Yu Long ignored it and kept sucking.

Christine’s face turned red and her teeth turned away, and she dared not look at Yu Long again.
Sucking quickly in Yu Long, Christine’s two scarlet buds stood up and burst into pleasure, which made Christine tremble and whisper. This feeling has never been enjoyed by Christine while she was ashamed.
It took a long time for Long Yu to be full from Christine and smiled at Christine. "How does the temple feel?" Christine blushed and glanced at Yu Long. She didn’t dare to answer, but she looked very charming.
Yu Long is very excited at this time, and her eyes are always scanning the woman’s legs.
Christine blushed and blushed. Looking at Yu Long, she didn’t talk, but her thighs seemed to be a little stuck.
Yu Long was a little impatient, so she just pushed Christine up and let her butt face herself.
Seeing Yu Long treat herself like this, Christine couldn’t help feeling ashamed, but at this moment, Yu Long split her thigh, and immediately her taoyuan was clearly exposed in front of Yu Long.
Christine just whimpered "No"
Christine was so ashamed that she almost fainted. Where has she ever experienced such a difficult thing in front of her?
Yu Long watched excitedly and could see that Christine was very emotional.
Yu Long rubbed Chris Taoyuan and said, "It’s beautiful …"
Christine’s face was red and her teeth were dark. She turned away and dared not look at Yu Long any more. She kept sobbing with Yu Long.
Yu Long’s hand gripped Christine’s shame again, and when she touched it, Christine’s charming body trembled badly.
It was already wet, and the fruit was a obsequious woman. Yu Long decided to add another fire to Christine. As soon as he put his head on it, he got into Christine’s legs and swam away with his tongue.
Christine’s charming body tensed again in Yu Long, and the indestructible pleasure soon made Christine give her life and tremble. Long Yu kept moving Christine’s peach cheeks were red and changed her tune. Her hands clung to the sheets beside her and her eyes looked at the roof absently, and her body kept shaking with Yu Long, and she felt extremely happy and rushed all over her body, making her unaware of where she was.
Christine is a dignified and virtuous woman, but at this time, Yu Long has made her coquettish and talkative.
It’s about time. Yu Long got up from Christine’s legs. He raised Christine’s slender white legs and stared at her beautiful eyes and said, "I’m coming to the presidential palace!"
Christine’s face is red and delicate and charming, but now she is looking forward to her looking at Yu Long and trembling, "Teacher … be gentle …"
Yu Long looked at Christine tenderly and said, "Don’t worry, Temple."
"Teacher …" Christine gently called up a burst of sweetness in her heart. Maybe today and Long Yu are her new happiness. Her eyes are watery and she doesn’t look back, but her legs are more divided.
Yu Long slowly pressed Christine’s soft body to the top of her warm body. As Yu Long entered Christine’s body, her cheeks trembled slightly, and her face was red and fierce. She felt a lot of pleasure after piercing Christine’s body, and immediately flooded her body and mind, making Christine tremble and scream coily. Tears welled up in her eyes, whether it was sadness or happiness.
At the same time, Yu Long couldn’t say how satisfied he was and finally became one with Christine. This elegant and mature stunner finally became his preserve.
Christine lost her bones and gasped. She felt her mind was blank. Now she seems to realize how desperate Mace is to moan.
Yu Long’s excitement and movement made Christine’s soul fly.
I don’t know how long it took for the two of them to entwine in full swing. An indescribable mother felt like she was coming to Christine, and Christine was shaking and twisting her hips vigorously, but it reached its peak.
Yu Long was so ungrateful by Christine, and a feeling of indescribable pleasure flooded all over her body, and her body convulsed and climbed the clouds.
After that, Yu Long lay in Christine’s arms with her full, towering and full satisfaction on her head. Her heart was sweeter than Christine’s, and she felt embarrassed when she stroked Long Yu’s head, especially when she thought that she was going to die in front of herself.
Yu Long looked at Christine’s elegant and mature face and couldn’t help but praise, "You are so beautiful in the Presidential Palace!"
"glib …" Christine said shyly and lightly chastising, but her heart was sweet at the same time.
I don’t know how many times Yu Long and Christine came that night
Christine’s obsequiousness was born, and she had such a gesture when she was trying to win in Long Yu’s body.
