But he can only watch the spectre in red struggle in the pure sun, roar and then disappear in front of his eyes a little.

"Ahem …"
Also heard behind him lujun roar some exhaustion PeiWenDe nai cough a face force moans.
"I did a good deed and ended up making me look like a villain."
Pei Wende is telling the truth. lujun’s wife died long ago. What remains here is the embodiment of her resentment before her death.
Pei Wende’s practice of burning the spectre in red with pure sun fire can not solve her resentment from the root, but it can also free her soul to the maximum extent and let it return to hell to be reborn.
Even if we take 10,000 steps back, Pei Wende will be soft-hearted, and if he doesn’t kill and stay in red, he will cause more killings.
In particular, a spectre in red for a long time like lujun will not only be infected by Yin qi in the end, but also become a new evil spirit after death.
At that time, there will be more people who suffer, and the follow-up treatment will be more troublesome.
Therefore, Pei Wende’s practice is cruel, but it is the simplest and most convenient way to deal with this situation at present.
"Hateful little! I will kill you! "
"I swear I will kill you!"
With a sigh, Pei Wende finally chose to turn a deaf ear to lujun’s roar.
Because there are more important aftermath to deal with than facing lujun’s malicious Pei Wende-Yin qi can be burned out by pure yang, but the resentment of the spectre in red is not so easy to dissipate.
"South Amitabha night …"
As Pei Wende slowly closed his eyes, he recited the curse of death and began to echo in the mourning hall.
"Duo he jia many nights …"
Every time I recite a mantra of death with a wish, the resentment in the mourning hall will dissipate, and Pei Wende’s brain will flash some scenes that he has never seen before.
But good Pei Wende has long been used to this kind of situation.
Because Pei Wende had surpassed those super ghosts before, the scenes that kept flashing back in his mind were actually "Ruier", a dying lantern.
"Duo night he …"
As the curse of death continues, Pei Wende can see more and more lanterns
But to Pei Wende’s surprise, lujun called her "Ruier". She doesn’t seem as simple as the other party imagined.
Chapter 33 Fox demon core son
Ruier was originally named Fox Ruier.
That’s right. You’re not mistaken. It’s a "fox" fox, not a Gu Yue "Hu" Hu.
Because foxtail is not human, but a fox demon who has been practicing for nearly a hundred years.
Like the three little civets discovered by Pei Wende in Zhangjiacun, Weishan fox family Tianjiao Fox Ruier was born with certain magical powers and deeds.
For this kind of animal whose parents are monsters, they need to open their minds and can easily step into the threshold of practice.
And the fact is true. In the past few decades, the fox family in Weishan helped a surprising speed to become a nine-legged body and then become a human form.
According to the normal situation, it will be possible for the fox to break through the boundaries of the fox family and grow a second tail tian hu seedling for hundreds of years.
By that time, Fox will have a tian hu that is more perfect than human beings.
Nai, this world is mostly an accident. Fox Rui was stared at by a Taoist who was proficient in evil spirits when she went out on her own thirty years ago.
As a last resort, Fox Ruier broke into Shanjun’s territory to avoid the pursuit of the sorcerer Taoist priest.
As a result, it can be imagined that at the peak, Shanjungen was a cruel and four-killing demon.
It doesn’t care whether Fox Rui is her own kind or not. It will not only hit hard, but also turn her into her own ghost.
Well, in the end, the first disaster, Fox Jui-erh, exposed the sorcery Taoist priest, which barely escaped from the hand of Shan Jun.
It’s a pity that the fox was seriously injured in the previous battle of Shanjun, and he was dying and turned back to his original shape.
So it seems that the plot in the novel appears naturally.
Lujun, still young, found a coma fox in his yard. He couldn’t bear to die. He quietly kept it in his room without telling his father.
From vigilance at the beginning to habit and finally attachment …
Without knowing it, Fox Rui seems to have a certain emotion for the little boy who saved herself.
From that moment on, Fox knew that she was in love.
When a yogi breaks through the realm of Fa Yuan, he will have the so-called "three disasters and five robberies" because of his own vitality fluctuation.
And love robbery is one of the most vulnerable disasters for an amorous fox demon like Fox Ruier.
Du Jie’s success has broken through the bottleneck and gone further.
If you can’t cross it, you will make a big retreat, and it will be difficult to improve half a step in this life.
Knowing this clearly, Fox Rui suddenly became afraid to choose a dark night without saying goodbye and returned to the mountains from human society.
It has been more than ten years since Fox Rui got the news of lujun again.
At this time, lujun was close to the crown, but because of his lost eyes, no good woman was willing to marry him.
Jia lujun gave up on himself, and the decadent Lu master decided to listen to the wizard’s advice and find a woman with a lower status to celebrate for him.
To tell the truth, when Fox learned the news, it was hard to express her regret at that time.
Because according to what she learned, it turned out that she was still young that night when she left. After crying and making a scene, lujun lost her eyes because of infection.
Fox Rui-er is trying to figure out how much of this is God’s will. She knows that she may never escape this debt again in her life.
After that, things developed predictably, pretending to be an ordinary commoner, Fox Ruier successfully married into Lu Fu and healed lujun’s eyes a little bit by magic.
It’s that fox Rui Er, although she had already prepared for the deep love robbery, never thought that her love robbery would come in this way.
Having been married for more than ten years and always having children by law is extremely conservative and full of feudal lords. It is absolutely unacceptable in the eyes of Master Changfeng Lujia.
Master Suo Lu’s family once went out more than once to directly divorce his daughter-in-law and then let lujun take more concubines and spread the branches.
Nai lujun’s personality is exactly the same as Lu Jia’s master.
Not only did he directly refuse the request of divorcing his wife and concubinage, but he also said that he would never admit that other women would give birth to their own children except Fox Rui Er.
Just then, Miss Lu Jiaer, who had already become a Taoist priest, went home and revealed the identity of Fox Ruier as a fox demon.
However, Lu Xuaner, who claimed to be a "wonderful jade real person", did not take the opportunity to expose Fox Ruier, but instead gave her a new choice-to become a real human being.
Rebuild the fox’s body by changing shape and cutting ossified meat, and transform her body into human flesh.
By that time, Fox Ruier will naturally be able to carry lujun children to extend the incense to Lujia.
From an outsider’s point of view, Lu Xuan-er’s behavior is tantamount to letting Fox Rui-er give up her hundred-year path and become a mortal. Undoubtedly, it has another purpose.
But at that time, fox was carried away by joy, but she lost her vigilance and agreed to this adventure without hesitation

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