Chen also didn’t stop.

Yao Shangqing heard the sound and came out of the room.
Chen Shaoyuan didn’t move with his brothers and sisters, but he could see the outside through the window.
At the entrance of Yuanyuan hall, she secretly took out her own medicine and put it in the coal stove to make the smell absorbed by the people in the room, which can strengthen the body.
"Second sister, you have a nice courtyard cover. It looks really good over the years." Wang Jiankun looked up for a circle and finally his eyes fell on Chen Shaoer.
"You are Chen Yougong’s second child, aren’t you?" Wang Jiankun nodded and commented on him with a smile.
Chen Shaoer frowned. He’s smart. He knows it.
"I’m not going to go in? Second sister, we should sit down and talk about what happened in those days. "
Wang Jiankun continued to smile, but there was no smile in her eyes.
Chen knows that this eldest brother is so shrewd that I really won’t let him say no.
Then he turned into the room without saying anything.
Wang Jiankun waved Wang Shen to push himself in.
"Say what you want and leave quickly." Chen himself picked a bench to sit at will.
Yao Shangqing took Yuan Yuan and sat on the other side.
Wang Shen
Wang Jiankun is in his wheelchair.
"Active hasn’t come back yet."
Chen didn’t answer. He looked at his leg. "You are completely lame. It’s karma."
Wang Jiankun still patted his leg with a smile and didn’t speak. "It’s nothing. I have done so many bad things."
"Tell me about your business."
Chen doesn’t want to ignore his nausea.
Wang Jiankun beckoned.
Wang Shen took the money out of his bag and put it on the table.
"This is 5,000 yuan. I want Chen Shaoyuan to send it to our Wang Jiaming. I will try my best to train him. Life will be better after he leads a good life in the county."
Chen frowned at him and she felt that she could almost slap him in the face.
"You’d better face up."
Wang Jiankun shook his head. If he wants to be proud, he really can’t go this far.
"This is 5,000 yuan, which you may not get in a generation. If you think it’s not enough, I can add it." This is nothing when he copied other people’s homes in his early years.
Chen herself is not angry. She just feels sick at the sight of this person. A person who wants to sell himself actually persuaded herself to say that she is good.
She lived under the same roof with him for twenty years and didn’t realize he was such a person.
"Take your money and get out of here, or don’t blame me." Chen gave Chen Shaoer a look at the door when he said this.
Chen Shaoer turned and brought a broom "Grandma gives it to you".
Chen took over and looked directly at Wang Jiankun "walk or not"
Wang Jiankun likes it even more when he looks at Chen Shaoer. "This is ok, and I like it."
"I think you are sick not only physically but also mentally."
Chen got up and took her broom. She couldn’t control her anger.
Yuanyuan has detected that the disease in his leg is very serious. This kind of medical skill has been accumulated for decades, and no one can cure it, but she can only take out the medicine in the medicine stone.
But Wang Jiankun has no merit at all, which means that he has never done good things since he was a child. This is really strange. Some are very bad, very bad people will have merits, and they will still have merits for their loved ones. It can be seen that he is not good for his loved ones.
She won’t even treat him with fairy medicine, let alone without merit.
Wang Shen didn’t forget that he drove them away with a broom every time. He didn’t dare to hold the wheelchair handle carelessly.
"Aunt, don’t hit people. My father is still ill. I’ll push him away."
Chen glanced at Wang Shen and didn’t start work.
Wang Shen hurriedly pushed people out of the hospital.
Yao Shangqing picked up the table money and ran out.
"mother, this money"
Chen’s boss took it and threw the money at the door.
"Don’t do this again. I’m richer than you."
Even if Wang Jiankun collapses again, he will be driven out and his face will not look good.
Wang Shen squatted down and picked up all the money one by one.
"Dad, let’s go. Aunt won’t want to give us the baby."
Wang Jiankun didn’t speak coldly glanced at Chen Guyuan.
Wang Shen didn’t expect his father to answer. It’s terrible that his father has become more and more paranoid over the years.
I have something to say. Yuanyuan, someone threw money at me!
It’s too blind to see the land Lord’s agreement! ! Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating nutrient solution angel at 16: 34: 33 ~ 17: 5: 53 on 22-11-29 ~
Thanks to the irrigation nutrient solution angel Lu 3 bottles;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 71 In 1976
Zhao Qinhua was peeking at the door. She had already seen that this person had been avoiding him and came again, but only he could make her mother-in-law angry like this. There was so much money, and she had never seen so much.
Wang Shen pushed Wang Jiankun and left quickly. They still have to burn paper for their grandparents, and they won’t come back until the official Chinese New Year.
"Dad, aunt there I think or …"
Wang Jiankun raised his hand to shut him up.
"Do you want to see our wangs like this? You first stop Sheng Jiyuan’s work and investigate Chen Yougong’s work. I don’t believe he would be so clean and do nothing, so he divided the room and went to the province. He didn’t dare to disagree if he found something. "
Wang Shen agreed on the surface, but sighed in his heart. He always thought that Dad’s health was more important than these. Why did he have to pursue such a high thing? Besides, his family was better than many people.
Wang Jiankun’s hometown is also Chen’s hometown, which is the village next door.
"Wang Shen, you are not white. When your grandparents’ family was poor, others looked down on our landlord’s family and bullied us. From that day on, I swore that I would get ahead as an adult. Later, the landlord was knocked down. I went to see the landlord and was paraded around the street. I first threw a stone and hurt his face. Then everyone was moved by me. He had a hard time that day, and my heart was relieved."
Wang Jiankun is still satisfied in his tone.
Wang Shen didn’t know there was such a thing.
"But, Dad, I think it’s good that we’ve lived now."
Wang Jiankun doesn’t like to hear the words, "You don’t know what it feels like to hold a grip at all. Once you realize it, you will be white."
This root didn’t realize his own kindness and bitterness.
After Chen beat people out, he met Chen Youliang at the door who had just come back from work. He immediately remembered what happened before and stared at him with a cold hum and left.
Chen Youliang was embarrassed and went home with his head down.
Chen Yougang followed them to work together.
"What happened to mother?"
Chen squinted at him. None of them are pleasing to the eye.
Chen Yougang didn’t know what he was asking. He was wrong. Touch his nose and get out of here.
On the twentieth day of the twelfth lunar month, Chen Yougong came back from the province carrying bags.
Chen had just finished distributing pork and was walking home when he met Chen Yougong.
"Oh, you are back, or you won’t come back. Just go outside for the New Year." Chen helped to take a backpack and didn’t forget to talk about it.

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