"Delicious-"Liu Sunseeker’s late reply suddenly occurred to him that this question seems ambiguous. Will this smelly rascal die if he doesn’t molest her?

But she couldn’t help being teased by him again and made a big blush.
But the handsome man didn’t intend to let her go, but whispered in his ear, "Would you like some more?"
Whether to eat cakes or eat his mouth, Liu Xixi rolled her eyes and wanted to refuse. Ya actually felt a little reluctant to part with the kiss just now, which was so sweet that she was reluctant to part, but if she didn’t refuse, wouldn’t she be ashamed?
When she was hesitating about the war between heaven and man, she heard Xiao Gu running panting and shouting "Diandian".
And then I saw that I couldn’t find a Y in my own temple.
Small gu couldn’t help shaking a good cold.
Liu Xixi wanted to laugh a little late. Well, this unhappy thing about Emperor Phoenix Night is so naive. In fact, she just remembered that Emperor Phoenix Night is only twenty years old. In modern times, he is still a college student. He knows that candles give his beloved girl a heart-shaped confession age.
The more I think about it, the more I feel that I should be kind to him. Besides, in fact, he is very poor. He has never grown up at all and has never been in love.
I don’t know why Liu Xixi feels that Emperor Phoenix Night is pitiful, innocent and childlike, so I should take good care of him.
Finally, she happily pushed the wheelchair of Emperor Phoenix Night to see Emperor Zhenyun.
Emperor phoenix touched her nose at night. Isn’t it difficult for this little girl to get it done at ordinary times? Why have you really become so good today?
But no matter what is cheap, it is foolish not to take advantage of it.
So when Emperor Feng night saw that Oriental Jade and Liu Caiyuan were not good at staring at them, he didn’t feel much angry, but he still had to pay for revenge! !
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 354 Favorite sister
"Liu Caiyuan, you finally woke up, father. This woman Y is in a mess, so it’s detrimental to women’s morality. Now you dare to murder my future empress. Please, father must punish me severely, or let others bully me casually."
Say that finish emperor phoenix night injustice is a violent cough.
He was born well, and he was so wronged and sad that even the mother next to him tutted and said, "The Emperor’s Temple is so pitiful. Is this to bully a childless child?"
Emperor Zhen Yun coldly swept Liu Caiyuan as if thinking about something.
Liu Caiyuan was so scared that she fell to the ground and murmured, "The emperor wronged me, and it was Liu Xiye who caused me to lose my virginity. It was her! !”
"Where did Miss Liu speak?" Liu Sunseeker also began to cry at night. Emma just twisted her thigh, which was too heavy. It killed me. "Huang Jian handmaiden went to Dali Temple to seek peace for the temple, the emperor to seek health and the empress to seek good luck, but who knew that Miss Liu had to go with her and refused to take a shortcut with her handmaiden? I knew that you were unbalanced, but I was fine. In fact, I was also very sad. I forgive you."
Look at how delicate a flower is and how generous Bai Lianhua even nodded next to Oriental Jade. "It’s almost the same for a girl in the evening, but why were you so mean to Sister Caiyuan just now?"
Your sister! ! Are you really not a monkey sent to tease? You really didn’t reply to your memory?
Liu Xixi cried even more sadly while spitting in her heart. "That is, that is, I’ve always liked my Oriental sister. She doesn’t have a sister. Seeing that the Oriental sister is good to her as if she were her own sister, she was wrong. She was afraid of her sister’s misunderstanding, and she was a little anxious. She didn’t mean to be fierce."
Oriental Jade sighed, "Then forget it, you don’t really mean it", and then bowed their heads and said to Liu Caiyuan, "Forget it when it’s like this. It’s also very happy for you to think about the country and pray for the emperor in an tang. Your parents and we won’t forget you. I will go to see you if I have it."
Liu Caiyuan "…"
Where the hell are you from? Are you a pig? Believe whoever pretends to feel sorry for you. I want to rip your mouth off.
Liu Cai spend their honeymoons.//with anger in their eyes, they sneer at a "I said that the ambition of the wolf in the evening of Liu Xi killed me, and I also wanted to hurt Aunt Xiao Biao and Aunt Queen. She also wanted to help the temple seize the throne, but you didn’t believe me. Well, I’ll watch how you were cleaned up by her one by one." After that, I said that I was rude and didn’t care about the responsibility. Anyway, I didn’t have to spend money to talk and a lot of meat was naturally trying to provoke everything.
Liu Cai spent their honeymoons.//Say that finish, and then he ran into the scarlet column in front of him. If he was killed, how could he make Emperor Zhenyun doubt it? This is a dead ambition.
However, Emperor Phoenix Night was faster than her. When he waved his hand, Bai grabbed Liu Caiyuan’s hand and kicked her knee. Just listen to Oh, Liu Caiyuan knelt down and tried to get up again, but he felt the pain like a tear in his knee. It turned out to be dislocated.
She was so painful that a big sweat rolled down the floor and rolled around shouting pain.
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Chapter 355 Ancient people are terrible
Oriental jade frightened a clap to fear her infanta status in vain is naturally afraid to hard-pick.
"Bold slave Liu Caiyuan is even sent to an tang. She is also a niece of the Empress. How dare you punish her?" Dongfeng Ruyu’s beautiful eyes stared sharply at Bai.
If I don’t, she will die. Are you Oriental Jade? Are you possessed by a demon? How strange!
Liu Xixi and Bai can’t help but take a step back and want to stay away from the Oriental Jade. They are afraid that she will say anything, and they will be so upset that they will choke her neck to shut her up.
Ya ya, what’s your business here? ! It’s not like meddling.
Oriental jade and low to Liu Caiyuan way "you are dead? It can also make your loved ones suffer. "
Liu Caiyuan’s smell speech finally regained her sanity, but she glared at Liu Sunseeker deeply for a long time. Finally, she climbed over and grabbed Emperor Zhen’s cloud leg and said, "Emperor Huang, please look at the empress and let my daughter go this time. I dare not."
Nima Liuxi was depressed last night. If I had known, I wouldn’t have stopped her. If I hadn’t stopped her, then she would have framed Emperor Phoenix Night, but those words would have caused some bad rumors.
I thought it was to stop her from dying again by Emperor Zhenyun, so it wouldn’t matter to them.
I didn’t expect Oriental Jade, a goblin who can do more harm than good, to guide her.
Finally, Liu Xi’s eyes rested on the Emperor Zhen Yun Shen Huang Yingbi. Didn’t you hear that this goblin just framed your favorite daughter?
Drop it and let her die! !
Emperor Zhen Yun looked down at Liu Caiyuan and sighed, "I remember when the queen and I got married, your mother came. At that time, you were held in your mother’s arms. How did you know that when you grew up, you would become such a rude ceremony! !”
"The emperor! !” Liu Caiyuan looked up at Emperor Zhenyun piteously, but in his heart he sneered and recalled this step. That is to say, the emperor also moved into compassion. Hehe, I almost got caught in your plan last night. I really had a narrow squeak!
Liu Xixi was dumbfounded at night, saying that it was unprincipled to spoil her daughter.
You’re just like this ― she’s pathetic, and your daughter and I are even more miserable.
Liu Sunseeker thought about the feeling she felt every time she saw Emperor Zhenyun, and she couldn’t say how uncomfortable it was. This time, it seems that this discomfort has intensified.
What the hell is going on?

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