" Jiuzhong turned to Princess Xiangxiang and said, "Let’s go, Xiangxiang is just the last step. We have to go back to the tenth floor of hell, but this time we can walk over. The number of times I sent the ring to the designated delivery function is over today!" Then I took Princess Xiangxiang’s hand and left, but it was held by Princess Xiangxiang!
Princess Xiangxiang clutched Jiuchong’s hands tightly with tears looming in her eyes. She looked at Jiuchong with a complicated expression. "I want to tell you something sacred!"
"What’s the matter?" Nine heavy blows sweet sweet princess qiao face way "what is it? Say it! "
Princess Xiang Xiang stared at Jiuzhong lovingly and bit her lip for a long time before saying, "Holy though … although I like you very, very much, but … you already have a girlfriend, I can’t ruin your love … I don’t want to be a third party! So … let’s stop here! " Princess Xiang Xiang suddenly broke free from the tears in her big hands and smiled. "I wish you happiness … goodbye! !” Say don’t wait for nine heavy reaction directly a scroll back to the city fell to the ground, a dazzling light up beautiful image by disappearing!
“……! !” Looking at the place where Princess Xiangxiang disappeared, Jiuchong was stupid there!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Regression
Jiuzhong didn’t expect Princess Xiangxiang to suddenly make such a move, and she was a little overwhelmed for a while. However, Jiuzhong was determined to be tough and soon calmed down to think and turn her mind, and instantly smoothed the process of meeting Princess Xiangxiang, knowing each other and falling in love, and now she left from beginning to end!
I can be sure that Princess Xiangxiang likes herself. I can feel it from the moment when Princess Xiangxiang kissed me deeply and just left!
Want to know this nine-fold hope Xiang Xiang princess disappeared place blazing with anger unswervingly "Xiang Xiang … you shouldn’t let me meet you, but since I met you, I can’t run away. You are destined to be my woman in this generation. Sooner or later, I will get you back! !”
It’s like swearing. Say Nine Heavens and grow a mouthful of energy. Leave the Yamaraja Temple and return to the tenth floor of hell!
It’s much easier to act alone with Jiuzhong. Jiuzhong’s direct combination of small black and white enters the overspeed state, and it’s a great surprise. Without monster contact for a quarter of an hour, it will cross the seventeenth floor of hell and come to the entrance of the tenth floor of hell!
The 17-story hell monster Luo Cha has been refreshed, but the bottom BOSS Ghost King seems to have been refreshed for a long time, and it has not been brushed out yet. The big square seems to be swinging, and there are ten floors of hell entrances isolated in the square!

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