His expert also quietly pricked up his ears, and it always feels good to know an unknown thing.

"Mammoth tigers live in the giant grassland of the lion empire, and the number is rare."
A word made everyone stunned and at the same time solved their confusion. The Giant Woodland Prairie is the most famous trial place of Huang Jinshi Empire. Most of the students who fought magic in major colleges have been there during their internship, and it is also a hunting paradise of Warcraft. The magic crystal is still very valuable, even if the low-grade flesh can be sold to a store or restaurant, but most people dare not go deep into the Giant Woodland Prairie. The more you go, the higher the danger is. The central dreamland swamp is also called the life forbidden zone. It is a highly toxic plant and the level is ridiculously high. Even the master of Warcraft is not sure that you can walk from it.
The strong are the top figures in the mainland of Sderot. They are afraid of nature, but no one will travel there with nothing to eat. It is reasonable to have never heard of mammoth tigers.
"In terms of order, it is divided into Warcraft, but the actual combat power is stronger. The body armor is harder than the defense. It is better than the last madness. It imitates Wolverine and has a steel knife on the body."
"steel knife?"
Julianne one leng, aren’t those sharp swords ossified weapons? How can they be steel knives? His master is also full of greetings.
"This kind of Warcraft is an omnivore. Besides eating meat, plants and fruits, it is also fond of metals such as iron. Well, it’s just like eating."
Except for the virgin, his head is sweating with beans. No wonder it is said that there is no wonder in the world. It is normal to eat grass and meat, but it is really unconventional to eat metal. I really don’t know how long its belly is, so it can be digested.
"that metal eaten by it precipitate into a part of the body of Warcraft, and then slowly grows into a sharp blade that we see, and these sharp blade are better than the first-class weapons."
"The attack by the mammoth tiger is just as terrible. The adult mammoth tiger king will not necessarily lose to the dragon."
Everyone was silent. After Darzhe’s madness, he imitated Warcraft, that is, the mammoth tiger of Warcraft. I’m afraid it was the lion blade master who personally led Darzhe out of the dreamland swamp to get a chance to imitate it and add wood magic. Does Lan Yunpeng have a chance to win?
Boom is another loud noise. This time, Lan Yunpeng’s strength is terrible. Of course, this level is not enough to discourage the purple quarrelling swordsmen. But he is in a really bad situation. The other side’s defense is extremely high. Ordinary two-handed swords are difficult to cause effective killing, and those sharp swords are also threatening. Although Lan Yunpeng’s quarrelling can not be pierced, it can also cause great consumption. Now Lan Yunpeng can rely on experience and skills.
Damn it! Damn it! After all, facing the most serious crisis in history, Lan Yunpeng, a master of the holy order, flashed sideways and attacked the other side. The blink of an eye has come behind Dahl Zhe. At this time, what he is doing is fighting with the wind attribute with passive acceleration effect.
"Power split Huashan!" Lan Yunpeng put his hands together, and the quarrelling department swelled into a huge ball of light and split Huashan instantly. This move is someone’s original idea, which comes from martial arts novels that are familiar to the earth.
Bang or a loud noise, the ground seemed to tremble. A master secretly nodded. It’s nice to be a purple fighting swordsman. It’s so amazing to be so young and have such amazing strength, and the fighting skills are far from being comparable to those of his peers. It can also create an excellent attack opportunity.
Unfortunately, the effect is not good.
Ripping Huashan Mountain is a frontal killing stunt method, which focuses energy on multiple points. If an opponent has it, Darzhe’s defense is super strong after he turns into a mammoth tiger, causing him minor injuries.
How could this happen!
"If you want to beat Darzhe with a big sword, you must be a master of the same rank as him or need a better weapon."
The so-called authorities are fascinated by the onlookers. There is no doubt about the strength of Julianne and Mary Aya. However, because of their hearts, they can also think calmly. At this time, Sweet Tang gave expert advice, which really woke up the dreamer. The three girls all secretly called themselves stupid mammoths and tigers. The defense was super strong, and ordinary hands and big swordsmanship caused injuries. What about changing a weapon?
The three women looked at each other. Julianne held out her jade hand and her gas fluctuated like water lines. She took out her magic weapon from the object.
"Peng then"
A ray of cold light flashed through the air, and Lan Yunpeng took Julianne’s big sword in his hand. This is a very domineering sword. The body of the sword is gorgeous and exquisite, and it is inlaid with precious stones. From the appearance, it is more like art. However, Julianne’s favorite weapon is not flashy. This is a nebula of famous magic soldiers in the mainland of Sderot.
"Colonel Lan Jun, is it illegal for you to do this?"
War zombies got a bad heart. What’s the origin of Lan Yunpeng? Not only did Aya Mary turn against him, but even Julianne did the same. You know, weapons are of extraordinary significance to swordsmen. Can they be lent at will? But Julianne did not hesitate.
"Hum" As the saying goes, it is the same for me to love my dog and hate it. Dahl Zhe put Lan Yunpeng in danger. Julianne also ignored the lion blade master and ignored it.
"You …"
How to say it is also a master of the holy order, and when your Buddhist lion blade master received this kind of treatment, he would send Julianne on the spot. Will he be afraid of his one-on-one hit expression? The people around him looked at each other and the three women secretly guessed what they were.
"Please be quiet, gentlemen."
At this time, only blade master, the virgin lion, snorted. He also calmly came to Julianne to spread his fame far and wide, and he was not sure about it. Besides, it is difficult to tell whether Mary and Aya are connected with each other. Although they are angry, they can only endure.
Lan Yunpeng, a good swordsman, gradually regained his weakness. Although the defense of Mammoth Tiger is strong, it can’t stop being filled with odds magic.
Of course, being a Berserker Dalzhe can also make wood magic. Unfortunately, Lan Yunpeng is not just a swordsman’s purple quarrelling, but it is magical. In addition, Mary’s guidance on element control in the previous paragraph, Lan Yunpeng’s attribute martial arts is almost comparable to that of a magician.
There is no advantage in front of Lan Yunpeng, a special way of fighting in Berserker. Of course, he must have a higher level, but Lan Yunpeng’s experience has made up for the lack of strength. The two sides are evenly matched now
"Shout" Julianne was relieved. Mary and Aya also smiled. His master nodded secretly, and the strength realm could not determine everything. This Dahl Zhe really stepped into the holy order, but he could not grasp many opportunities. Although he had the holy order strength to play, it was only seventeen.
This time, except for the young Yingjie from all fields who came to watch the ceremony, they are all famous for their strength, such as Lan Yunpeng and Da ‘erzhe. They may not think much of it in their eyes, but one is a special profession, and the other is also magical, which is remarkable compared with this fierce battle.
"So it’s hard to say who wins or loses."
"Yes, the genius Berserker is just so much. He is too inexperienced and unstable. Now the root is not the strength that the master of the holy order should have."
"Meeting is not as disappointing as the famous Darzano, or the purple fighting swordsman is more promising."
People talk like needles in their ears. Darzhe’s face is flushed with anger. He is a genius. The younger brother of the Imperial State of Huang Jinshi was born in a noble family. He has been ridiculed since he was a child, and he suffered from yesterday’s setbacks, new hatred and old hatred. The whole person seems to burst

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