Sit cross-legged, sink your knowledge into your body and check your own situation.

In the purple mansion of Yuan Baby, there is a cross-legged one exactly like Xuanxing. Yuan Baby is lavender in color, almost the size of a newborn baby, and the degree of physical hardness has reached the peak of a treasure. It seems that the horse will reach the level of a spirit weapon and its realm will be a lot higher.
Xuanxing is a little confused. First of all, his Yuanying is ten times bigger than the normal Yuanying, and his physical hardness is more than ten times. According to his cheap teacher’s explanation of the method, Xuanxing learned that the color of Yuanying will constantly change because of its big size, but he didn’t understand it. There are also nine changes. Yuanying is a part-time cultivation method to determine that his physical body can reach this level. Although it is a little surprised, it is acceptable.
The last point is that your realm will be higher? It’s only possible to break through the realm if you realize it yourself, but you didn’t realize anything according to Jiubian Yuanying’s practice, and so on … Jiubian Yuanying didn’t tell herself what’s special about this decision at the beginning, saying that it’s one of its characteristics to let yourself realize it later. I can decide myself at a high level, but I’ve never heard of it. If Jiubian Yuanying really has this effect, then I won’t worry about my own mistakes because of insufficient realm, and my own practice will be much smoother.
The person who fixes the truth must ascend the realm before he can ascend the realm himself. Repairing the realm is just like a balloon, just like the gas in the balloon. You have to enlarge the balloon to continue to blow into it, otherwise it will burst.
I don’t know what level XuanXing has reached in my present practice, but my cheap master didn’t tell me this, but I was sure when I was in the golden elixir period and I was not my opponent even in the late YuanYing period. XuanXing proudly smiled brightly.
In the midst of excitement, Xuanxing suddenly felt a sense of oppression on his head!
A dark cloud suddenly appeared in the original clear blue sky and quickly moved to Xuanxing!
Xuanxing looked around and didn’t find any fix true person. Then how can there be a fix true person who will have a natural disaster? Besides, there is no Du Jie periodic repairman on this planet. It’s a strange day to come.
See that JieYun finally stopped at his square!
"Thief god! Are you kidding? You came to me when I was a little baby. I didn’t provoke you, did I? "Xuanxing was in a hurry to run outside the valley and scolded himself. If the Armageddon is his own, he can’t hide it, but Xuanxing still expects that this day’s Armageddon is not his own existing baby repair, and there is no magic weapon. That jewel flying sword root can’t count on it.
That JieYun followed his XuanXing closely, and finally determined that this day JieYun was really himself.
"What’s wrong with the practice method … and it’s doomed to the Yuan baby?" I forgot that I admired this method just now. Someone once again complained about the practice method.
Since you can’t hide, you can be hard-wired. What is the probability of your survival? Xuanxing himself is not clear, but he can be sure that it may not exceed five floors.
Jieyun saw that Xuanxing stopped running, so he stopped to absorb the aura of Fiona Fang thyme heaven and earth. For a while, Jieyun turned pale red.
Xuanxing has neglected to study these now, because one day, the thumb is thick and reddish, and the thunder has broken out, so he has no magic weapon to defend himself.
"bursts bursts ….." Xuanxing’s hair stood on end, and his body surface couldn’t flow. Xuanxing felt a pain, but the horse’s feeling disappeared. His own operation method definitely helped him offset the thunder impulse, and then he even refined a little of the thunder energy. His physical hardness once again reached a little level, and he even wore a soothing feeling. If it wasn’t for the apocalypse, he would really like to lie down and enjoy it.
Then there was a thunder that was bigger than just now, and it broke the Xuanxing body, but Leixing still didn’t move, so it was definitely resolved and absorbed again.
After nine consecutive days of thunder, the clouds gradually dispersed and the sky returned to sunny again.
At this time, Xuanxing is still refining some thunder energy, and the last ray contains the most energy. Although he has never been injured by the cultivation method, it is also difficult.
Silk-mercerized northern part of the ground shuttles through its body surface, and its body is changing.
"Shout …" Finally finished refining the thunder energy.
I checked my physical toughness, and it really has reached the level of spiritual weapon. Just now, the Armageddon was not as powerful as the Armageddon encountered by those who fixed the truth in Du Jie period, and it was at most one-third powerful, and it also helped me to make breakthroughs in physical cultivation.
The toughness of the body has actually reached the level of the spirit weapon, which is equivalent to having a level of the spirit weapon. It is rare to fix the spiritual armor in the true world. Did you get one in your previous life or by chance?
Now Xuanxing feels that he is in an unprecedented state, even if he is absolutely sure to beat the other person in the early stage of out-of-body experience.
Believe that you are practicing now and add your own abnormal body. When you reach the realm of repairing truth, you should have a certain ability to protect yourself. Even if you meet three major factions, you don’t worry too much.
"Fix true boundary clear empty cases Xuanzong Tianling cases waiting for me to come soon" Xuanxing cold eyes whispered!
Volume 2 A bloody battle to fix the true boundary
Chapter 19 to the end
The wind star belongs to a relatively remote planet in the fix true world.
There is a farewell party here, but since there are few practitioners passing by here, it is no different from a decoration.
But today, there are two fix true person walked to come over in the direction of the array.
"Brother, I didn’t expect you to successfully break through you in less than three years after we came out, but we are the fastest cultivators in the past thousand years. This time, going back to the master’s old man’s house will definitely benefit from you." One person is humane to the other.
"Teacher Deng, I am just lucky, hehe." The man smiled. Although he said that he was lucky, his expression revealed a kind of arrogance.
These two people are the younger brothers of Tianling Sect, and the elder brother’s name is Ma Chao, and the younger brother’s name is Deng Renjie. This time, they are going out for experience, and the three-year period is almost up. They are preparing to get back to Tianling Sect, but I didn’t expect Ma Chao to repair it at this time, but it broke through from the late Yuan Ying period to the early OBE period.
Ma Chao’s cultivation speed is really quick. Genius is also rare, even if he is a true practitioner, he can cultivate to the out-of-body experience period just after he joined Tianlingzong for one hundred years.
Suo Ma Chao is very popular with the elders of Tianling Sect, and his master Yao Yuanlin is the current head of Tianling Sect. Yao Yuanlin intends to locate the head in Ma Chao.
"Brother, don’t be modest. You will achieve a lot in the future. Don’t forget your younger brother." Deng Renjie ingratiated himself with Ma Chao’s eyebrows.
"Don’t worry, teacher younger brother, the senior leader will forget you. Besides, your cultivation speed is not slow. Now you are in the early stage of Yuanying, and you are also the key training object of our spiritual Sect." Ma Chaoxiao said to Deng Renjie.
"Hehe, there is a farewell in front of brother. Let’s go there."
Deng Renjie greeted Ma Chao and walked to the farewell party together.
"Brother, come to my side. I’m here to start the send-off." Deng Renjie held two pieces of spar in his hand to Ma Chao Dao Ma Chao and walked to Deng Renjie’s side.
Yes, they didn’t realize that there was a faint white light at this time.
"Finally back to fix true boundary" XuanXing looked around a circle thought.

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