Xu Feiqiong also flew up and hummed, "Sister, you really should come earlier to see how your lover fell in love with that little girl, but you have to take off her clothes and ask her to bed …"

Wind soul dry cough a "feed feed this is a distraction strategy to understand her? Is it a trick? "
Xu Feiqiong stared at him. "What did you do to her when she said that the Dragon Kong Palace became like me?"
"Well," the wind soul looked up at the sky very seriously. "At that time, she became like you to seduce me, but how could I be so easily tempted? So I said to her seriously, Fei Qiongxian, I know you are a good girl, but I already have a wonderful idea. No matter how much you like me, I won’t accept it! "
Xu Feiqiong growled, "I don’t like you!"
"At that time, I didn’t know that you were her change," said Feng Soul. "She didn’t even give up when she saw that I was improper. I took off my clothes and seduced me. I walked over and helped her get dressed, and then told her that no matter how you seduced me, there was no saying that it was once difficult for forever amber. I already had a wonderful idea that my sister was so beautiful and moving, and the fairy was as ugly as you …"
Before he finished, Xu Feiqiong kicked him into the lake. "You are the ugly one!"
Wang Miao wants to hide his mouth and smile.
The King of Dragon Kong Palace wants the wind and soul to get together.
On the day of practice, Wang Miao wanted to make amends to Wang Miao. Wang Miao wanted to know that the body of practice had been destroyed and Yuan Shen was left. If this quicksand was kept to purify the water, the soul would sooner or later disappear, so he was advised to reincarnate and rebuild practice as soon as possible, but he smiled and said nothing.
Mrs. Sakura Sakura also thanked the wind soul, but she was not too embarrassed. If he was not too careless, he would not have been caught by Xiao Fang, so he felt that saving him was just making amends.
The wind soul wanted to find Wang Miaoxiang and the red line, and immediately took them away from the demon spirit world. However, Ling Ning has been arrested by the glorious Buddha, and he personally promised Mrs. Sakura that he would help her fight against the glorious Buddha.
Whether it’s saving Ling Ning or letting Yao’s Buddha stop playing Jiao Ren’s idea is not an easy task.
Mrs. Sakura said, "Those demon clans who are lurking in the dark are going to rescue Mr. Shi when the Buddha is getting married. Maybe we can allow them to get together."
Xu Feiqiong party to say good wind soul has first shook his head.
Wang Miaoxiang also said, "We once rushed out of Jiwang Mountain together, and now Mr. Shi has been captured to Kuiwuluo and other demons, but several of us are safe and sick. The demon clan is afraid of us now, and it is even harder to believe that they will get together when we are now. Even if there is a chance, they will miss it because of mutual defense."
Wind Soul nodded his head, but he still didn’t say an idea, that is, Sun Lingxiu and Shi Daoxuan’s wisdom and appeal are all brilliant against the Buddha. Most demon families have lost their courage to resist, and what can they do with that residual resistance? Joining hands with those people will not only benefit them from saving Ling Ning, but also accompany those demons to die.
Feng Soul said, "Since they want to celebrate the Buddha’s wedding, we should also seize this opportunity. There is no need to contact them."
Xu Feiqiong glared at him. "Do you want to benefit them?"
Wang Miao wants to sigh, "It’s not that they are fighting each other. If there is an opportunity to help them rescue Mr. Shi, it’s naturally good. If we can’t, we should try to get Ling Ning back. If Ling Ning catches Ling Ning, she must coerce Marshal Zhenwu. If even Marshal Zhenwu is forced to his side, the situation in this demon spirit world will be even worse."
Several people are silent together.
Wang Miao wants to see Jian Tiandao. "Sir, it seems that Marshal Zhen Wu and Marshal Yi Sheng are as close as ever?"
