Perhaps Americans can also comfort themselves by saying that the Germans are also in chaos. When they want to give it to the United States, the United States will explode 10 million troops and the number will be no less than that of the German main fleet, and the United States will get decent peace at the worst.

American cowboy abacus is very j and jīng, but they have omitted Heidi Selim.
By this time, Americans have dared not expect to pick German peaches, and even seeking decent peace has become a fog in the mirror. After all, the initiative of drawing is completely in the hands of the Germans.
At the beginning of September, the German navy was still wandering around the Orkney Islands. There were some German cruisers and three mackensen-class cruisers patrolling the vast North Atlantic for hunting, while the Americans had more than two squadrons of main ships and a large number of cruisers on their east coast, but the Americans were still in high spirits.
Just like the Spanish-American War, all kinds of rumors flowed along the east coast. At one moment, German mackensen-class war patrols haunted new york Harbor, and at the other moment, Germans had plans to land in the United States. In a panic, the rich packed their bags and fled their homes, while the poor took out their rifles during the war. Even the reorganization of the Ministry "J and jīng Rui" was sent to Europe, leaving a large number of recruits and a number of conscripts. This panic prompted the US Army to seriously formulate the soil defense plan named "Star Wars"
In addition, the Americans also seek substantive peace. On September 1, the Americans carried their allies around through the Far East, China and Switzerland, and the German Foreign Ministry implicitly issued a peace intention.
Americans hope to directly end the state of war and restore order in Europe, which is intertwined with national enemies and hatred of the century war. How can it end so simply? ! to be continued
The second gun tail (6) Brest Peace Treaty
Americans send out a signal of peace in a subtle way, but China and Switzerland, as two-way dealers and "peace envoys", can’t find a corner to speak to the foreign affairs of the German Republic.
It was not until the news of the Brest Contract was concluded that the peddlers woke up like a dream. The Germans had reason to despise the American cowboy’s "boldness". In front of the Soviet Russians, the American signal of "returning to the pre-war state without cutting land and paying compensation" was not too melodramatic and artificial.
After the overthrow of the Romanov dynasty and the bourgeois temporary zhèng fǔ incarnation, the whole Russia was torn apart by the cruel class theory. The double-headed eagle guarding St. Petersburg lost its actual control over the North Caucasus, Central Asia and the Far East. The part of J and jīng China in Europe was either compressed by the Germans or divided by the so-called White Army. The Red Army and the working class can occupy a limited number of big cities.
The Red Se Empire certainly represents the advanced direction of mankind, but this kind of advancement needs time to ferment and consolidate. The main problem in front of Lenin’s followers is that the great revolutionary mentor Lenin offered the theory of "safety before prosperity". On the one hand, he took out a surprising number of "time-changing" plans to cede land compensation in exchange for German indigestion, waiting for the favorable opportunity to tear up the agreement and turn his back on his face, and on the other hand, he sent a large number of political workers to plan to completely red the "Communist" German war dividend.
The hostile Bolsheviks and Germans started intermittent negotiations.
The peace talks are progressing rapidly, and the Soviet Russians have generously laid out the Tsar’s Russian legacy. The map is still played by German generals and diplomats. After June, the Royal Navy returned to its peak. The signal that the Americans participated in the war became more and more obvious. The Soviet Russians realized that they might have made a bad deal, so Lenin quickly stopped the peace talks on the Eastern Front, which was already close to signing the contract.
The Russians readjusted their expectations of the war and kept a wait-and-see attitude towards the Allies, but they didn’t know that the Allies came back to life. After the battle of the Orkney Islands, the Royal Navy seemed to be strong, and Germany was reunited after the Berlin killing night.
Stop the negotiations. The Russians are somewhat at a loss in the face of Germany’s comeback. The threat from the Germans is even more frightening. It is the change of situation in Soviet Russia.
Because of stopping the negotiations, the Germans became angry from embarrassment and regrouped their troops on the eastern front to make an offensive gesture. Soviet Russia ZHENG F incarnation had to leave a large number of troops that had not been screened and cleaned together in the front line. This not only dispersed the valuable forces of the Red Army, but also made it difficult for Soviet Russia ZHENG F incarnation to cope with the mutinies that broke out one after another. It also made the royalists and the bourgeois front secretly control many troops, including China and Ri interference troops, and it was difficult to take care of the "territory" of Soviet Russia for the time being.
It is difficult to ride a tiger. Russians have to give up their self-esteem and return to the negotiating table.
Before the Brest Peace Treaty, Soviet Russians had reached a tacit understanding with China, Ottoman Turks and Ri. China people got the Mongolian and Middle East railways and took back the Russian concession in the decadent Beiyang. At this moment, there was a new idea of old trees blossoming. Ottoman Turks got a part of the North Caucasus and occupied a favorable position for hunting the eastern European plains; Although the Ri people failed to monopolize Vladivostok, North Sakhalin Island and southern kamchatka peninsula were enough to appease them.
