From the wonderful effect observed by looking through the album, it can be inferred that it is necessary to leave some coherent single pictures, and the magic picture of taking pictures can be set to switch quickly to show a dreamland-like smart picture.

If you leave a single picture with yuan divine power, you can easily do it, but with the white head, you need dzogchen, the spirit god, to refine the forehead of the spirit, which can be put to use.
With the increase of more than half, Qingyun’s younger brothers have broken through this realm, so it is possible to develop a magic weapon.
After the research of the research department, it is really a magic weapon for developing this dreamland.
Although the first generation of developing magic weapon was larger in size, a jade plate with a size of several feet took a picture, although it looked clumsy, it showed extraordinary momentum
For this magic weapon, Bai Dazhao took a resounding name, streamer.
As the name implies, floating time.
More than a month later, streamer has developed the third generation.
The second generation streamer magic weapon replaced the jade plate with a photo screen of Zhang Xu’s size.
Then, Bai Dazhao took part in the research and refined the synchronous retention device, which finally cultivated the third generation streamer magic weapon of the shocking institute.
The magic weapon of the first two generations of streamer was presented by the research department to the younger brother who was inspired by the refining cabinet of the hospital.
Trying to show the results is even more amazing. The onlookers are more enthusiastic than watching the fairy cast spells.
Small mirror so wake up and they immediately called good.
Xiao pang even came to the spirit and said that he would move the newly established shadow word department to take pictures of the selected poems with dreamland, and the monks bravely cut the magic picture with dreamland to stay.
When these pictures are put into the jade plate for propaganda, the effect will be wonderful.
The matter was finalized, and the white big head immediately made a decision to order the Nangong small mirror to punish the demon propaganda leader Bai Zhan propaganda leader to accompany him.
Xiaopang and Tianyin propaganda deacons are responsible for carrying out propaganda duties.
After realizing the true meaning of the word "Tianyin", the young monk planned to return to Xuanyin Temple and learned that Qingyun’s younger brother was planning to punish the devil, and then Qingyun Gate stayed.
This time, I really felt the power of monty when I came to Jinghu cave. If you really let monty break through the large array, it would be a catastrophe in the human world.
When Xiao Jing Fang talked about the propaganda method, Tianyin immediately came out and said that he could help the propaganda.
And I’m going to return to Xuanyin Temple, and I’m going to invite my senior brothers and uncles and that group of younger brothers to participate in the propaganda together.
Tianyin’s remarks made Bai Dazhangmen unable to help but praise the magical power of Xuanyin Temple, which is magnificent and upright, and it would be even more powerful for fellow Xuanyin Temple to join the propaganda.
The real Baiyun Tower didn’t say yes, but others would believe it if it was estimated that the young monk was handsome and beautiful at the entrance of Yan Village.
The alliance of killing demons was formally established, and the matter of killing monty has a clearer charter. It is urgent to publicize the matter, but it is not allowed to make a fuss for the time being.
The large array has been preliminarily tested and successfully researched, and it is no longer necessary to disturb all the people until all the large arrays are completely laid out. It is time for Qi Xin to punish the devil.
Everything was settled. Baiyun Tower put away the mist and dreamland and cried out to all the younger brothers and sisters to go to Nancun barley field.
In order to thoroughly mobilize the enthusiasm of the villagers in Populus euphratica oasis, we have to calm down some other trivial matters that need to be closed.
The enthusiasm of the villagers in Populus euphratica Oasis has been rising since they learned that the familiar academies turned out to be monks.
In particular, there are several women who have been asking the Xia Gong to fall behind Xiao Pang.
Excited enthusiasm really needs to find appropriate ways to calm down.
Nothing is more appropriate than drinking and feasting together …
Before the villagers could prepare for Baiyun Tower, they had already arranged for Xiaopang to send the Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce to send the array of food and wine from all over the country.
Although it will be midnight, the barley field has been lit up and the carnival posture has been spread out all night.
With the admission of scholars, the barley field immediately boiled up, but the village chief had already greeted him before, but he didn’t hug him all.
In addition to Baiyun Tower, several people were still invited to the main table, and the younger brother of his hospital was dragged away by those brave and hospitable young female villagers in the middle.
It’s only been a short year, and all these veils have gone, showing more confidence.
I don’t really feel too much enthusiasm for the hardworking white head master. Almost all eyes at the main table are attracted by two school sisters.
Although Xia Shimei has recovered her female makeup, she is still very popular. The girls at the next table still secretly watch this time, and they are reluctant to let go by holding hands with the toaster.
Chapter seven hundred and twenty Parting period
My deskmate Ziyan, not to mention the coldness and convergence, most of them face toasts with ease.
This kind of temperament is so Yan, not to mention that the villagers in Oasis have never seen too much of the world, and even Bai Dazhao can’t help but look at it.
After a tour of Baiyun Tower, I finally found a person who is as leisure as myself, that is, Xia Shigu.
At the main table, Xia Shi-gu pours herself and drinks herself. Occasionally, she looks up at the lively scene and her eyes are full of thoughts.
I didn’t realize it until I moved a little. My aunt turned out to be using her magical powers to deliberately converge her breath and find her own leisure.
Sigh a white cloud tower and drink off the glass in front of you. I miss the little green ant …
At this time, a Hao wrist came to fill the glass in Baiyun Tower’s hand.
Baiyun building mind immediately overflow up freely meaning immediately raise a glass to slow down.
Sure enough, quiet has a quiet harvest …
For example, it will be very interesting to watch the younger brothers in the group busy coping with various passions.
Xiao Yu pupil was fed by two young ladies who just met. Some red-faced delicious wines were added with fire enthusiasm, but it was nothing mainly because of those questions that Xiao Yu pupil didn’t know what to do.
Is there a custom of child bride in my hometown … Do you want to live in a beautiful oasis after school …
Tianyin young monk, not to mention a few patronesses, has been clamoring for the young monk to grow his hair and return to vulgarity. Tianyin is a dharma that has to be handled with ease.

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