Keys always show fangs.

These fangs are really not weak. The six emperors’ lethal technique is different from that of the seven emperors. The seven emperors can kill more than 100 ghosts at a time. Everyone said that it is very powerful.
Now, the six emperors waved all the ghosts for a whole thousand and one hundred, and many of them died and resurrected, and surrounded the elite of the second emperor san huang and launched an attack.
Although it was more shocking than that, san huang, the second emperor, cooperated with the team and launched a counterattack without weakness
At present, there are about 500 remaining ghosts of the Second Emperor san huang, each of which is the elite of the elite.
Especially the two team leaders, both of whom are extremely powerful.
Six emperors died and resurrected a thousand ghosts, but Uzbekistan should not be their opponents.
Almost instantly, the powerful ghost leader of san huang, the second emperor, led his own ghost war to attack the six emperors’ ghosts.
However, the intended destruction did not appear.
The ghosts of the Six Emperors are no longer porcelain, but have become hard steel one by one, which is generally very difficult.
The Six Emperors have the uncanny ability to reduce everyone’s strength. After the start of the war, the Second Emperor san huang found that his team’s strength was greatly weakened by the instantaneous.
Then even more let the second emperor san huang dumbfounded is that the six emperors’ soldiers actually showed the general physical ability similar to the five emperors’ soldiers
However, this ability is slightly different from things.
The warrior of the Five Emperors is effective in attack, but he can still be injured after exceeding a certain attack intensity.
The warriors of the Six Emperors have the general protection ability similar to steel armor, and their soldiers attack each other as if they hit the iron plate.
This battle situation instantly made the two emperors san huang’s heart sink
Although on the whole, the leaders of the two emperors and san huang soldiers still occupy a certain advantage, and the consumption rate of the six emperors is much faster.
But don’t forget that the Six Emperors have a powerful ability to kill and resurrect.
If you want to kill yourself fast enough, then the Six Emperors can continuously replenish their losses and eventually grind themselves to death.
The battle really happened as expected.
After Sun Hao’s troops lost more than half and the total amount was less than 500, Sun Hao was thrown out by another death-causing technique.
Click, click, click, click! Sun Hao’s ghost team is full in an instant!
At this time, the Erhuang san huang troops have been eliminated by more than one hundred, leaving less than four hundred elites.
Keep fighting!
After a day, the Emperor san huang had to shake his head and sigh. Two high-strength departments led by Li Xiao left less than 100 elites to withdraw from the arms drill field.
Six emperors, that is, Sun Hao’s ghost department, flew proudly and harvested the second silver bead for Sun Hao.
The first silver bead gave Sun Haogui a new ability to toughen his skin.
I don’t know what’s special about this second silver bead. Sun Hao is full of expectations.
Sun Hao is full of expectations, and at the same time, the top ten Yin emperors in the secret tomb and his nine Yin emperors have been shocked at this time.
Six emperors won for the second time!
The winning way is so unexpected to Yin Huang.
The powerful strength displayed by the Six Emperors since the Second World War has aroused his high vigilance.
In the first world war, the strange gathering of souls was able to directly gather souls. The ghost warrior surpassed the double effect of ordinary gathering souls.
World War II is more bizarre than death-inducing surgery. It’s probably not his limit.
In addition to these two magical abilities, the Six Emperors displayed less magical abilities of * * and tempering in the ghost battle.
That is to say, in the end, the six emperors, the weakest in everyone’s mind, and the newly generated Yin emperor actually have four powerful magical powers.
Even an emperor seems to have failed to build so many, right? It seems that there are three abilities of an emperor!
Is this six emperors too abnormal?
The atmosphere in the tomb is quite subtle.
I don’t know if there will be any soul wars in the secret place, but it is a tacit understanding of his nine emperors that everyone wants to kill the six emperors together
Really kill him without giving him a chance to make a comeback.
But it doesn’t seem easy!
Converging souls will kill the Six Emperors. These two abilities are abnormal, and they complement each other. Even the Six Emperors are quite difficult.
Silver beads are still embedded in the snow crystal on Sun Hao’s forehead.
Sun Hao’s face shows a faint smile, so it can directly strengthen the ghost spirit ability. The more silver beads, the better the soul. It doesn’t matter what the purpose is. Now Sun Hao wants to catch more silver beads.
However, Sun Hao was a little disappointed by the secret changes in the Ling Tomb.
There is no further derivation of silver beads in the secret tomb. A new round of fighting naturally emerges in Sun Hao’s mind during the rotation of the ten-piece tomb.
Realizing this kind of fighting, Sun Hao couldn’t help but think of a bad tunnel.
Sure enough, several Yin emperors felt that Qi Qi paid attention to Sun Haoling’s tomb at the same time.
The third battle in the secret place of the Tomb of the Soul is the cruelest and most comprehensive competition for the combat effectiveness of the top ten tombs of the Soul.
Chapter 2264 One when nine
This kind of competition rule is quite simple. There is a saying that the ten emperors fight to keep their own crystal immortal.
Extinction will automatically exit the soul war.
In just two battles, Sun Hao showed the strength of letting his nine emperors fear.
At this time, he entered the stage of the ten emperors’ melee, and the Yin emperor naturally put the attack focus on the tomb of Sun Haoling with tacit understanding.
This kind of battle is still a ghost fight, but to put it simply, it is called the defense of the tomb.
It is enough to protect one’s own spiritual tomb at a certain time.
This is a very difficult test for Sun Hao.
He is eyeing up nine emperors, and the ghost of Qi Qi Drive Department has forced him to come over to six emperors, namely Sun Haofang.
Yin and Huang fight for souls.
Sun Hao doesn’t know the root of this kind of battle at present, but the silver beads obtained in the first two battles have benefited Sun Hao greatly. If he can continue to win the battle, it is estimated that there will still be many gains. Sun Hao decided to strive for victory.
In this way, the Yin Emperor still can’t fight in person, but his special abilities can affect his own troops.
When the tomb of the Yin Emperor came to a close standstill and the ten tombs of the Yin Emperor were fixed.
He sent his troops to attack Sun Hao in nine directions.

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