Jian Tian hesitated for a moment. "It’s hard to say that each of the four saints in the Arctic has a fairyland under its jurisdiction, while Marshal Zhong Yi’s black killing is to govern two fairyland fairy steps, namely, Yuan Zhaozhaoxu and Senluo Vientiane, which are far away from our seven-night messenger. The four of us rarely talk to each other, while Zhenwu and Yi Sheng are taciturn people. It seems to me that they have never talked to each other, but there should be no bad blood between them."
The wind soul said, "The day I flew Joan, I was besieged by the glorious Buddha’s hand, and the earth suddenly cracked. The two of us took the opportunity to escape. Now that I think about it, it should be Ling Ning’s father who secretly helped us. It is unclear whether he is for another reason or just looking at Ling Ning."
Wang Miao thought, "On that day, Marshal Yi Sheng also appeared and challenged Marshal Zhenwu, but Marshal Zhenwu took Ling Ning instead of responding. After cutting out a sword, he took Ling Ning away. At present, it seems that Marshal Yi Sheng’s brilliant Buddha must have colluded with him, but Marshal Zhenwu should be brilliant. It is doubtful that he knows that what he has done has violated the dogma and is still helpless."
They discussed it for a long time, but they still couldn’t figure out why. It was to guess what was the strange origin of the dazzling Buddha.
In the end, the wind soul and Wang Miaoxiang asked Mrs. Sakura to continue to inquire about the news, while they quietly cultivated and waited for the opportunity.
Chapter 11 Nine Women’s Studies
The wind soul came to Wang Miaoxiang’s room. Wang Miaoxiang had already guessed that he would appear behind the door, and the two men held hands and looked at each other warmly
Since the rescue of Wang Miao from the palace, the two have never been alone. Occasionally, private people sit down and talk, and they are also near Xu Feiqiong and Lingningji in the wild.
Now, although Xu Feiqiong and the Red Line are also in the Dragon Kong Palace, the feeling of being alone in one room is different from that in the wild.
The wind soul pulls this beautiful fairy to bed, and the two of them lie side by side and whisper. A gust of wind makes the soul irrepressible, and Wang Miaoxiang’s face is blushing, so he can’t fool around and stop him from fading his clothes.
The wind tickles the soul through the clothes, as if it can dispel the desire of the heart? He hugged Wang Miao and wanted to have sex with Wang Miao, but she clung to her skirt. Although she was a female student, she was an imperial sword, and although she was a man, she was born with a lack of physical strength at an early age. After entering the wilderness, she entered Taoism and also escaped from the circle of martial arts. It is not enough to practice the day after tomorrow. At that time, it turned out to be a way to take her.
The wind soul thought that since I couldn’t undress, wouldn’t I tear my clothes? So I went to tear her clothes, but Wang Miao thought that the five-color colorful clothes were given to her by the heavenly queen after her soaring, and how could she tear them?
When he looked up, he saw Wang Miaoxiang smiling and not saying a word. He knew that she was not angry, but he refused to let him go further. He hugged Wang Miaoxiang and whispered, "Sister, do you have the heart to see me burn to death in your arms?"
Wang Miao wanted to gently squeeze his hand and said, "Since we met, although you called my sister, you have been looking for opportunities to bully me. It’s also because I don’t practice enough that I don’t know how I like to let you bully me."
The wind soul reached into her clothes while she was talking, and finally grasped the wonderful hill in a zigzag way. "Won’t that sister let me bully you completely enough?"
Wang Miao wants to naturally know how this "bullying is enough" is a thorough method. After all, she is a daughter who has never married, and her face is even more hot.
She pressed Feng Soul’s unruly hand through her clothes and whispered, "Let me ask you something."
"Sister, what do you want to ask?" asked Feng Soul.
Wang Miao thought, "What did you do to Xiao Fang when she became Fei Qiong?"
The wind soul laughed. "Didn’t I say that? I told her that I have a wonderful sister in my heart, and how can she seduce me … "
Wang Miao thought grumpily, "You don’t even believe Fei Qiong to lie to me."
The wind soul said, "Do you believe that sister?"
Wang Miao wants to smile. "Although I don’t believe it, I am very happy even if I know that you are lying to me."

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