The crowd was lonely and terrible, but for everyone’s affection for this approachable tomb, Wang Shi, who listened to his words, I’m afraid I couldn’t help rushing away now.

"Why don’t you talk is dumb? Or are you worried that my words can’t be fulfilled? Don’t you ask about the whole South Lincheng, except my father, who is the most powerful speaker, and I, Master Nangong Jia? " Just as he was talking, Nangong Jia found Muqingfeng, a well-dressed man in the crowd.
"Young rabbit dare and master I rob to eat? You are impatient to live, aren’t you! "
Mu Qingfeng looked at Nangong Jia indifferently like a mad dog. It’s really sad that she didn’t know that she was in trouble.
Nangong Jia continued to scold the unappreciative Muqingfeng, and suddenly found the snow lotus beside Muqingfeng. After being rescued from the second time, Snow lotus has slightly modified her appearance. After all, no one wants to show her bad side around her lover, but even if she hides it a little, it is not as earth-shattering as the common rouge powder. What’s more, she has never seen any world.
"I’m the beautiful maid around you. I want you to give her to me for offending me today. I won’t dispute with you." Nangong Jia stared at Xuelian’s saliva and didn’t know it.
"Hear no one say you are my beautiful house? Besides, why are you always stared at by such people? First the war reputation and this Nangong Jia "Muqingfeng gently teased Snow Lotus.
"Die, you little brat! How dare you flirt with me? How dare you say that I think you and Wan Ku in your mouth are tarred with the same brush! " Saussurea’s little daughter makes Nangong Jia salivate,
"I’m talking to you! ! If you don’t promise me, tell my dad that you are making trouble in the army and your family will go to jail. It’s up to you! !” The nangongshan jia looked at MuQingFeng ignore yourself just go on the rampage.
"In that case, why doesn’t the Nangong gentleman come to ask for someone himself?" Listening to Nangong Jia’s foul language, Mu Qingfeng’s eyes showed cold light.
"In that case, I’m not at all. You are still very sensible! ! When the time comes, the benefits will be indispensable. "You are carried away by the color heart. Nangong Jia can’t wait to jump to the horse and stretch out his dirty hand to catch it from Xuelian."
Haven’t met snow lotus son his hand was mu mountains iron tongs general hand grasp the nangongshan fine theory such as hard to break free.
"Rebellion! You untouchables dare to rebel and come and arrest them all! !” Nangong Jia shouted like a pig, showing how strong Mu Chongshan had been.
Who watched their Lord being held hostage and immediately rushed over, but the dog legs who bullied men and bullied women all the year round were battle-hardened and their opponents were not many, and soon they were beaten to the ground and cried, and the soldiers around them shouted after seeing them.
"The inside out, the inside out, I want my dad to sue you for rebellion. None of you want to live! Ah, it hurts! !” Nangong Jia shouted when she saw her own people being knocked down and crazy.
"Mu and your martial arts have regressed recently? Even a dude can’t control me. I think the position of the guard has changed. "Muqingfeng smiled cynically.
"The world is joking. Since the world suspects that this waste has affected the mood, it depends on the means at the end." Say that finish, Mu Chongshan secretly transports the Nangong Jia’s right hand and crushes it. You know Mu Chongshan is the most important thing to practice Cangshan’s strength, let alone a pair of meat palms. I am afraid it is a rock and he can crush it.
"Ow!" A Nangong Jia fainted with pain.
"You you you exactly is what person? Not afraid of the king’s law? " A man trembled and said
"Hurry back and tell your master that if he still wants his baby’s life, he will come to visit Ling Wangshi quickly! !” Mu Chongshan threw the Nangong Jia, who fainted, back and said maliciously
Who frightened out of my wits ran to the city at this time Lin Wang said to MuQingFeng; "Thank the world for coming out, but is it worth it?"
"Worth it?" Mu Qingfeng shouted, "I don’t know if it’s worth it when you leave your homeland to guard the frontier and leave everything behind;" I don’t know if it’s worth it when you risk your lives and fight hard to put your lives aside; When you submit to humiliation and guard my father’s request, I don’t know if it’s worth it. I know that our mausoleum Wang Jun is a man with indomitable spirit. We are sitting in the middle of nowhere. Whoever dares to make things difficult for us, I will call him a life-and-death dilemma! ! !”
"Ling Wang Chitose! !”
"The chitose! !”
Watching his backbone so hard, the crowd burst into an avalanche.
"That we can’t fall off the prestige ling Wang Jun listen to lined up! Obey the orders of the world! " Lin Wang knew that there was nothing left to say, so he prepared himself for the coming storm.
The army of Mausoleum Palace is well-trained and elite, and soon it will line up neatly behind Muqingfeng. Nothing can shake their firm determination in the whole training ground.
It wasn’t long before there was a noise in front of the camp. It seems that Nangong Jia’s father has arrived.
