The billboard project in the city is nearing the end, which is a complete victory.

Da Zhuang reported on the progress of reclamation project in Xingang. Digging mountains and reclamation has always been a cash cow for Lin Cheng Tuan. Zhenglong Tuan has weakened the real estate development and focused on Xingang Project. In fact, according to common sense, Xu Zhenglong can spend money everywhere. If there is no forest, the earthwork money can be settled for half a year or quarterly. But Xu Zhenglong is really afraid that Lin Cheng promised to settle the earthwork money in January. Lin Cheng will earn hundreds of millions of dollars a year in reclamation projects. How much money does Xu Zhenglong need this month? Xu Zhenglong can focus on Xingang Project and other real estate projects, and he can’t afford it.
Wang Jie and Yi Fugang are now in charge of the cargo industry, and now the cargo industry is also showing good results month by month because of the participation of new students.
After introducing the company’s business, Wang Wei said that Lin Cheng bought a hill villa in the west of the development area and the road construction situation. After the road was built, it was much easier to rebuild and expand the villa. Many materials were easily pulled to the mountain. Now the villa construction foundation is already finishing the work, except for the barbed wire fence. Wang Wei emphatically praised Yi Fugang. Wang Wei took the big idea and Yi Fu was just there to guard the builders.
In fact, it is best to live in clothes and just do it. It is the eldest brother of society who naturally has a deterrent spirit. No one dares to steal and cheat, and no one dares to cut corners. All the work is done with good quality and quantity.
The report was made while eating. Before the wine was counted, we talked about the work. Otherwise, we drank too much later. Who knows what we can talk about? Lin Cheng only came back once in half a year to become sworn brothers. Huo Zhenzhuang was happy. The disciples were more happy. They must drink too much. Don’t say that work is just talking. Hu Tian Alakazam.
While there was not much wine, Lin Chengxian introduced Wang Jiao, Wang Jiao, and came back with Lin Cheng during the Spring Festival. I have seen Lin Cheng once. The main introduction is Zhang Hua, but I didn’t introduce it in detail. It is said that Wang Jiao met her dry sister in the island city.
After the introduction, everyone caught and killed Lin Cheng, who was the most irrigated. Of course, Lin Cheng will be irrigated because these people here usually have Lin Cheng, who has just returned. Of course, everyone takes turns to respect Lin Cheng.
It’s strange that Wang Jie, who is usually the least active, got as drunk as a fiddler this time. Everyone drank a lot, but he was not drunk at ordinary times. Wang Jie drank too much.
After arranging for Wang Jiao to live, Wang Wei and Da Zhuang came to Lin Chengfang and told Lin Cheng about the distribution of Yanwei underworld forces now.
Now, Yanwei has become the dominant player in Nantian Group. Zhao Qingnan has already controlled the hair area and most of the night scenes in Shinan District. After Liu Xiaodong died, Wang Wei didn’t continue to fall apart in the social mixed hair area, and Zhao Qingnan took the opportunity to control most of the night scenes in the hair area. In addition, Zhang Zhonghua, an old underworld avatar in Sesame District of the city, has shown a shrinking trend. When the power of the hair area fell apart, he began to work slowly. After winning several games, he showed some stamina and was driven out by Zhao Qingnan.
Losing in the development zone, Zhang Zhonghua shows that some heroes are dying and feel that they are fighting against Zhao Qingnan and losing step by step. Now Zhao Qingnan is prosperous and his hands have long been independent. Scar has become the new boss of the development zone, and the forces in the south of the city are mainly guarded by Zhao Qingnan’s confidant Xiao Gaige. The south of the city is Zhao Qingnan’s camp, and of course it is the most effective confidant.
And half of Kunpeng’s freight business is in the development zone, and now the old scar in the development zone is also a place where Lin Cheng’s admirers admire Lin Cheng. Kunpeng’s first-generation business exhibition in the development zone is very good, and there are many scars.
Wang Wei slowly told Lin Cheng all the things that happened in the Jianghu during this period, which made Lin Cheng know fairly well. However, Wang Wei’s last sentence also made Lin Cheng proud. Although our Kunpeng Group didn’t mix rivers and lakes, there was no force that didn’t give us a face, whether it was the port Guo Dong or the Zhenglong Group Xu Zhenglong or the avatar Zhang Zhonghua, even the most powerful Nantian Group Zhao Qingnandu gave us a few minutes of Kunpeng. Our Kunpeng Group just didn’t mix with society. If it stood in the society, it would be the biggest force of Yanwei.
