Almost all the two magic weapons should be unable to stop the killing power of the too fierce sword saw.

Sun Hao, who damaged Xingtian’s dry Qi Fangdun, knew that he even had to find a way to re-equip Xingtian’s war body with two decent combat readiness weapons.
Qiong Qi bit sword yoshimitsu flashing in his eyes, his head swinging gently, and his fierce sword was thrown out to kill Sun Hao.
Rise and tide wait for no man.
Momosuo doesn’t believe how long Sun Hao can stop himself.
The monstrous ferocity swept towards Sun Hao’s banquet.
Sun Hao’s tall and big-headed warrior is waiting to fly and fight. His heart suddenly moves, and the Sumeru condensate tower in the abdomen gently rotates and automatically operates.
Almost at the same time, in front of Sun Hao, the white pear blossoms fluttered and the petals were instantly dyed white.
The sky is simple but elegant and light.
White flowers are flying all over the sky
Fierce ancient fierce sword forcefully cut a piece of pear petals into the pear rain.
Qiong Qi made a strange call: "Nothing can stop my ancient fierce sword."
Pear flower is really can’t stop every petal from being cut by a rival.
However, the cut pear flower is still white, but simple but elegant is still flying.
However, the ancient fierce sword that rushed into the pear blossom rain began to hesitate and could not be found. Sun Haofang cut a few swords to show his muscles and strength, and then slowly became gentle and fierce.
White pear blossoms are flying all over the sky like a fairy humming beautiful songs.
In this ballad, the evil spirit is too fierce and the sword is too fierce.
Qiong Qi’s eyes were full of expressions of surprise.
Momosuo heavenly heart is full of disbelief.
Your killer weapon, your ancient and fierce sword, was so pinned down by some white pear flowers?
How can such a ridiculous thing happen?
Sun Hao looked at the white pear blossoms flying all over the sky, but it was a little white and full of warmth.
When Ranglin Island cultivates its own killing trend, it is Xiaoqing who hums beautiful songs in her mouth, loves her sword, turns her ferocity into her own ferocity, and makes her own killing trend quickly completed.
I didn’t expect Xiaoxian pear tree to melt this tenderness into her own magical power after getting Xiaoqing’s undead blood, and now she is magically entangled in the peerless sword.
Qiong Qi shouted at the sky and made the supernatural sword cut Sun Hao.
The peerless fierce sword fairy pear flower is fierce and fierce, and it rushes forward in a savage way.
Pieces of pear blossoms were cut off by peerless swords, and large pieces of pear petals fell all over the sky.
However, it’s not far to fly out of the peerless sword, and it’s like a savage meeting a beautiful woman with great tenderness, and unconsciously being attracted by the power, falling rapidly and being quiet again.
Qiong Qi roared in anger.
The powerful Taikoo fierce sword had high hopes, and it could have killed the opponent’s resistance. Taikoo fierce sword was entangled in an unremarkable pear flower.
This time, I was really suppressed everywhere, and I became more and more annoyed.
Release the avatar method, and the cyclops is directly destroyed by the opponent’s three heads and six arms.
The incarnation of the black dragon released a thousand fires and was extinguished by the opponent’s strange ice glow; The avatar Qiong Qi threw a killer weapon and the result became like this
How did it get like this? I was depressed by my opponent’s eating at the late stage of an open fit.
Today, Sun Hao felt deeply in this first world war, and the confrontation between the two sides in the late stage of the first world war was really a great achievement.
In this world war I, Sun Hao realized that a combination of great powers and magical powers can not be said to be absolute enemies, magical powers or Zhang Liu’s golden body may be broken if it encounters a special attack beyond a certain degree.
The creation of the world is really amazing. Sun Hao wouldn’t have thought that the soft and weak fairy pear flower could make the fierce sword become angry if it wasn’t for the little fairy pear tree running out to fight the peerless fierce sword by itself.
Qiong Qi roared a few times and forced the Taikoo fierce sword to rush forward several times. He found himself in vain. The fierce sword rushed out of the distance and got closer and closer. It seemed that he was a little addicted to Fairy Pear Tree and roared softly and angrily. Qiong Qi was waiting to recover Taikoo fierce sword.