The day after tomorrow, Yu Long and Christine were inseparable. In the spirit of Yu Long and the double nourishment, Christine was even more radiant.
But little is known to outsiders such as Long Yu and Christine.
After all, Christine’s identity is too sensitive
Xiang Xiang met Yu Long in the late Tang Dynasty.
Tang Xiangxiang and Long Yu reported that a space expert occupied the seats in the foreign federal parliament. Details were inserted by Christine. At present, 1,000 of the 10,000 seats are occupied by space experts. Although one tenth of these seats are held by space experts, these members hold important positions and have a lot of words in the parliament.
This situation has met Yu Long’s expectations.
In the next step, Yu Long will send people to inspect the alien star field and plan to build several places where the creatures can live. Theoretically speaking, the alien world has some colonial meaning.
This is also Yu Long’s anti-aggression strategy.
At the same time, Yu Long also got an excellent news from Tang Xiangxiang that Phelps was sucked into the black hole and crashed with his crew in the process of suppressing bandits.
It’s absolutely false that master Yu saw it with his own eyes.
Long Yu is deeply gratified that things are not out of his control. Although Phelps is a foodie, his profit value has been drained and he should die.
Yu Long immediately informed Christine of the news. After receiving the news, Christine was silent for a long time before saying, "I see, thank you for informing me."
Yu Long wanted to comfort him, but he didn’t know what to say.
Christine hung up immediately without saying anything. Was it a good thing or a bad thing for her that Phelps died? Christine is her son, but it’s a pity that she doesn’t behave herself.
Christine is thinking that this may be karma.
After the call, Yu Long was a little upset, and Christine’s reaction was beyond his expectation.
In fact, Yu Long can see from the words that Christine still feels a little uncomfortable.
"Xiaoyu … are you jealous?" Tang Xiangxiang laughed. "I’m also a mother. You can’t let Christine be cold-blooded …"
"Ha ha!" Yu Long said with a chuckle, "It’s okay … it’s also a reasonable thing, but Xiang Xiang, if you think about us carefully, we will have to travel to interstellar space sooner or later. It seems inappropriate to arrange things like this."
"why?" Tang Xiangxiang asked, "Are you worried that Christine will give birth to heresy when we are gone?"
"It’s hard to say!" Yu Long sighed and said, "Christine is a woman with strong interests. Now she is confined by space. It certainly doesn’t taste good in her heart. Of course, now we are all here, and she knows that she can resist it … in the future, when we leave, she may not be able to suppress her ambition."
"What do you mean?" Tang Xiangxiang asked
"I’m still thinking!" Yu Long said, "Maybe we can’t leave the space in the short term. At the very least, we have to deal with everything to ensure that it is lost in case."
"Let the black fiend come over!" Tang Xiangxiang suggested, "Let them come and share the situation outside the space with Christine … In addition, we will impose restrictions on Christine and check and balance her so that even if we are not here, I don’t think she will take the initiative to give birth to any trouble."
"It does not break a way" Yu Long thought a "later you inform the black devil to come over and I want to talk to him"
"Leave it to me" Tang Xiangxiang promised with joy "I’ll inform you now before it’s too late …"
"Wait!" Yu Long stopped Tang Xiangxiang and laughed. "Xiangxiang doesn’t have to worry about this matter. I’ll discuss it with Christine. I have to see what she means if she doesn’t follow me."
"You won’t kill her, will you?" Tang Xiangxiang laughed. "I don’t believe you don’t know how to flow.
"Hey hey!"
Yu Long smiled and said, "It seems that you are the one who is really jealous. I will punish you for being jealous after seeing you."
"such as punishment?" Tang Xiangxiang asked
"Give me a good meal with your ass up!" Yu Long smiled vaguely.
Tang Xiangxiang was so excited that she was so hot and charming that Yu Long longed for Yu Long to caress her. Recently, Yu Long was a little cold with Christine.
Yu Long is intentional to make up for Tang Xiangxiang and then they are closely intertwined.
Yu Long hit a fierce Tang Xiangxiang moaning unceasingly, and they climbed the peak together.
In the later Tang Dynasty, Xiang Xiang was lying in the polar region with her eyes looking at Yu Long’s face shining with strange light. After half a ring, she suddenly said to Yu Long, "Xiaoyu, I want to help you have a baby?"
Long Yu a xi said, "what? Do you also have this idea? "

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