Wang Wei’s words are obviously full of pride. Now, the Kunpeng regiment wants to be powerful, powerful and have industries, and flowers are everywhere. It has long been a small commodity when he first came to Yanwei, and Wang Wei himself has successfully bleached billboards. A project has been established by many bureau leaders in the city. Now he is a CPPCC member, and the horse will be elected as a representative of the city. Wang Wei can be said to be very proud. Once the underworld stepped in, it was difficult to turn back. However, Wang Wei not only turned his head, but also turned around gorgeously. The most important thing is that he has successfully left the underworld and never lived
Hearing Wang Wei’s words, Da Zhuang suddenly rose a sense of pride. Previously, he just followed Xiaojian’s ass to play Wendeng zd. He was a wan ku who didn’t learn all day and knew how to drink and pick up girls. But now he is a successful entrepreneur. He is in charge of the project with an annual income of 100 million yuan, and his status has risen a lot. He is not ashamed of his county party office. His father now feels that Da Zhuang has gone the right way and is very comforted.
Wang Wei is Lin Chengshi’s right-hand man and brain trust. He is the oldest person who follows Lin Chengshi. They can’t be called by brain trust and disciples, but a friendship of basic friends who admire her. Although Wang Jie is not short of following Lin Chengshi, Wang Jie is not good at doing these things. Others are a little dull, but he can definitely not command the hordes of generals. Lin Cheng still looks for Wang Weijiaojian to discuss everything.
"Master, will we determine such diversified development later?" Wang Wei always thinks about things far away, which means taking precautions.
"Why not?"
"Although we pay attention to not putting eggs in one basket in business, we have many baskets now."
Lin Cheng nodded. "You go on."
"It’s a good thing to have more baskets, and we have a strong ability to avoid risks, but we must always have a main business, and we must be able to do it. This main business is not necessarily the most profitable, but it must definitely be the most promising and must be the first in the city and the first in the province."
Wang Wei said it makes sense. It’s like a person practicing martial arts. All the departments are ordinary, but he is an ordinary expert, but he can win by surprise when he focuses on practicing one or two tricks. Practicing martial arts is the same as doing business.
"You’re right about Wang Wei." Lin Cheng turned to Dazhuang. "Dazhuang, what do you think we should put as a pillar? What can we do now? "
Da Zhuang thought for a moment and said, "Reclaiming the sea will make a lot of money, but it will be over when the construction is completed in five or six years, and we are skinning the skin and the big profits are not in our hands. This is definitely not possible. The billboard project has been completed, and naturally it will not work. Although the income of tourist attractions can grow steadily after construction, the construction period is too long, and the second is that we can’t dominate the party as the strategist said. Then we have three kinds of refueling, real estate and freight transportation."
"It’s great to be great and strong," Wang Wei praised Da Zhuang’s reasonable analysis without stint. "What do you think are the three remaining things that will be the main force for our future development?"
"It’s not easy to refuel, because the supply of goods is in the hands of two giants, leaving the real estate and freight industries, so I dare not say it, and please ask the strategist to show it."
Wang Wei laughed. "That’s right." But Wang Wei didn’t say it directly but looked at Lin Cheng. "What do you think, master?"
"I’m afraid real estate is not good, right? We started late, although the government is good, but now there are too many big real estate enterprises, and our profits are thin, and it is probably difficult to monopolize one side without other people’s strength. "
"Ha-ha, master, you have a good opinion. Freight transportation is our main growth point. All walks of life can never make things behind closed doors. We must go out to make profits. This is our eternal profit growth point." Wang Wei lit a cigarette and took a drag.
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126 Shanhai Villa
? Wang Wei spit out a smoke ring. "The logistics industry will never die out, even if the economy shrinks again, then logistics will still exist, and we have just trained a large number of logistics talents, and horses will take a walk to take root and sprout all over the country. This is our advantage. And there are too many car sources in our place. These cars are all stragglers without public order and supervision. In the future, we can set up an association for all vehicle associations, and we can also take a group operation route, so that our freight rate will not always go up, oil prices will go up, and transportation will not go up. That’s because you don’t pull
Wang Wei’s words are very reasonable, which is also the question that Lin Cheng has been considering. "That’s right. Why can taxis increase fuel surcharges as soon as oil prices rise, and increase oil prices to consumers?" Because they have a common taxi, there are only two or three companies in the alliance city, and two or three companies have agreed to strike together with low profits. This is to force the price bureau to adjust the price. This is the same as oil. The two giants earn hundreds of millions a day and still yell at refining all day to make money. Because the two oil companies have agreed not to give me enough profits, I will make an oil shortage and paralyze the country’s transportation. "
Big Zhuang slaps his thigh. "Yes, we will set up a transport association in the future to attract those social vehicles to join the club. If the price is low, we are not allowed to pull this product, forcing the factory to put the price to ensure the profit of our transporters. Besides, we still have so many sources of vehicles, and many cars are good with us. We will unite with the goods to resist low-priced goods and not make the factory used to go wrong."
"Well, in the near future, we will first control the logistics industry of Yanwei City, and then control the province. Of course, we have the goal of controlling Yanwei at present, and it is possible to achieve it later." It is impossible to control the logistics of the country because you are not a party, but we can control the logistics of Yanwei, which means we can talk about it slowly after Yanwei is the boss in the province.

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