Since Soviet Russians can win face in the face of the last countries such as China and Ottoman Turkey, it is conceivable that the Germans gained from the Brest Peace Treaty.
According to this harsh contract, the Soviets lost more than one million square kilometers of territory from the North Caucasus and Ukraine to the Baltic lowlands. It must be acknowledged that Ukraine and Finland support Poland’s rejuvenation.
Germany successfully pushed the coastline into gulf of riga to restore the country, and Poland was located farther north than at another time. Although there was no talk than the Danzig Corridor, fortunately, the Polish Wang Haidi insisted on accidentally obtaining the coastline from gulf of riga to Tallinn and became a marine national hat.
Almost at the same time, the German-Polish Treaty was signed, and Germany and Zionist Poland formed a pan-political, economic and military super alliance. The German-Polish coal and steel community created by Wang Haidi will become the most solid foundation of the alliance.
The Brest Contract and the Deborah Treaty shocked the world, and when the Allies jumped on their feet and swore at the shame of the Russians, the news of American soft peace poured in.
Americans are very secretive about what they do, but Europe has never been a place to hide things. What’s worse, the semi-colonial Chinese root is the intelligence screen of the great powers.
The Soviet Union and Russia completely withdrew from the war, and the Americans made peace, and the allies struggled to support them. The powers of the allies reacted differently.
The British attitude is ambiguous.
The fiasco of the Orkney Islands naval battle means that the transportation line of Ri does not fall into the Reich Laisheng Sea has been completely cut off, and John’s cow has been forcibly castrated by the German executioner. Not only are the resources of the British island exhausted, but the soil is exposed, and the muzzle of the German naval gun is in danger of destroying the country at any time.
Worse than sea transportation, the British Empire’s economy collapsed in the 2nd century, and the British Empire’s economy was already weak before the industrial successor war. The economy was dragged down by the protracted war in which the industrial hegemon was embarrassed to be churned out by himself because of building two luxury fleets twice and keeping astronomical figures.
In view of the bad economy and the virtual defense of the British, the Germans are willing to associate with the Americans, and the frankness is different. Even if they are embarrassed, the British gentlemen still do not change. They are arrogant and followed by the peace principle that "Germany gives up all the benefits of Shetland Islands and the northern territory of France in the Far East"
The French are dismissive.
At this time, the French navy in the southern town of ZHENG F incarnation suffered heavy losses as early as the naval battle on Ustica Island. The Germans abandoned Paris, but France ZHENG F incarnation turned against each other. The commander-in-chief of the army has never forgotten that the Northern Expedition recovered lost ground, but he never thought that there were only a few guerrillas in his hands except the Italian-French border.
The French are so down and out, but before the Germans, they refuse to show weakness at all, and some of them are even worse. Their diplomats are arrogant and arrogant since Gaul, and even Belfo, the British Minister of the Navy, dare not speak.
"Germany withdrew from the French territory and returned to Alsace and Lorraine to cede the southwest territory to lease the Ruhr area."
Ri people panic.
In the face of Germany, a behemoth, a small country and few people, Ri didn’t have much choice. Ri’s army has always been above everything, but no matter how proud Changzhou Francisco is, it dare not say that they can win the master Ri’s navy, and they have built an East Asian rampant navy, but no matter how arrogant Samoan is, they dare not say that they can fight against their master’s trampling on the ocean fleet twice.
The Ri people are very willing to return JIAOZHOU Bay and the German Pacific colony.
The news of the Dutch representative Ri Li’s visit to Berlin spread like wildfire, and the effect of American-made Bonus Nobel brand began to show a spectacular trend.
The second gun tail (7) can be expected to end
For a long time, the Russians have to quit the war at the expense of self-harm. The Brest Peace Treaty, which historians say is the direct cause of the Second World War, has been criticized by the allies. It seems that if the Russians were a little more stubborn then, the balance of victory would completely fall to the great allies.
It turns out that this is the will of the Allies, Yin.
At the end of September, Ri people passed through Switzerland to release their peace signal to Berlin, and the result was that the German Foreign Ministry led by Kü hrmann pushed back with a super-tough stance.
As the special envoy of Ri, the former Swiss will easily let go of the willingness to give up all the colonies in Jiaozhou Bay in the German Pacific. Ri has a good reason. The three-year brutal war has exhausted the whole of Europe. It should have been the last straw to overwhelm the camel. The Americans decided to return to America because of the defeat in the naval battle in the Orkney Islands. The war continued to be deadlocked in September 1917.
The actual war here is no longer a simple contest of military literacy, mobilization ability, military science and technology strategy and art, but also the ultimate confrontation of several powerful nationalities with a glorious history. This bayonet saw red, and the West and Lime led Germany out of the war with his wisdom. Y and N haze made Germany occupy the wind again after rough times.