Suddenly, the fairy pear blossoms seemed to listen to beautiful songs, and a large number of white flowers spun like fairies dancing.
Let Qiong Qi’s heart be frightened. The dancing pear flower actually wrapped itself in an ancient fierce sword and kept shrinking back to the opponent’s body quickly.
Damn it, this is to take your own too fierce sword!
Qiong Qi mouth a BaoHou "swire fierce sword back …"
God suddenly urged him to take back the ancient fierce sword.
But at this time, a thin mist emerged in front of Qiong Qi, blocking Qiong Qi’s sight and isolating Qiong Qi’s perception of Taigu fierce sword.
Qiong Qi’s drive for Taigu fierce sword came to an abrupt end.
There’s something weird in the sky, Momosuo. I knew it for a long time, but I never expected to give myself such a hand at this time. I saw that Taigu fierce sword was quickly put away by my opponent.
Theoretical opponents can’t take away the ancient and fierce sword without powerful pole objects.
But if the opponent dares to accept it, there must be a way to deal with himself. Qiong Qi’s heart is in a hurry, and his mouth growls fiercely and his wings are thrown forward.
No matter what the mist is, Qiong Qi doesn’t believe that he can stop himself.
Violent ferocity rushed out from Qiong Qi’s body, and the mist in front was like a strong wind blowing, and Qiong Qi rushed away and saw himself. The ancient fierce sword was spinning rapidly with the fairy pear flower falling into the fierce neck.
Face upwards a roar Qiong Qi gods move forcibly drive swire fierce sword at the same time, oneself also quickly straight into the head fierce brute.
Sun Hao, a god, shook the agarwood sword with a swish swish, and the light of the sword flew out in an instant. The sword enveloped his body in a fixed wind field, which enveloped Sun Hao himself and the immortal pear flower.
Qiong Qi’s knowledge of God was instantly isolated from the fixed wind field, and the ancient fierce sword shook gently and behaved again.
Qiong Qi dashed furiously.
It’s a pity that he rushed to the huge wind to push Sun Haoding’s wind field back quickly, and the roots could not be rushed in!
Fairy pear tree retracts into Sun Hao’s body at a slow speed.
Qiong Qi has been delayed for a long time after interrupting several times. When Qiong Qi launched a big leaf sword and forcibly broke out a big leaf attack to blow up Sun Hao’s wind field, he regretted that he had completely lost his perception of the ancient fierce sword.
That is to say, the opponent is really powerful, and he really has a magical body that can completely separate himself from perception.
Qiong Qi violent and ferocious eyes revealed a thick unwilling to face upwards a roar "Terran I Morgan protoss die endlessly with you waiting for me to come back".
After yelling at Qiong Qi’s wings, a fan with deep and remote green light rises and powerful and fierce gas flies away.
Clouds were washed away and scattered in the hidden waves of blood and rain, as if something in the way was cut off layer by layer. Qiong Qi said in a low voice, "Can a mere little monster stop the seat? Go and wait for this revenge … "
With the help of Sun Haoshui Cube, Xiaozhang has a magical ability and a very tough covering ability than stealth ability.
However, there is a certain limit to the endurance. Qiong Qi’s fierce and powerful flame power exceeds the defense limit with Sun Haoshui Cube.
The encirclement was forcibly broken.
The terran monks on the ground looked up at the sky and saw a wonderful scene.
On the one hand, it seems that a huge cake has been paved flatly, and the white clouds are now blown away. When the pancake is broken down by Qiong Qi, a huge hole of several feet in Fiona Fang appears.
Chapter DiErYi Late extermination
The big hole goes straight into the sky and you can see the cave, and the stars can no longer stop Qiong Qi the size of a buffalo.
Momosuo’s eyes are full of unwillingness and anger, but his wings are not slow to fly away.
It’s not too late to take revenge for ten years.
This time, if you want to escape from ascension, you will inevitably launch Morgan protoss to raise the clan power to report this blood feud.
Qiong Qi Teng rushed into the hole.

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