Everyone smells silence.

Although the raccoon dog has fatal bad habits and can work, there is no doubt that he quickly said, "I’ll go to the door on both sides of your corridor."
Brother Owl listened to the raccoon and walked quickly to the car without interrupting.
They picked up their guns and immediately hid on both sides of the corridor at the door.
"Don’t come back if you can’t get out when you hear a gunshot." The raccoon dog immediately hung up the phone and walked to the canvas bag and bowed his head and picked up two guns.
Outside, a chubby middle-aged man dressed in casual clothes shouted, "Door Street Defense Department verifies a residence permit."
Beaver smell walked over and looked easily pulled the door.
The chubby middle-aged man said casually with a pen in his hand, "Several people in the room called me out to verify a residence permit."
"Ha ha, just two or three people." The raccoon dog waved his hand. "Come on, you can come in and talk."
"Hehe, no, I should step on the ground when I enter the house with snow on my feet." Middle-aged smile "Just call someone over and fill out a form!"
Beaver door twist a head glanced at kuang corridor saw the corner of the stairs is black induction lamp didn’t light, but the stairs are not melted snow footprints.
"You call a person" Middle-aged looked up and urged 1.
"ah! Ok, "the raccoon dog nodded with a smile and turned around and shouted," Dahuang, there are people upstairs! "
Pushing the bolt to sound, rhubarb suddenly rushed out from the left side of the corridor with a gun.
The raccoon dog moved sideways and gave way to its position directly.
The wrong shot can’t prevent middle-aged people from being hit by shotguns, and their chests are broken and they fall on their backs.
"If you want to fight quickly, you will die!" The raccoon dog roared and took the lead in rushing out of the room, leaning against the door panel, holding two guns in his hands and aiming at the stairs, and pulled the trigger.
"High-pitched …!"
The gun went off in a hurry, and the police officer was just about to rush when he was pushed back by a row of raccoons.
After the rhubarb three boys rushed out with guns, one helped the raccoon gun to suppress the square stairs, while the other two walked quickly to the building with a steady pace and a distance of one meter.
A second later.
There was a fierce exchange of fire at the corner of the stairs between the two buildings.
At the same time, the police officers in the corridor shouted with an intercom, "Report Liu Dui, they were surprised before they got angry!"
Liu Baochen, the commander of the building remote control, stormed and shouted, "I always collected my mobile phone and didn’t call his team for support!" Why are they still surprised? There must be a ghost to help them! "
On the stairs, two young men stood back with guns and sweated their foreheads. "There are six or seven people lying in ambush in the building!"
Rhubarb shouted in shorts.
The two boys retreated to the floor again.
Rhubarb took out two loose-hair grenades from the canvas bag and bit the safety ring. The left side of the body clung to the wall, and the body looked down and waved at the corner of the stairs and threw the thunder.
Two grenades flew straight to the corner of the stairs and the wall fell to the sixth floor steps in an inverse triangle parabola.
The building has been ambushed, and the police quickly retreated to the building. One of them squatted down and erected an explosion-proof shield for the first time.
Two violent explosions sounded, and police officers armed with explosion-proof shields were blown half a meter away, and their legs were hit by Grenade fragments, and they lost their ability to act on the spot.
Building Liu Baochen listened to the explosion and shouted hysterically, "They have hard guys in their hands. Don’t just retreat to the building first!"
In fact, everyone must have to go upstairs without Liu Baochen’s command, because their former roots didn’t count on this help of thunder to react before, and now they are caught off guard and don’t know how many gangsters there are. There will be many casualties when the corridor is blocked hard.
All the police officers dragged the wounded and fled quickly to the building.
In front of the rhubarb top, the crowd quickly retreated to the building, while the raccoon dragged the last person with another guy to pinch the thunder and roared, "Fuck you, if you want me to pull out the safety ring when I see your horse!"
The per capita quality of Xiao Ge’s team is not only as bad as that of police officers, but also the familiarity and tacit cooperation of the teams are comparable to those of some special units.
The five people finally kept a distance of about half a staircase and approached the building steadily, and the reason for this was that Dahuang and they were always on guard against each other throwing thunder, so if everyone got together, they would definitely get a discount.
After they rushed to the first floor, rhubarb wiped his forehead sweat and turned around and shouted, "It must be that people go out and run away! If blocked, try not to get caught alive … Otherwise, whoever suffers vomits in it, then our living brother must kill his house. "
"I thought of this day when I was in this business," the young man next to me replied in a low voice. "Don’t worry, we all know the rules."
"Ready to rush!" Rhubarb gnashed his teeth and roared.
Three seconds later
When the raccoon dog kicks the stairs, the iron gate holds the gun and rushes to the outdoor fire.
The young man on the left got out of the corridor with a gun, turned his head to shoot at one side of the boiler room and ran wildly to the west side.
A big owl team advantage instantaneous police officers casing shot two people hug the fire directly to the young man knocked down in situ.

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