Recall that Cai Tianlong, the general manager, wanted to slap himself. At that time, four young children were stupid. Who would have thought that this young child could eat so much?
Foolish roots shape their appetite!
Four children eat 100 adults a day?
Think about Cai Tianlong’s desperation. Is this the scourge of Chen Guopa? Specially to harm our Cai Guo?
All the Cai people were shocked and looked at those four fools strangely.
"Cai Lu didn’t eat at all?" Bald strong face smoke smoke way
"The last deer has just been eaten by them!" Cai Lu numb nodded.
The crocodiles and all the Cai people have been unable to speak for a long time, and a thread in their hearts.
It took a while for Cai Tianlong to react.
"Go hunting and come back quickly, or no one will eat tonight!"
"Yes!" A group of Cai people rushed out of the valley with hunger.
Cai Tianlong still has some unbelief. Look at four fools and swallow saliva.
"how can there be such a fool?" Cai Tianlong muttered.
Chen Liu’s two minions looked complicated and said, "It’s true that those fools are like Chen Guo!"
"Then you didn’t say so earlier?" Cai Tianlong is full of regrets at the moment.
At the same time, I suddenly looked at Cai Lu. Cai Lu was able to catch four fools so quickly. Was it because four fools didn’t eat that they were deliberately caught?
At this time, the four bear children went to the side to rest, leaving a group of bitterness eyes staring at themselves.
"Jiang Tai, how strange are they looking at us?" Lu yixia strange way
"It’s so penetrating!" Lu Sanxia nodded.
"What now?" Asked the little witch
"Say hello later, just wait for their grievances to dissipate!" Jiang Taian comfort way
Three children nodded and then went to practice.
The little witch sat there and absorbed the vitality of heaven and earth. Jiang Tai waved a hoe and the Lushi brothers practiced two sledgehammers.
That carefree state makes the people hungry not far away feel oppressed again.
It took a whole hour for a group of strong men to come back again and hunt two wild boars, two wolves and sixteen rabbits.
They quickly got busy and quickly cleaned up their prey, scraped away dirty blood and bones, and didn’t have much meat.
Let Cai Tianlong eat first, and then others can’t get much meat.
After eating, many people are still hungry. Look at the four bear children practicing not far away. All Cai people show a bitterness.
Pig demon!
Although many people are still angry, it is not good to blame a group of bear children for giving preferential treatment to prisoners after all. Besides, these four bear children are honest and say that they can eat it because they are boring.
The resentment slowly dispersed and everyone gave Cai Tianlong a protector.
A sword passed through Chen Liu’s abdomen and Chen Liu was so exhausted that he was unconscious. If it weren’t for Cai Tianlong’s vitality, he would have been dead at the moment.
Two Chen Liu’s minions ate something and covered their wounds, waiting anxiously for the constant prayer of Chen Liu.
Everyone waited while the four bear children went back to sleep.
The valley was quiet, and everyone’s heart was heavy. It was a great achievement to catch Chen Liu. If Chen Liu died, everyone in Cai would be punished.
Since then, Chen and Cai have made an enemy. If Wang Cai is ruthless, he may kill all the Cai people and eliminate Chen Guo’s anger.
"Hulu!" The Lushi brothers snore from a cabin not far away.
It seems that the sound of the sound has spread all over the valley, and all Cai people are depressed when they look at the snoring hut.
I’m afraid of my own line. Are those four useless people sleeping so dead?
More than once, I rolled my eyes at the Lushi brothers’ cabin, and I could endure snoring and disturb the atmosphere, waiting for the result.
This night is doomed to be difficult.
Until dawn
Cai Tianlong’s cabin door is broken.
Cai Tianlong’s face was pale. Obviously, this night was very expensive.
"What about the general?" Bald strong call way
"Yes, General Cai, I am too fond of him. How is he?" A Chen Ben eager way
Cai Tianlong sighed slightly, "The situation is not ideal. I can’t save him. I can only save his life temporarily!"
"What?" The Cai Guoren exclaimed.
Cai Tianlong is the pinnacle of then. He can’t even save this place, let alone others.
Is Chen Liu doomed to die?
"General Cai, please, you can’t die. Please send him to Wanqiu. We beg Zongmen elders for help and General Cai for leniency!" Two minions knelt down.
"Can’t come I can’t keep him too long! Roots can’t reach Wanqiu "Cai Tianlong shook his head.
"ah? That’s too doubtful? " Two minions sat down.
Cai Guoren was shivering all around. After Chen Liuyi died, a group of people were not far from death, and everyone was bitter.
"General, maybe that person can save Chen Liu!" Aside Cai Lu suddenly call way
Everyone looks around.
"who?" They are eager to say

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