A group of soldiers and horses swarmed with a civilian dressed up and walked to the front. The civilian couldn’t help but fly into a rage when he saw that he was in a coma.
"Ling Wang Shi’s great power and prestige is to hurt my son, so can Ling Wang Ren be a king? Nangong Crane, the prefect of the old man’s southern Lincheng, will report to the court and ask the War Lord for justice! "
"The Nangong satrap is really sharp-tongued and sharp-tongued. It seems that it’s really something to get to this position. If you come, don’t ask me to convict me indiscriminately. You know that our mausoleum palace is not a soft persimmon. Even if you Nangong report saw me, you have to be called a good nephew. What kind of onion is an old thing?" Who is really not afraid of fighting Muqingfeng?
What virtue is my son? I know that my son has hit the iron plate this time when I hear the child.after careful consideration, Nangong Crane decided to seize the people first by relying on his support from Nanyue King, and planned to form an army to scare off Muqingfeng. However, it is difficult for him to ride a tiger now.
"Don’t be aggressive. My son is seriously injured now. It’s an ironclad fact. Please give me my son first so that I can heal today. Even if it is a misunderstanding, otherwise," Nangong Crane Xuan glanced at the staff behind him and showed his opinion. He brought the army and pulled out his knife.
"Or what?" Mu Qingfeng said lightly that the surrounding Ling Wang Jun was unmoved as if it were clay sculpture.
"Otherwise, the South Lincheng army rescued the captured dogs, and the rebels fought on a large scale, even if the world was going to fall into the disorderly army. If this is the case, the good news will be that Wang Shi was cut off by the chaotic army in the South Lincheng, and the rescue was poor." The Nangong Crane Pavilion said that the troops behind him were also yelling and yelling, and there was no soldier who didn’t know that fighting was not based on more people.
"Then try it! !” Muqingfeng knife-shaped eyebrows a pick to drink.
"Ling Wang Jun!" Lin Wang shouted.
"invincible! !” Everyone pulled out their weapons. Although there were few people in Wang Jun, the weapons and equipment were not good, but they reached a fighting spirit and the temperature of the playground suddenly dropped.
"Ling Wang Jun!" Lin Wang shouted again.
"kill! ! Kill! ! Kill! !” Wang Jun, from different tombs in Uzbekistan across the street, has a long knife in his hand pointing straight to the team in the opposite Nangong Crane Pavilion.
"The nangongshan satrap! ! How about trying? ! !” Muqingfeng also shouted
venomous scheme
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I’ve never seen such an imposing army before. It’s not once or twice that Nangong Crane came to this barracks. After being instructed by Yue Wang, he incited his son to make trouble three times and five times, hoping to drive them away. Every time, the people in Ling Wangfu always submit to humiliation, but this time the arrival of Ling Wangshi seems to let them find the backbone and vent all their anger.
Most of Nangong Crane’s troops are from Uzbekistan. Usually, it’s a bit like this to bully the people, but some people actually tremble with their knives. If the number of people doesn’t dominate, many people may run away.
Ling Wang Jun shouted slogans and marched with neat steps. When Ling Wang Jun took a step forward, the Nangong Crane Army took a step back. Even people with no experience saw this scene and knew that the battle was won or lost. If Nangong Crane insisted on unlucky, it must be himself.
"Ling wang shi what are you doing? Gather people to mutiny? " The nangongshan crane looked at retreat can retreat situation bite a tooth big say
"How the nangongshan adults afraid? Not to find the singling out? "The nangongshan crane bully makes himself feel funny. Is he really scared? Will bend in front of the army?
"I warn the world that your official is a court official. If you kill me, even if you are a Ling Wangfu, you will be more than one bargained for!" I found that the opposite Muqingfeng didn’t retreat at all. Nangong Crane was really a little scared. Maybe he could really kill himself. Nangong Crane hated himself for letting Nangong Jia get involved in this muddy water.
"Didn’t you teach me? I heard that the Nangong adults were trapped in the siege of the South Lincheng military camp incident. No Nangong adults were killed. I think the court will pursue the loyal Nangong adults! !” Mu Qingfeng smiled badly.
It’s a great irony to say these words out of Mu Qingfeng’s mouth just now.
"The strange officer just watched the dog get caught. He was impatient and gibberish. He still looked forward to the past and let bygones be bygones. We are all summer people. Don’t fight each other. Everything is easy to discuss." Now the Nangong Crane has to bow its head and admit it.
I didn’t intend to really fight the Nangong Crane when I came to Muqingfeng. He was aggressive as soon as he came, and there was no way to come up with this strategy. Now the Nangong Crane is soft.
"The nangongshan adults really willing to reconciliation?" Mu Qingfeng asked
"The official is willing to do whatever the official wants, even though I will meet it." Nangong Jia was overjoyed to see things turn around.

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