"No, I don’t believe it!" Le Xuewei stubbornly pushed Han Chengyi to dial the number of Quliyang.

But no matter how many times she dials, she shows the machine! It’s obvious that he won’t answer her again!
"Ah, ah …" Le Xuewei almost fainted from crying. She was physically overdrawn, sad and had such a huge debt falling from the sky. Her life entered an unprecedented gloom.
Han Chengyi hooked up her fingers and brushed her messy hair across her porcelain white face. She looked into her eyes and said, "Well, it’s enough to cry for so long. Listen to me, okay?"
His tawny eyes reflected her pear blossom with rain.
Le Xuewei looked puzzled at Han Chengyi. Did he have something to say to her?
"I’m just saying, you give me the money and I’ll help you pay it back." Han Chengyi said simply and nonsense without a word.
What did Le Xuewei stay? What, she has to hear that again and again? She broke free from Han Chengyi and roared, "You are so bullying! Why do you humiliate me so much? I am miserable but I don’t sell it! "
Han Chengyi had already guessed her reaction. If she is so easy to lose, then she is not Le Xuewei.
His handsome face seemed calm and casually said, "If you think about it clearly, it’s not a small sum, and the usury interest is high. I’m afraid it will be more than that in a couple of days. Do you have a better way than to talk to me?"
"Hum!" Le Xuewei shook her head and smiled miserably. The wet face was shining with obedience and strength. "I wouldn’t change money in this way even if I was sleeping on the street and being hunted down!" You are dead! I won’t bend! "
Han Chengyi can’t see disappointment, calm face and tiny jaw. "Ok, since you don’t want to, I won’t insist. I hate forcing others the most in my life."
Le Xuewei didn’t want to talk to him any more. She pulled the door and went out. Han Chengyi stopped her again after a few steps. "If you change your mind, I’m always welcome."
Le Xuewei didn’t look back at her slender shoulders and paused. Her mouth was tight and her teeth were clenched. She resolutely got out of the car …
Flash in the dark sky like ink, fry as if burning the thread, horribly light up the sky, the sky is cut apart, and thunder rumbles, followed by approaching the sky from a distant horizon, and the earth shakes in an instant.
Le Xuewei covered her heart and gasped in the heavy rain. "Ah, ah …"
After being chased by loan sharks for a day, I really have no strength. Le Xuewei sat down on the ground holding the wall.
"What about people? I just saw it running this way … Show me carefully! "
"Never let that girl get away!"
Those people are coming again! Le Xuewei is exhausted and can’t run any more!
Two strong lights came in from the narrow lane and hit Le Xuewei in the face. She could raise her hand to stop it.
"Eldest brother this girl here! Found it! "
The loan shark is approaching Le Xuewei step by step. Le Xuewei can get up and run in, but this is a dead end. There is a way out ahead!
"Don’t, don’t come!" Le Xuewei kept leaning back and sticking to the wall, but those people were still approaching!
"Girl run! You run again! See where you are going this time! "
"No, you don’t come here! Money is not something I can’t borrow! " Le Xuewei’s face was wet and bright, and she didn’t know whether it was rain or tears.
"Hey, we don’t care about this. We know that Qu Liyang ran away and you have to pay back the money!"
"Come on! Give me back! "
Those people immediately poured in to catch her Le Xuewei and struggled desperately "Let me go! Let me go! Don’t touch me … help! "
However, how can she resist these strong men with her slender and petite body? Le Xuewei was dragged out of the lane by force. She knelt on the ground and slipped out all the way, but at this time, the pain was not important, and the huge panic covered everything up!
"Please leave me alone. I don’t have that much money!" There was a deafening thunderbolt overhead, and the sky seemed to be broken, and the raindrops grew bigger. Le Xuewei curled up and the raindrops kept falling on her.
Suddenly, a Rolls-Royce galloped in the heavy rain, and the wheels slid rapidly on the bridge deck, splashing water and rubbing several tiny sparks on the ground.
The door was beaten by Ni Jun with an umbrella to protect Han Chengyi’s car. Han Chengyi looked around the scene. generate gave a hint of murder in the eyes of a narrow peach blossom. Shu Er raised his hand and slapped Ni Jun in the face.
"Damn it!" Nijun got hit and his mouth oozed blood, but he still dared not move straight.
Han Chengyi one by one very slowly lit the jaw YinZhi eyes light looked around anger soared to the extreme "is that what you do? Do you remember what I said? Know what to do? "
"It’s three little"

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