The stall in Kong Yun is very simple. It is just a rag with hexagrams on it. This cloth is dirty. The fine print of the cloth has long been unclear. What else is there in this stall? It is a stone. There are four small stones at the corners of the rag. The hexagrams are blown away by the wind.

Kong Yun turned to look at a car with a dynamic shape and opened the sidewalk directly. One of the three people seemed to be seriously ill and was being carried.
He thought to himself, this is a potential guest! People who are young and rich will be fooled. Money is a lot of money.
After seeing the three men go to the hospital gate, he knew that the beautiful girl would definitely come back here after parking here for a while.
He was wondering if he would fool these rich men later, when suddenly he felt a mysterious force invading his mind.
Eyes can no longer see the surrounding scene, nor can they hear the sound. A three-dimensional "net" emerges around it. This net is intricate and glittering with golden light. Every silk thread is an irregular line.
Any brain doctor in Zhongzhou People’s Hospital can see that this "net" is a thing, and its shape is almost the same as that of the human brain nerve structure map.
Kong Yun is like being trapped in someone’s mind, but he observes the world around him without feeling frightened but mysterious.
"Is this a miracle?"
He can’t extricate himself from this shocking picture. He can’t see his own body. It seems that he has consciousness and emotion here, but the net is too big to see the end
The outside world "Kong Yun" suddenly got up from the bench. He looked deeply at the direction of the main entrance of the hospital and then turned his head and closed his eyes.
His temperament has changed, and he really looks like a "master", not his appearance and even his bones are full of "master" breath.
With his eyes closed, he seems to think and communicate with others.
"wow! Kong Lao Liu, can you fall asleep even when you are awake? "
Another fortune teller beside Kong Yun looked at Kong Yun and said jokingly.
They have been setting up stalls together for a long time, and they have also lined up a young and old Kong Yun, who is not too old in this group and ranks sixth. People also call him Kong Laoliu.
Kong Yun this is three hours, he seems to be sending out the "fairy" all over, and occasionally passers-by see that he really wants to calculate before.
It’s a pity that Kong Yun is always motionless and has not even opened his eyes.
Colleagues around him are worried about him and wonder if he has "sat down" before touching him. Is it still hot?
It was not until Ji Tianci came out of the hospital that he opened his eyes again.
The night before, the old man saw the same picture as at this time. Three young people came out of the hospital and behind them was Zhongzhou People’s Hospital.
The night before yesterday, the two souls of the old man’s heaven and earth merged into a soul. If there is no life in the soul, there will be no "root". The soul will continue to drift outward and will disappear sooner or later in this world.
The old man was fascinated like a leaking car, but he finally came to Wuyang from Zijing. He wanted to "guide" Saint with the help of outsiders’ flesh.
So Kong Yun’s body was "occupied" by the old man. The old man was shielded and imprisoned. Kong Yuntian’s second soul directly took over Kong Yun’s body, and he saw the same picture from Kong Yun’s eyes as last night.
Ji Tianci just walked out of the hospital gate and felt that strong and complicated emotion. He came to Kong Yun and looked at it in confusion.
"Boy, I’ve been waiting for you for four hundred years!"
Chapter one hundred and eleven Gravekeeper
As soon as Kong Yun finished this sentence, he breathed in all around.
"PSST …"
Originally, fortune tellers here all paid attention to Ji Tianci and his party. They saw Ji Tianci aiming at Kong Yun, but Kong Yun said such a "profound" sentence.
In everyone’s heart, it turned out that Kong Lao Liu wanted to "catch big fish", which was a beautiful performance.
Lumanwen stare big eyes a face of surprise.
And Xiaolong took Ji Tianci’s arm and wanted to leave.
"God-given, let’s go and cheat money."
Ji Tianci didn’t move. He knew that this man must have something with himself. He also wanted to understand what was going on.
"Who are you?"
There was guilt in Sun Yun’s eyes. "My name is Aisingiorro Ke Huang."
"Poof, my name is Aisingiorro Dourgen!" Xiaolong couldn’t help sneering that Aisingiorro was the last royal surname of Jiuyou. Xiaolong felt that this person was mystifying.
"He is my grandson" Sun Yunyi looked at Xiaolong seriously.
A bunch of fortune tellers around have been amazed. This old Sun Liu can be the best actor.
Little dragon at that time also don’t know how to answer the words even he felt the fortune teller thick-skinned "wow! You are more shameless than me. Are you four or five hundred years old? "
"At the age of four hundred and ninety-five," Sun Yun replied faintly.
"You, you …" Xiaolong was already cursing in his heart, but he couldn’t export it because of Sun Yun’s indifference. Everyone didn’t notice that Sun Yun was the word "at the age of", which is generally a dead person.
Ji Tianci then asked, "You said you were waiting for me?"
"It’s the end of the child. You are the hope of the world and my mission is to tell you a story."
JiTianCi laughed at this.
"The world is stronger than me, but I will be the’ hope’? When the sky falls, they will naturally bear it. "
He thought of the extraordinary organization, and he only knew that several of the extraordinary people were too powerful than himself. He also thought of the Nangong family and the butler, and he couldn’t help but feel a rage.
Kong Yun seems to know what Ji Tianci thinks. He went on to say, "Don’t be disappointed in them. The world is a black-and-white world. Absolute black or absolute white will bring absolute extinction. Only when black and white alternate can children live forever. Don’t be disappointed. You have seen the dark side and the world is more light."
Kong Yun pointed to the foot. The hexagram map pointed to the Tai Chi pattern in the picture.
"There is nothing in black, and there is nothing in black and white. Everything is endless."
Ji Tianci saw some feelings in his mind, but he was still confused more.
"My father told me that there is a right path between heaven and earth and people should keep it, but some people have something against morality. Are they right?"
Kong Yun sighed, "There is no absolute right or wrong in the world. They may be wrong, but they are also necessary."
Ji Tianci is more angry in his heart. "Is it necessary for law enforcement people not to abide by their legislation?"
Kong Yun’s eyes are even more guilty. "Listen to me tell you the story."
"Before the story happened, there was a small village and a river in the other world, which gave birth to life and made the village full of vitality.
However, the village was shrouded in fog all the year round, and the villagers never left the village.
Until one day, the village chief felt that his time was up and decided to go outside the village to have a look.
After going through all kinds of hardships, he finally went through the fog to the world of God, which was prosperous and full of vitality, and the village head had a lifetime. He began to guide the villagers to come here.
The villagers’ god world shows great power, and their talents are even inferior to those of God. God feels threatened and wants to get rid of them, but God can’t win over the villagers who are getting stronger and stronger.
The villagers showed that the living body can see all the good qualities, and they are kind and grateful; They are smart and poor; They are kind, even if God keeps hurting them, they are passively guarding their new homes and never want to counterattack.
They were "white" and pure, but in the end they led to disaster.
God knows the location of the village and the village is the origin of villagers’ life.
So God decided to destroy the village so that there would be no new villagers in God’s world.
God wanted the village to be slaughtered.

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