A little cold light, a fixed color brewing in the eyes of Yu Duxiu, turned around and sat in the last position. The younger brother in front of Yu Duxiu seemed to notice that who dared to be late and walk around at random when it was Feng’s lecture?

After turning around, I was frightened to disgrace. I was about to get up and go, but I felt a warm sound in my shoulder. "Don’t miss the peak lecture."
The younger brother turned to Yu Duxiu when he heard the words, but his body was stretched straight. It seems that Yu Duxiu’s arrival put a lot of pressure on him, so he listened to the sermon later.
Stand out from the crowd is not as simple as talking about it. Fame, power, the appreciation of the ancestors and the status of the family are all things that make people feel awe.
After the sermon continued for three days, Dede stopped preaching, but he listened to the sound of Zhong Qing around him and "clanked", which shocked everyone back to show that the sermon was over.
"I’m waiting for the great master of the peak. Thank you, Feng said." Everyone gave a ceremony to Deqi.
De smiled and was about to speak when he saw that the man had suddenly got up and walked a few steps to the front of Yu Duxiu’s body. He said, "Who is your younger brother, Feng, who also dares to trespass and dare to be late, but he didn’t look at the majesty of the peak owner and go to the penalty hall to get punished later?"
Say that finish behind sullen turned back to sit in situ.
SIRS long bro as the man’s eyes turned to the end, but his pupils shrank and he was about to get up and say something, but he was shocked for a moment.
"Are you kidding? That’s the first wonderful show. This Hao Cheng really dared to reprimand the first wonderful show when he ate the bear heart leopard bravery. He has long seen this guy not pleasing to the eye. He has been bossing around all day and this time he hit the first wonderful show. He has a good fruit to eat." An elder’s heart andao eyes are completely flowing.
"Hum, this Hao Cheng’s arrogance in the whole daily life is this time hitting the iron plate. The first seat of Miaoxiu is not easy for the younger generation to hit his hand and die."
"What a suck that Cheng Hao has this robbery."
At this time, the thoughts of the elders turned, but they kept getting up and saluting Yu Duxiu. "I have seen Miaoxiu, the first one who has seen Biyou Cave."
"All the elders and brothers get up." Jade Duxiu is not salty or pale. Looking at the field, the elder brother slowly got up. "Now Bixiufeng is not the first brother."
Then Hao Cheng, that is, Germany’s new brother was ranked as the fourth brother according to his seniority decades ago.
At this time, I saw all the elders standing up in succession and hearing all the elders yelling at me, and my head was stunned and my hair stood up immediately. "Wonderful show is that man?" That person who doesn’t see any momentum in his whole body is actually a wonderful show? "
At that time, it’s so noisy in my mind. Which ordinary brother is the general momentum, but I didn’t expect it to be the second guy in Bi Xiufeng.
Jade Duxiu walked slowly without looking at the sitting side. Hao Cheng was taking his time and giving a gift to Germany. "My brother has seen the master."
Li Weichen, the "seen brother", immediately got up and made a ceremony.
"Get up, you are also a cave owner now. I’m a top person in Taiping Road. So saluting is detrimental to majesty. You don’t have to have that intention in your heart in the future." De faint with a sigh and a smile is still warm.
"The ceremony can’t be abolished. The master is a master who treats me well for life. If it weren’t for the support of the master, I was afraid that I would have perished in Middle-earth." Jade Duxiu’s eyes showed a little sigh of emotion. No matter from which aspect, Germany didn’t owe him anything, whether it was a single genuine seal of Bixiufeng or various aspects of maintenance.
Say that finish to forget dust Li Weichen nodded "all up"
After that, I took a look at Li Weichen and turned my head to forget the dust. The little girl has become a delicate and beautiful girl.
"Brother" saw Jade Duxiu leave his eyes behind him, and suddenly he nervously twisted his hands and said "Haw Ai".
"Well, good, good, good. Look at your head flaming and protecting the whole body, Fu Lushou. It’s all evil and not kissing this samadhi fire. It’s the door. In the future, you can let go of the first world war." Jade Duxiu nodded
Forget the dust, listen to the words of Jade Duxiu, and suddenly you are full of joy. It seems that your brother has come to practice from the Tao. Every time, he reprimands himself. This is the first time to praise him.
See forget dust face joy color jade Duxiu face suddenly sank to "relating kung fu or less than home just a little achievement is smug? You are far from this? The number of masters in these days can throw a stone at will and be better than you."
While Germany has had a dry cough for two years, I have forgotten the dust and listened to it. Xiu De knows the most about forgetting the dust, but especially the samadhi true fire. Since the Jade Duxiu Biyou Cave was tempered by the Huntian Lich King, it has become more famous and scary.
Forget the dust. Now that the true fire of Samadhi has entered the door, the monks who are touched by the true fire of Samadhi are all turned to ashes. Some magical powers are slightly weaker. When they meet the true fire of Samadhi, it is by no means as unbearable as Yu Duxiu’s mouth.
"Well, I have just come back for decades, but I haven’t seen my brother and sister talk about their feelings. Why do you always scold your school sister?" De dry cough attracted everyone’s attention and then looked at Hao Cheng with a cold sweat on his forehead. "This is your younger brother who received a new brother decades ago."
He said to Miao Hao, "Come and meet your brother. Your brother is nicknamed Duobao. If you win your brother’s heart, you will benefit."
That Hao Cheng smell speech got up and saluted the Jade Duxiu, but he saw that the Jade Duxiu’s figure had flashed. That Hao Cheng said, "Slow down, teacher younger brother, the gift seat can’t bear this gift."
Then Cheng Hao smiled bitterly when he saw this face change. "Why are you so stingy? Your younger brother didn’t know your identity before. You are so powerful and powerful. Why don’t you dispute with your younger brother?"
Yu Duxiu did not look at Hao Cheng, whose face was ugly, but turned to look at the elders. "Do you know why I Taiping Road, the great peaks of Taiping Road, have been left here from ancient times?"
Everyone in the audience was thoughtful when they heard the news, and Yu Duxiu had already said, "He is United and friendly as one, even though he has many calculations and thoughts on weekdays, but it is a healthy competition. I don’t know if it is right?"
Chapter 445th Advising the Godfather
Hearing the words of Jade Duxiu, all the elders nodded. It is not the result of one or two people’s efforts that a force can stand for thousands of years, but a group of people can work together to fight a thousand miles of waves and stop flying boats.
Speaking of which, Jade Duxiu turned to look at Hao Cheng. "Teacher younger brother’s arrogance is arrogant and tight, but he dare not be subjected to teacher younger brother’s gift."
With that, he turned to look at De Li Weichen and Forget Dust, and they stopped talking.
Hao Cheng looked ugly and looked at the elders or sneered and sneered. Suddenly, an anger rose from his heart, and his fists were tightly held in the sleeves, but he dared not say what was cold.
The atmosphere solidified and instantly cooled down. Germany gently coughed. Looking at Jade Duxiu’s eyes, it was complicated and difficult. "How did you come back if you didn’t swim in the cave at the beginning?"
This statement is to ask the elders’ doubts. Why did you come back when the cave master was entangled in worldly affairs?
"The day before yesterday, the Godfather ordered me to come to the throne, but my brother had to turn around." Jade was cool.

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