Now is the moment when it’s appropriate to pursue the enemy bravely. The Swiss don’t believe that the Germans dare to distract J and jīng.
The fact is that the Swiss bumped into one-track-minded German Foreign Ministry and General Hoffman, the head of the German army, and it was impossible for the Swiss to find Heidi Selim. As a result, a high-ranking Haidi completely exposed his number one anti-Ri faction in Germany and flagrantly refused to hold formal negotiations with Ri.
The Swiss didn’t know that even when Germany was defeated, the Fuehrer flagrantly sounded the horn of counterattack and led lonely Germany to the road of revival, while the background of the Third Reich of the German Foreign Ministry was in great need of allies’ support. The humiliation of Qingdao War Empire was still unforgettable, and Se played an unwavering role in the political life of the anti-Ri faction.
The German army also maintained an attitude towards Ri. Lei Deer led the navy to see Ri’s J and NG fleet and barely acted as a pro-Ri faction. But now if the naval officers and men had participated in the naval battle in the Orkney Islands, they would not have a good impression on renting two King Kong-class Ri people from battle cruiser to the British, let alone Wang Haidi, a historical anomaly.
Along the way, the Tories are somewhat embarassed and have a lot of confusion.
In 1917, although the Germans still firmly controlled several sites in Africa, after two large-scale sea aid by the German navy, there was still a trend of opening up and expanding the territory, but the Asian colonies of Germany had been lost. Even though Heidi Selim was the natural enemy of the wonderful ocean fleet, it was impossible for the Germans to decisively fight the Pacific Ocean without support and guarantee!
The Swiss couldn’t think of a way for Germany to sanction Ri, until the winter of 1917 lasted for the second year, when Ri, the participating country in the Amsterdam negotiations, was classified into the third grade, and it was unclear that Greece, China and the top three ABC countries in South America were tied for Swiss talents.
The Swiss sent the news back to Ri. Although it did not cause a super earthquake in the East Plain, there was still shock and fear.
People and politicians of the Great Imperial Army don’t believe that the Germans will go to the offshore of the Ri Archipelago to make trouble, but they never doubt that it is inevitable for the Germans to return to Asia. The Russians have already torn up the agreement and broken the tacit understanding if they want to restore their strength. They really don’t want the Far East to set up another powerful enemy for themselves.
The Ri people here are thinking hard about the way to end the war, and the Gaul rooster on the other side finally can’t hold on to the collapse in early autumn.
After the Berlin mutiny, the French people were keenly aware that the various German factions had the intention of political reconciliation, and they resolved the mutiny in Paris as soon as possible, saving their strength to deal with the German army’s counterattack against France, and began negotiations with the rebels in Paris.
This time, the French government put its posture very low, but it didn’t expect that the rebels in Paris didn’t believe that it was always exclusive, and the French government suddenly took a low posture.
As precious as gold, in the late summer and early autumn, France’s zhèng fǔ incarnation ended in four consecutive rounds of failure, and the negotiations continued to be weak. After the Paris rebels reached an agreement, they had too many waves to sort out the French command. At the same time, the German Republic established the Brest Peace Treaty and the Debo Treaty, and the German Marine Corps suddenly landed on the British island of Northern Ireland. The German army continued to send more troops to intimidate France at the front line.
基尔叛乱和石勒苏益格叛乱给帝**工生产带来灾难ìng和毁灭ìng影响德意志共和国成立后艾伯特领导新zhèng fǔ又不出意外地废除了一些剥削工人政策再加共和国再也没有第二个像鲁登道夫那样jīng力旺盛并且能力突出军需天才所帝**需生产短时出现不增反减现象
The French are still struggling with the bottom line of the truce. I didn’t expect John Bull to bow his head and give up before grabbing them.
To be honest, the French, a land power, may not really be afraid of the German army’s death. Although France has lost its war potential, it may not be impossible to drag the Germans to death in Paris or other places in the south of Paris. It is better to say that the Chinese are afraid of ruining the local industry J and jīng and its splendid history.
The situation of the British is quite different in France.
The British are not afraid of the famous German army. After all, no matter how powerful the army is, it can swim across the English Channel. The only fear of the British is the loss of the sea.
The British Empire never imagined the day when the vast ocean no longer belonged to the Mizi flag, but what seemed impossible really happened.
The Germans defeated the Royal Navy twice in a row in the same sea of stars!
After the naval battle in the Orkney Islands, the British people desperately contracted their forces and focused on soil defense, even digging out the possibility that Erpitz came out with the "fleet" theory many years ago to find a balance between the West Lyme fleet.
When the First World War just broke out, most German naval generals except Wang Haidi were not optimistic about the British sea battle. They stubbornly believed that a "fleet" could effectively contain the British huge main fleet, while the British, who had natural geographical advantages, were hesitant about the glory of "Trafalgar Battle" and the reality of "long-distance blockade"
After a reincarnation, the situation in Houhai was completely reversed.

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